I’m Not Good at Breaks!

Man_sitting_under_beach_umbrellaYeah, I know, I’m supposed to be taking a break, enjoying life, not worrying about the blog.  Well too bad!  It’s weird, I originally decided to take a break because I was just burned out on all the things that I wrote over and over and over again, but since I didn’t feel committed to writing posts, I figured I might as well get to some of the things that I hadn’t found time to do otherwise.

The first day of my break, I decided to go through the mounds of drafts I had piled up, unwritten.  When I started, there were more than 75 articles that I had started at some point and never completed.  Many of these were Religious Horror Show stories so those immediately got a pass, but there were things, some going back more than 2 years, that I had either forgotten about or just was never enthused enough about to get to work on.  Surprisingly, as I started to go through them, I found that a lot of them were virtually completed and, with a few sentences or paragraphs tacked on the end, I could just schedule them and be done with it.  Surprisingly few were either outdated, dealing with stories that had a limited shelf-life, or just such bad ideas that they ended up in the rubbish bin.  Therefore, I completed 7 new articles on the first day of my break.  The second day was about the same.  In fact, on virtually every day since my break started, I’ve written more articles for this blog than I did before the break.

I don’t do breaks well.  I never have.  I don’t take vacations to sit around and relax, I have a goal in mind, I have things I want to accomplish, places I want to go, things I want to do.  I’m constantly in motion, thinking about what I ought to get done and plotting an efficient course between the next dozen things on my agenda.  My weekends are like that too.  My wife wants to sit around and relax, I’m up constantly, working, cleaning, organizing, getting things done and looking for more things to add to my list.  Life is a never-ending to-do list.

So this break thing, I know it’s not really working for me, I just can’t turn it off and I can’t walk away from it. Religion and politics continue to piss me off, even if I’m not blogging and my whole reason for blogging in the first place is as somewhere to blow off steam.  That’s why I write virtually every day.  That’s why I probably will never be able to stop.

Now if only I could find something else to do with my time, and don’t say rest.  That’s not me.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Good at Breaks!

    1. It's happening, at least in that I'm not paying as much attention to comments, but I'm still writing because that's what I do. I guess I never intended to stop writing, I just didn't want to feel like I *HAD* to write, which is what I've felt for a long time. This is supposed to be fun, not a second job and getting stressed because I'm not writing all the time makes it unenjoyable.

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