Horror Show Sunday: Chicago Catholics Hid Decades of Abuse

William_Cloutier_360The more that we see things like this, the less surprised we get and that’s actually quite sad.  In 1979, a 13-year old boy reported to the Catholic Church that a priest had molested him and then threatened him at gunpoint to keep him from informing the authorities, they promised that they would take his statements seriously.  The Archdiocese of Chicago assured the boy’s parents that the priest would be treated and would have no more contact with minors so he could never, ever hurt anyone else.  This, of course, was a lie.  Reverend William Cloutier, already a known sex offender accused of molesting other children, was returned to ministry within a year of the report and continued to molest other children until his resignation in 1993.  Church officials took no action against Cloutier, even after repeated claims of sexual abuse, because he “sounded repentant”.  After documents were released by the Church, showing that priests were routinely shuffled around and their past indiscretions were purposely withheld from the public, especially from parents who had the right to know that their children were being endangered by known pedophiles, we now know that the Chicago Archdiocese elites, including the late Cardinal John Cody and Cardinal Joseph Bernardin knew exactly what was going on and approved of it personally.

Yet the Catholic Church still fights to keep these records from the public and the documents released only provided information on 30 of the at least 65 sex offender priests that are known about at present in the Archdiocese.  One that was not included was Father Daniel McCormack, who pled guilty in 2007 to molesting at least five children and we really don’t know how many other pedophile priests the Archdiocese is in full knowledge of, yet refuses to turn over the records to the authorities for prosecution.  The 6000 pages detailed letters and other communication among the hierarchy of the Archdiocese detailing specific allegations of abuse, yet little was ever done.  Some were sent for in-house treatment, but the majority of priests who should have been expelled from the Church were returned to work, with a request that other church personnel keep an eye on them around children.

“Unfortunately, one of the key parishioners … received an anonymous phone call which made reference by name to Vince and alleged misconduct on his part with young boys,” wrote the Rev. Raymond Goedert. “We all agreed that the best thing would be for Vince to move. We don’t know if the anonymous caller will strike again.”

No, the best thing would be for Vince to be turned over to the police for prosecution as a sex offender but that’s not even on the agenda with the Catholic Church.  It wasn’t in the 70s.  It wasn’t in the 90s and it isn’t today, no matter how many times the Catholic Church claims it’s changed, these stories keep coming out and children keep getting molested.  What is it going to take to get the Catholic Church to actually change their ways?  I suggest we prosecute them under RICO statues, this is clearly a case of conspiracy to commit organized crime.  Put all of the pedophile priests away and prosecute the administration to the fullest extent of the law for not having each and every accused child molester arrested, investigated and charged as a sex offender.

Of course, this will never happen, religion gets a pass in the United States.  That’s why the whole of the Catholic Church belongs at the top of a very short list of worst offenders on Horror Show Sunday.


20 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Chicago Catholics Hid Decades of Abuse”

  1. The hits just never stop.

    In other news, I see the Pope is brokering a Peace between Israel and Palestine.

    If the phrase physician, heal thyself has even the remotest meaning whatsoever, the Catholic Church ought best begin its own housecleaning, before causing another distraction on the World Stage.

    1. They never will because doing so costs them money and power and that's all the Catholic Church cares about. They might have to sell one of their solid gold thrones! The horror!

      1. They do house clean, and of course based on the teachings of Christ they reject this sort of activity.

        Can you say the same for secular schools with the higher rate of abuse?

        1. Sorry moving your sick child molesting Christian brothers around from church to church is not housecleaning. All it does it give your brothers new victims

          1. It isn't doing anything that the church should do.

            And I don't defend it.
            And I don't defend schools ignoring the problems they have either.

          2. Yet schools do clean up their mess when they find it. There aren't any records of the public schools, or any other large organization, purposely hiding pedophiles, moving them around, keeping them in contact with children, etc. Only the Catholic Church does that.

        2. Please provide the evidence to support your assertion that child sex abuse is higher in secular schools. I am not claiming that it is not. I in fact don't know if it is or is not. But since you made the claim you need to provide the evidence to support it, or at the very least links to credible resources where evidence supporting your claim can be found.

          1. What you have done on many occasions is provide the same link over and over again to the same article. This article, which I read, does not provide any actual data that substantiates your claim. It provides some speculations. It refers to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education. But it does not provide any actual data from that study, nor is a link to the study provided that would allow myself or others to examine the study. This article alone is not sufficient evidence to substantiate your claim.

            Furthermore, while there is no doubt that sexual abuse occurs in public schools as well as sectarian schools and institutions, you keep implying that all or most of the public school teachers who sexually abuse students are atheists. You must provide data from one or more studies that substantiates this claim. Given that more than 75% of the U.S. population are christians, the logical inference is that most public school teachers are christian. The inference to be drawn from this is that the overwhelming majority of public school teachers who sexually abuse students are christians. This is a logical chain of reasoning.

          2. Did you read the thread three comments up the thread?

            What you have done is typical for you. You make the same claim over and over and pretend with each telling that it gains strength.

            Furthermore, you doubt without offering any substantiative data that teachers who abuse students aren't non Christians. Given that the 75% of Christians know that abuse is wrong and face the possibility of hell for it, they have incentives to not abuse. Of course pedophiles will hide behind any illusion of trust to get more access to victims. But you haven't made you case nor presented anything to back the position you allude to.

            That is a logical chain of reasoning.

          3. What claim have I made "over and over" and "pretend with each telling that it gains strength."

            If you are referring to the repeated argument about the portion of the U.S. population that is christian, then this is a claim that is true. You could google it yourself. But I will make it easy for you: http://religions.pewforum.org/reports. Now go to this link and read what is there before you respond.

            As for making a claim over and over and pretending it gains strength with each repetition, you are the master of this particular tactic. How many times over the course of the past week or more, in this thread and the other Horror Show postings, have you repeated the claim that child sexual abuse is more common in public schools? Each time you have said this you have failed to provide adequate supporting evidence for the claim. So it is more than a little hypocritical of you to accuse me of repeating a claim. You do it quite frequently.

            I never said that all the public school teachers who sexually abuse students are Christians. What I said is that given that more than 75% of the citizens of this country are christians, it is a reasonable conclusion that 75% or more of public school teachers are christians. Thus it is also likely that 75% of public school teachers who sexually abuse students are also christians.

            "Given that the 75% of Christians know that abuse is wrong and face the possibility of hell for it, they have incentives to not abuse."

            First, you do realize, do you not, that you are saying here that 25% of Christians have no incentive not to sexually abuse children.

            All people who abuse children know that it is wrong. But they do it anyway. Just because christians have an incentive not to sexually abuse children doesn't mean they don't actually do it. Given that plenty of priests have done it and plenty of christians in christian schools have done it, the incentive you mentioned is not nearly as effective as you appear to think it is.

          4. The claim of what was in the CBS story I linked to and you kept pretending it didn't make my point.

            The contention that Christian teachers are the molesters? I'm sorry but I can't take it seriously, not on the suppositions you have tossed out.

            Until you show that all teachers have the same predisposition to molest that formula doesn't hold out. And with the higher rate of abuse in secular schools based on a non-religious approach the equation doesn't hold for Christians. And you haven't figured in the other parochial schools with an even lower rate of abuse. Catholics are one of the new requiring celibacy that non Catholics claim leads to the abuse.

          5. Statistically speaking, in a culture where 75% of the population is Christian (or even just religious), then 75% of the crimes committed within that culture will be committed by the religious. Now, of course, I'm not saying "the Bible made me do it", most crimes committed by Christians have nothing to do with their religious beliefs, but in cases like these, where people are specifically using their religious position to get access to and molest children and their employers, the church, are purposely hiding these indiscretions and keeping molesters in contact with innocent children and not telling people that their new pastor is a sexual abuser, how can you help but blame that on the religion, or at the very least the religious organization.

            Your problem is that you keep redefining terms so that you never have to feel bad that people who share your religious beliefs are doing evil in the name of what you believe in. That's not only fallacious, it's also blatantly dishonest.

          6. Statistically speaking some cultures have a rate of incarceration higher than their presence in society.

            The rate of certain minorities is higher in the prison systems for example.

            I'm not saying skin color makes them do it. But it is clear that just using a population percentage isn't adequate.

          7. You do know that Christians are incarcerated at a higher rate than their representation in the general population, right? And atheists are vastly underrepresented.

          8. I know a lot of people have jailhouse conversions.

            That a Christian term for people that due it for reasons other than a true conversion.

          9. Those aren't jailhouse conversions, those are entry statistics, taken as people are admitted to prison to ensure that the prison has the facilities to provide for religious services, etc. The criminals went in that way, they didn't convert afterwards to impress the parole board. Try again.

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