The Solution to Frustration is Giving Up?

keep-strong-and-never-give-up-2I’ve become increasingly frustrated with stupidity of late, not just in the religious or political realm, but in dealing with people in general.  People are stupid cattle that I’m becoming convinced ought to be run off a cliff for their own good.  I took a look online, just to see what people suggested when you’ve come to the end of your frustration rope and can’t take the stupid any longer and you know what the #1 suggestion is?

Give up.  Lower your expectations.  Stop worrying about it.

I can’t tell you how stupid that idea actually is.  It’s like saying that when people are tired of being robbed and beaten and raped and murdered, instead of doing something to stop it, they ought to just give up and let it happen because it’s going to happen anyhow.

The whole point ought to be to fix the problem and I know that the problem is difficult to fix, at least as a whole in a single go.  In fact, if we remember back just a couple of years, most atheists, myself included, were convinced that religion would be with us for many centuries to come, but recently it’s become clear that religion in the first world is rapidly losing it’s grip and we’re seeing much larger changes than anyone, especially myself, would have ever dreamed of.

Of course, in that time period, I’ve also become convinced that the real problem is human irrationality. Religion is just  a symptom, it isn’t the cause of the problem  Once we throw off the shackles of religion, people are still apt to be stupid and irrational and that might go on for several centuries.

But isn’t that what we said about religion?  We were wrong there, maybe we’re wrong about irrationality too?  Maybe, in a mere 10-20 years, people will start to think more intelligently and more critically and all the other things, the conspiracy theories, the nonsensical woo, that’ll all start to go away too?  I certainly hope so

So what do we do in the meantime?  Just like I have no interest in dealing with the religious loony-toons, the people who haven’t an intelligent thought in their head regarding their faith, I also don’t want to deal with the other woo-mongers.  I don’t want to be around the anti-vaccers, the anti-GMO idiots, the conspiracy theorists, those that are so intellectually bankrupt that they’ll fall for anything that gives them an emotional ego boost.  It’s even absurdly prevalent among many atheists who are not interested in thinking intelligently about their beliefs, sometimes even about religion, they just want their egos stroked and they’ll believe any load of crap that comes floating down the river.

I’m hoping that, in very short order, we’ll start seeing rationalist communities online, just as we saw atheist communities a decade ago. People who are sick and tired of dealing with the morons that surround them and want to join together for intellectual discussions.  I’ll be the first in line to join, even though I am not a joiner by nature.

Anyone want to help start such a community?

11 thoughts on “The Solution to Frustration is Giving Up?”

  1. Rationalist communities?

    What is the rationalization………….?

    I'm not a joiner either, but if it is a gated community, with zero lot lines and deed restrictions, I'm in.

    Oh, and no Roger.

    1. I'm not a joiner either, I don't get the idea of such communities. I'm fine with coming together to accomplish a specific goal, then going our own separate ways, but to just be a community forever, just because we have one thing in common, that makes no sense to me at all.

    1. This would be what I'd expect too. I've seen so many online communities start out strong only to fall victim to trolls, crusaders, or irrationality. A big part of the problem is that none of us are perfectly rational on all matters.

      1. But some of us try. We might not always succeed but we actively make an attempt. Then there are the people who pretend to be rational, but in virtually all of their beliefs are anything but.

        1. Yes, that would mean you're the one here attacking and smearing them for things they don't believe and Christ didn't teach.

          Those are things that islam demands.

          Could it be you might have loyalties that demand you cover for islam?

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