Horror Show Sunday: More Molesters Behind Bars

James Burton, put away for 40 years.

Sometimes I get so many stories, I just have to put them all together.  Considering I just counted my backlog of unwritten Horror Show Sunday stories and I have 47 still to be written, this is one of those times.  So off to the races with a couple of stories of preachers who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a jury has convicted James Burton, pastor of the Greater Faith Baptist Church, on two counts of molesting a 9-year old girl that was living in his home.  According to authorities, the now 10-year old said she liked living with Burton, but he kept touching her private parts and asking her to take her clothes off.  Of course, his followers and others in the Christian community leapt to his defense, a man of God couldn’t possibly do a thing like that!  Luckily, the jury wasn’t so sympathetic and sentenced James Burton to 40 years in prison.

Want more?  How about a former youth pastor at the Heritage Assembly of God in Des Moines, Iowa that pled guilty to molesting two young girls in his church?  27-year-old Ryan McKelvey has pleaded guilty to charges of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation by a member of the clergy.  At least there are actual laws against this now. Parishioners in his church say they feel deceived by McKelvey, but shouldn’t they feel even more deceived by their religious beliefs, the beliefs that push them to think better of their clergy than they have any right thinking?  While McKelvey pled down his sentence, he was convicted of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by clergy and sentenced to 20 years.  He’s also a permanent resident of the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.

Jeff Strait
Jeffrey Strait, kiddy-fucker

Another one?  I can oblige.  Jeffrey Strait, 47, of the First Baptist Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois is accused of molesting young boys in his tenure as youth pastor for the church.  He’s been specifically charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a victim over 13, but under the age of 17.  He was later hit with an additional five charges for sexual abuse from an additional five adult men who accuse Strait of molesting them as children.  It is reported that Strait came into contact with the boys as part of his work with Christian youth groups and while the actual abuse didn’t take place at the church, it is likely that the church was Strait’s place to hunt for victims.  

You know, I could go on and on, there isn’t any shortage of these stories, but why bother?  The church is a haven for sexual predators and parents are only too happy to leave their kids with anyone in a clerical collar because they’ve traditionally felt safe doing that.  What a bad idea that was!

Maybe the saying ought to be “God doesn’t hurt people, people who believe in God hurt people.”  Until next week, keep your kids away from the church, it’s only putting them in danger.


81 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: More Molesters Behind Bars”

      1. I'd agree with you, more people need to be out in the real world instead of hiding in their churches on their knees with their noses stuffed in a Bible. That's not going to teach anyone about how the world actually works. People have to go out and experience reality for themselves.

          1. Seems to me you say that without proof and simply out of prejudice.

            Seems to me that you can't show that more Christians have this issue than I can show with public school teachers. But do I say it's a non believer issue? Nope, I say it's a pedophile issue and they hide in convenient places.

            That's the difference between us. You are here for an agenda of some sort and I come to discuss the stories.

          2. Well, I can show you don't understand what His teachings are.
            It's not your place to judge, you're not my church leader or elder and even they don't get to decide what Christ taught.

            That's one of the many differences between islam and Christianity. Clerics may have that power, pastors don't.

          3. I understand well enough to know whoever wrote the bible made most of his teachings about peace and love. However you said you interpret the bible yourself so who in the hell knows how you put your spin on it. I do know most of the teachings you ignore like the "golden rule", so basically you ignore his teachings and call yourself Christian like the people in the story IMO

          4. No, you don't.
            You have yet to show where a single one of Christ's teachings has led to any of these abuses.

            You know you hate, you know you reject, but you don't even understand what you reject, not as you portray it in these forums.

          5. You're so busy flogging the "no true Scotsman" fallacy, anyone who does anything you don't like magically becomes someone who doesn't follow Christ's teachings, as you define them. You're not at all rational, Roger.

          6. This goes to the definition of Chisitan. Some see Christians as those who wear a crucifix or show up a couple of times a month to sit in church.

            A true follower of Christ sees it slightly differently.

            The problem is, I can't blame you for getting upset with the abuses done by those hiding behind Christianity since I'm upset with them too! But I still don't define the term as you do and that changes the way we approach the debate.

          7. Really? Stalking and harassing people online is the right direction?

            Where is that talked about in the bible?

            Chapter and verse please

          8. Excuse me, I hate to bother you with facts.

            But count up the thread 5 comments.

            You are a liar and you just exposed yourself as a clumsy liar.

          9. Um I started this when I said "disgusting" and you harassed me and replied to MY comment to begin with

          10. Um, I replied with this comment:

            "It is reassuring to me that the justice system works sometimes.

            These people deserve prison and that's where they ended up."

            Why do you think you can decide who is allowed to reply to your comments on an open forum geared for debate. You do know that debate is more than one person, don't you?

            If you think this is for just you, that would be a blog. If you want to open a blog and have total control that is your call, but it's not debate.

          11. No, I showed you were just blowing smoke by quoting the comment you claimed was an attack.

            Does reality have an allusive quality you can't quite figure out today?

          12. Yes you did.

            "Um I started this when I said "disgusting" and you harassed me and replied to MY comment to begin with"

            Wee, are you sure you're up to this?
            Maybe you need to take a day off.

          13. My comment said disgusting and if you want to enlighten us why child molesting is not disgusting then explain yourself

          14. Sure it made sense, and frankly I don't only post comments I think everyone might agree with, particularly those in the posse.

          15. Cephus, do you realize that the trolls still say I was at a story to discuss that boy and what he was doing?

            It's incredible the story was very clear that the issue was responsibility and how people don't accept it for their own actions.

            What ever.

          16. No, it goes to YOUR definition of Christian. Who died and made you the official dictionary of religious belief? Just because that's what you want the word to mean doesn't mean that's what it actually means, there are plenty of people out there who disagree with you and would probably consider you a non-Christian, following heresy, if asked.

            But by all means, keep flogging your straw men and humping your fallacies. It's the best you seem to be able to do.

          17. It's not what I want it to mean, it's what it has meant in history.

            the suffix 'ian' has always meant the very same thing.
            Stuck onto the end of "Christ" it is not hard to figure out I'm using the historical definition.

          18. You have no means of demonstrating that your interpretation is the correct interpretation, or that there is any correct interpretation. You just want the interpretation that you're emotionally invested in and ignore all else.

          19. So you are calling me swine now?

            Pretty sure Cephus said insults are not allowed.

            But hey lets continue. Can you show where he taught you to stalk people online?

          20. I have Biblical instructions not to throw pearls to swine.
            Matt 7:6
            "Never give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls before pigs. Otherwise, they will trample them with their feet and then turn around and attack you."

            I asked if you could show you're not what that verse talks about.

            If you make that connection, I'm not going to stop you. But don't put words in my mouth.

          21. Can you show me that it wouldn't be wasted effort?

            I just laid out why I may not answer you.
            Address my concerns and I'll consider answering you.

            This isn't your show and you don't get to demand things.

          22. So basically you can't show you deserve an answer and that you would listen to it if I provided one.

            You call for me to live my Christian faith, and I just did.

            Check mate.

          23. Not even close. You come to a site for debate but refuse to answer questions or back up claims?

            You're a troll

          24. Yes spot on.
            It's not just my opinion but what the teaching of Christ tells me to do.

            Unless you can show you aren't what that text is about then I'm not to waste truth on you.

            Until then, why not just drop the insult and undeserved smears since that's what you are going to do anyhow.

            You're the swine I was warned about, unless you can show me otherwise.

          25. You can't show I am swine nor can you show where christ teaches you to stalk, harass, and sue people.

            You fail as a christian

          26. I can show by previous comments even in this thread that you have no appreciation for things my religion values, that is enough that I am not to throw you pearls.

            You fail as an expert on Christianity.

          27. Things it values? Like child abuse and murder. You're right I don't value those things

          28. That would be the same value system that you seem to support in comments like these.

            24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · 1 points
            "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO"

            Values consistent with sharia. sharia has child brides, if you are worried about the children why ignore that issue? If you are against murder then why did you support the murder of that town full of Christians?


          29. It was a comment made out of anger because the town beat a lady and burned her house down and intolerant Christians like that have no place on this earth

          30. And you still defend it.
            And you haven't shown that the rumor you still pretend is truth has ever been substantiated.

            And those that advocate for anger based on mere rumors have no place in the western society I defend.

            They do seem to have a place in sharia.

          31. Anger is a typical human emotion and can be based on rumors. As I have said if the story is not true, then my comment has no basis

  1. There are many so-called Christians who use The Word to hide behind. Some molest children, some claim to speak for me while they spread their hate 145,000 plus times. Those who turn people away from me will burn in hell's fire.

      1. You don't think God ordering Abraham to kill Isaac is at least potential child abuse? You don't think Lot giving his daughters to be raped by a mob to protect angels is child abuse? You don't think Caleb giving his daughter as a prize is child abuse? You don't think God murdering children in Egypt is child abuse? You don't think God allowing Satan to kill Job's children is child abuse? You don't think bashing children against the rocks is child abuse?

        But nope, no child abuse anywhere in the Bible and you'd better not condemn God for doing any of it or you go to hell!

          1. No you abuse me on a forum geared for debate. What you do is no where near "normal debate"

        1. Abraham didn't kill Isaac.
          Lot didn't push his daughters out there.
          Calebs daughter was an adult, why do you call it child abuse?
          God in Egypt? That isn't exactly abuse in the way the stories you post are abuse. They dropped dead quickly and didn't do the things these pedophiles do. Satan and Job's kids? That goes back to evil in the world, but you can't show there was sexual abuse the way these stories portray it.

          But nope, you go ahead and keep on with your stories, the kids deserve to be treated better and the pedophiles need to be exposed.

          1. They are all places in the Bible where God commanded his followers to abuse children, or permitted abuse, or cause abuse himself. He caused harm and you seem all too happy to overlook that.

          2. You haven't pointed any out.

            He did cause punishment in ways that stopped evil. I don't always understand why things happened, and I don't overlook it I simply understand that since I believe God started life He knows what's best for it.

            Since you don't believe in any controlling entity it's no wonder you question things.

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