Horror Show Sunday: Tie That Baby to the Tracks!

Jessica SloanOh sure, blame Jesus!  A Colorado woman named Jessica Sloan is being held for attempted first degree murder after she claims that Jesus pulled her two-week old baby from her arms and laid it on the railroad tracks in front of a train that was about to depart.  Sure, maybe your Mexican gardner did that, but certainly not Jesus!  Bystanders rushed to stop the train and to pull the baby off the tracks, others chased down Sloan and held her until police arrived.  The baby is now in foster care and hopefully, Sloan is in a rubber room.

Police said that Sloan wasn’t under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, but she was under the influence of religion and that’s often a lot more dangerous.  She was willing to talk to investigators without having a lawyer present and she told them that God Jehovah told her that it would all be okay if she let Jesus put the baby on the tracks.  Is she crazy?  Undoubtedly.  She also might be suffering from post-partum depression.  That’s no excuse for what happened and her willingness to skip off to religious la-la land is hardly surprising.  In fact, a look through Horror Show Sunday reveals a lot of people who go completely crazy, believe that Jesus is telling them to kill their kids, and are only to happy to do exactly that.

Unfortunately, religion tends to mask these psychotic tendencies, people who claim to talk to unicorns end up in the rubber room, but people who claim to talk to God get a pass in our society.  That’s a problem.  Anyone who is talking to any figure that isn’t really there needs a nice white jacket with arms that tie in the back.  Professing religious belief should not protect people from the psychiatric help that they need, I’d much rather see everyone who claims to see angels and father figures in the sky to get scooped up for a well-deserved 72 hour psychiatric evaluation.

We have far too many crazies in the world and a good percentage of them are delusional religious types.  Even more reason not to pretend that religion harms no one.

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Tie That Baby to the Tracks!

    1. Unfortunately, this kind of story is pretty common. Granted, these people are crazy but religion gives their craziness a socially acceptable outlet. There's nothing more crazy about this person than with millions of theists whose brain wiring is faulty, but by playing the religion card, they continue to be crazy without the professional help they really need because insulting religion is a big no-no in this country.

  1. "There's nothing more crazy about this person than with millions of theists whose brain wiring is faulty,…"

    There are millions of theists doing what this woman did? Every person who believes in a god is, because of this belief alone, this crazy and therefore should be institutionalized? Have to wonder why you weren't institutionalized back in the day when you were one of those millions. Should you have been?

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