Update on the Religious Horror Show

bloody-crossWhen I restarted the Religious Horror Show feature in mid 2012, I promised myself I wouldn’t allow it to take over the blog.  I restricted it to one day a week, I set up some rules that I hoped would limit how many stories I’d have to deal with.

I was wrong.  There is just too much religious horror in the world and as the stories came faster and more furious, as I’d sit down and write a whole ton of them in a sitting so I wouldn’t have to address them constantly, they became scheduled out further and further.  I’ve talked about this on the podcast a couple of times, how I’d have the next several months completed and to be honest, I don’t know how seriously people take me.  I’m not exaggerating.  There really are that many stories.

I just finished a week-long orgy of religious horrors, in an attempt to burn off some of the stories a little quicker and it barely made a dent in the backlog.  Just a few minutes ago, I scheduled a story for the last Sunday in February, 2015 and I still have more to write.  By my calculations, if I wrote and scheduled every story I have in my queue right now, I would be set through the first week of May, 2015.  That’s nearly a year out.  That’s ridiculous!

Therefore, I’m going to turn the last week of October into a Horror Show Week and maybe do the same in January as well.  I could do an entire Religious Horror Show Month if I wanted to but I think that’s overkill and would get in the way of other things that I’ll want to write about.  There is just too much religious horror out there to be dealt with in small increments.

And why is that?  Whether we’re talking about Catholic sex abuse or Islamic honor killings, why are these things still so common in our modern world?  Why do we allow it?  Why do we continue to give religion a pass to do the most evil, sadistic and insane things imaginable.  Is it any wonder I contend that, without religion, the world would be a much better place to be?

7 thoughts on “Update on the Religious Horror Show”

    1. And yet, lots of theists do ignore it or make excuses for it. The same things I write about, where congregations support their pedophile priests and get mad when they go to prison for their crimes, we often see here in the comments, made by other theists who follow the same drum.

    1. I don't even go looking for cases, the ones that show up every week are things that I happen across while reading other stories. Imagine what would happen if I actively went out and tried to find these stories, I'd be 3-4 years ahead by now!

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