Isla Vista: It’s Never Too Soon for Reality

Joe the PlumberFollowing the recent Isla Vista shootings, the father of one of the victims, Richard Martinez, came out demanding strong gun control and gun bans.  While I can certainly understand his grief and his frustration, it wasn’t more than a couple of days before Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, came out and issued an open letter to Martinez saying that “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights”.

And you know something?  He’s right.

Lots of news commentators and bloggers have blown up, calling Joe insensitive and a horrible person and that it’s far too soon to stand up and point out the facts.  Apparently it isn’t too soon for Martinez to call for violating the Constitution though and it doesn’t change the only thing that really matters.

Joe’s still right.

The time to challenge these unConstitutional ideas is at the time they are presented, not some time down the line when people are not emotionally charged.  All the dead kids in the world don’t change the fact that the Constitution says what it says and guarantees the rights that it guarantees. Tragedy, no matter how horrific, doesn’t change the words in the founding documents of this country.  If Richard Martinez wants to convince the majority of Americans to amend the Constitution, such that the 2nd Amendment is declared null and void, he’s welcome to try but I think we all know that won’t go anywhere.

This is yet another typical liberal ploy, appealing to emotion when things don’t go their way.  They don’t ever want anyone to feel bad.  It will always be too soon.  I have had people tell me that joking about 9/11 today is too soon. I’m sure it’s also too soon to express negative ideas about WWII for some people.  But you know something?  Life goes on.  We need to deal with tomorrow a lot more than we need to grieve for yesterday.  I’m sympathetic toward Martinez and his loss, as well as the families of all of the victims of Elliott Rogers, but you know something?  We have to keep living, even though they are gone.

This is yet another case where mental illness is clearly a contributing factor but the only thing the liberals want to talk about are guns.  Guns, guns, guns.  Don’t blame the crazy person, it might depress the mentally ill.  Too bad. In another couple of months, this will all be forgotten  and nothing will have been done about mental health in this country for fear of disenfranchising a demographic.

And even though I really don’t care for Joe the Plumber, I think he is a jerk, but you can still be a jerk and be correct, as he is in this case.  Let’s stop playing the emotion card and just deal with the reality as it  actually exists.


8 thoughts on “Isla Vista: It’s Never Too Soon for Reality”

  1. I think you summed up the central problem with most issues when you said "you can still be a jerk and be correct". Often people just do not want to hear the truth and this makes them speak out in irrational ways. While I am by no means a gun nut, I do realize banning guns will not take away the core problems. A crazy person will use whatever they want to kill, if anything it will be more sadistic.
    My recent post Our beautiful brains

    1. I agree with both you and Cephus that a jerk can still be right. But why is it that in these conversations about guns and the second amendment, those opposed to gun control regulations and restrictions insist on using the strawman argument. With few exceptions, advocates of gun control are not arguing for the banning of guns. I am a liberal who happens to agree that there is a right to own a gun. But that right is subject to regulation and restriction. Stop misrepresenting the position of those who advocate for gun regulation.

      1. I agree with you. Even as a conservative, I'm fine with some gun control and regulation. I disagree with the rabid, paranoid libertarian mindset that everyone should be able to own anything and have no obligation to have it registered because the government is going to come and take your guns away. That's nonsense. I'm fine with law-abiding, sane citizens being able to own an array of weapons rationally for legal purposes and that people who own them need to be held legally responsible for them and their use. We need to be able to track every single gun-crime in this country back to the person who owns the gun and if your weapon is stolen, you need to report it to the authorities immediately or have at least some responsibility for what's done with it. The idea that people ought to be packing with no control is idiotic, just as idiotic as the people who say we ought to be a totally gun-free society.

    2. Especially in this particular case because the crazy person killed his first three victims with a knife and the anti-gun nuts refuse to even mention that.

  2. The second amendment does not guarantee an absolute right to gun ownership. Like all constitutionally provided rights, the right to own guns is subject to restrictions. Very few, if any, are calling for the elimination of the right to own a gun. So Joe the Plumber and you are incorrect in the premise of your comments. The call for restrictions and regulations of guns is not a call for the trumping of your rights by the death of the victims in the Isla Vista shootings.

    Yes, mental illness is a issue that needs to be discussed. But you are seriously out of touch with reality if you think that guns are not a contributing factor at all. We need to do much better at addressing mental illness. We need to put considerably more national resources into improving the mental health services and infrastructure for providing those services. But any solution to dealing with the high rates of gun-related violence in this nation must also involve addressing the ease with which guns can be purchased.

    "Don’t blame the crazy person, it might depress the mentally ill. Too bad. In another couple of months, this will all be forgotten and nothing will have been done about mental health in this country for fear of disenfranchising a demographic."

    This is just more of the inanity so common in your commentaries. Depressing the mentally ill and/or disenfranchising this demographic aren't even a consideration in the discussion of the issue. You just like to make shit up.

    " Let’s stop playing the emotion card and just deal with the reality as it actually exists."

    Yes, there is considerable emotion expressed by those who grieve over the loss of loved ones. But it is you who is ignoring reality, or describing it so inaccurately that it becomes unrecognizable. Part of the reality that actually exists is that guns are a contributing factor to the violence in this country. Thus the regulation of guns must be a variable in any solution to this problem.

  3. Guns do not cause the violence, they are simply a tool for the violence. Even in this case, the killer murdered his first three victims with a knife before changing to a gun. These are just tools. The people who are going to kill, will kill no matter what tool they need to use. Guns, knives, cars, bricks, you name it, they will be used if that's what's necessary. As I've said before, liberals don't really want to address the issues, they only want to limit the carnage. Sure, that's not a bad idea as far as it goes but it doesn't correct the problem.

    And we don't want to discuss the mental health issue in this country for a lot of the reasons you mention, but apparently, you think that we shouldn't do so because we may disenfranchise or upset the mentally ill. I don't care who we piss off. I don't care if the mentally ill, particularly those prone to violence, feel. If we're going to talk about the actual problem and a huge part of it is how we handle mental illness in this country and how we medicate people with drugs that cause psychotic breaks. There's a lot of money involved and lots of people just don't want to address the very real possibility that the ease that we put kids on drugs to keep them quiet and easy to deal with might be making these violent outbreaks more prevalent.

    Guns are not causing these problems. They are just making the problems easier to turn to violence. Nobody is spurred to commit a violent act because a gun happens to be at hand. You're looking at controlling the symptoms, not the problems themselves.

  4. "…but apparently, you think that we shouldn't do so because we may disenfranchise or upset the mentally ill."

    It is completely beyond me how the hell you got this idea out of my comments. It should have been clear from my comments that I very much support a public dialogue about mental health.

    "Guns are not causing these problems."

    I did not say that guns were causing the problems. But guns are a part of the equation. Any solution to the problem of gun violence in this country must address the issue of access to guns.

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