Horror Show Thursday: Molesting Mormons Now a Thing

Todd-EdwardsIt’s day five of my Religious Horror Show Week.  You hear these stories a lot out of the Catholics and the Jews and even groups like the Southern Baptists, but it’s relatively rare to see a Mormon being sent away for screwing little kids.  Hopefully this isn’t a sign of a new front in the war against religious sexual predators.

Todd Michael Edwards, a Mormon bishop from Menifee, CA, has been sentenced to three years in prison for molesting two young girls from his church and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  The specific charges included sexual battery and sexual penetration with a foreign object.  He entered into a plea deal that pushed a witness intimidation charge off the table, which I think is unfortunate.  I hate plea deals.

This is even in my own backyard, a good reason to keep my kids away from the religious.  You can’t trust any of them.  Luckily, I don’t think the Mormon Church stood up for this guy at all and for that, a bit of applause is in order, especially seeing how other religious institutions are only worried about not looking bad, not in actually protecting the innocent.  “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has zero tolerance for abuse of any kind,” said George Kramer, a spokesman for the LDS. “Anyone who abuses a child is rightfully subject to both criminal prosecution and formal church discipline.”  Wouldn’t it be great if all the other churches said that and meant it?

Now granted, this is hardly the first  case like this, in fact there’s another case where two Utah men allege that at a pineapple camp in Hawaii, run by the LDS and Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc., they were molested when they were young by church officials.  According to the suit, the Mormon church would recruit young boys from Idaho and Utah to work in Hawaii picking pineapples.  “There were hundreds of boys over more than a decade cycled through these camps,” attorney Randall Rosenberg said in the press release. “Hundreds were exposed to the alleged sexual predator in our case. We do not know how many others may have been molested, but our experience is that child sexual predators with access to kids have multiple victims.”  Brian Pickett, a camp coordinator, reportedly baptized one of the 15 year old defendants and then molested him.

So maybe the Mormons aren’t as innocent as we thought?  Who else gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar?  Find out tomorrow.



68 thoughts on “Horror Show Thursday: Molesting Mormons Now a Thing”

    1. Thanks. Actually, that's a story that will be coming up somewhere down the road. I appreciate you keeping me informed, there are probably lots of these things that I miss.

          1. And all those teachers must be your atheist brothers then, if you want to have guilt by association.

            And the rates of abuse are higher in secular schools than in the Catholic church, what does that say about you then?

          2. I'm saying the secular school are religion free and don't teach that God exists, by definition that makes them biased towards atheism.

            Deal with it. If all Christians are to be tarred by this, then you as an atheist should be tarred by what other non believers do. See how that works?

          3. Every secular school teacher I know goes to church every Sunday and is a bible believing christian

          4. And if the Christian teachers you know and claim to teach in secular public schools don't molest kids, then there may be more like them.

          5. "And if the Christian teachers you know and claim to teach in secular public schools don't molest kids, then there may be more like them."

            More than 75% of the U.S. population label themselves as Christians. One logical deduction that follows from this fact is that more than 75% of public school teachers are Christians. Yet another logical deduction that follows from this fact is that more than 75% of public school teachers who molest their students must therefore be Christians. I suspect, actually, that all of them are self-professed Christians. I challenge you to provide even one example of a public school teacher who is an atheist who has been charged with molesting one or more of their students.

          6. Since you made that assertion, you go ahead and provide a list of sources showing that Christian teachers are committing the abuse.

          7. I'll be happy to comply with your request just as soon as you first offer the evidence to support the claim you made that led to my reply. I am still waiting for you to offer evidence for your implied claim that all or most of the public school teachers who have sexually abused their students were atheists. You made the claim first, so you need to defend your claim first. Then I will defend my counterclaim.

          8. The next time you ask me for sources, you know what I'm going to say. I'll probably quote you.

            If that's the standard you want, then fine let's all use it.

            And I've provided that to Cephus and told you where that link was. Ignoring what I say while demanding more? That isn't debate that's being intellectually light weight.

            Oh, btw that link was: http://www.staycatholic.com/abuse_in_public_schoo

            And if you want more, don't come demanding it from me, use google, there is an AP series listed in that story if you are brave enough to find out on your own.

          9. "I'm saying the secular school are religion free and don't teach that God exists, by definition that makes them biased towards atheism."

            Wrong Roger. The overwhelming majority of teachers are Christians. They refrain from teaching about God not because they are atheists, but because we are a secular nation, based on secular laws and principles. Teaching about God in the public (secular) schools is prohibited under our Constitution. None of these secular teachers are permitted to teach atheism to their students, and for the same reason they are prohibited from teaching religious belief. However, it is not uncommon to hear of public school teachers who are christians violating this legal prohibition. I challenge you to provide even one example of an atheist teacher – of whom there are very few to begin with – teaching atheism in their classroom.

          10. Dogma, you just changed the argument.
            I asserted that public schools are secular and don't teach that God exists.

            Then you changed that to teachers may have private Christian beliefs.

            Unless you show that the abusive teachers are Christians then their private beliefs don't much matter. I'll wait for that list of sources you need to provide.

          11. No, Roger your comment doesn't work. You would first have to establish that all of the teachers were atheists. It is highly likely that the overwhelming majority of them, and probably all of them, are actually christians or believers of God in some form. This statement is just a logical deduction from the fact that more than 75% of the U.S. population are christians. I was a teacher for 21 years. During my tenure at the district where I taught I came to know approximately 200 teachers at the high school. Of these only four during those 21 years were atheists. So it is much more likely that those teachers to whom you refer in the public schools who abuse their students were most likely some of your fellow christians.

          12. Yes, my comment does work.

            When a atheist agenda is pushed then if you still want to blame acts of abuse on Christians then it's incumbent on you to show that's what happened. Go for it!

          13. Where is your evidence, Roger, for your assertion that rates of abuse are higher secular schools?

  1. Why do these christian god worshippers think molesting kids is ok?

    Then they cry about child brides in islam when they just molest the kids.


    1. Abuse is wrong, but you don't focus on the abuse.

      There are higher rates of abuse in secular public schools. Why not focus on abuse instead?

        1. There you go again. It's about the abuse of people by people in authority.
          This story is about someone that failed to live up to the standards his religion demands.

          But teachers do it more often. For you to ignore that shows you don't seem to care about the kids but just about your hate for Christianity.

          1. I care about all abuses but this topic is the abuse of kids by your christian brothers

          2. If you cared you wouldn't pretend it isn't a happening and trying to keep up the hate on a source of abuse that is in smaller numbers.

            And this scum isn't my Christian brother. He's a sick pedophile that abused my religion as a tactic to abuse more kids.

          3. He is your Christian brother and if you want to talk about secular schools and the abuses feel free to find a forum about it and discuss it there. You are only derailing this thread

          4. No, he's not. Had he wanted to consider himself one he would have conduct to live up to.

            And teachers that abuse children, have you called for the same things when they abuse children under the authority of the secular school systems?

          5. I have sure have

            Yes he is. christians are birds of a feather.

            I mean you show daily you abuse the teachings of your christ

          6. No, you actually haven't. You just keep up the hate speech and ignore the larger source of abuse.

            Secular teachers of a feather…. and you daily show you abuse the logic that points out why your comments are wrong.

          7. Well because I stay on topic and we have not had a thread about them.

            Sorry if you think my trashing child molesters is hate speech, but I don't like child molesters and will continue to hate them

          8. Then proudly speak out against them, even if it includes non Christians, like all those poor kids forced to attend schools.

          9. In the past you have attacked Christians and inferred they were molestors or just about as guilty by association. And I attacked you for that.

            Christians do not condone this abuse.

          10. I have three times just yesterday.

            Your hate and bigotry may work for you, buy why should I have to repost the same links dozens of times simply because you're mental limits won't allow you to learn?

            But just for the record moron, yes in vigorous debate I can use labels that are easily backed up by facts. Since you ignore this link over and over I am calling you a moron.

          11. Ok. where in that article does it say all teachers are non-believers?

            God you're fucking stupid

          12. OK, where in the article did it point out that these were public schools, where the teachers are not allowed to use religion?

            Oh, all over. Unless you can prove any Christian teacher did the abuse because of the teachings of Jesus then you were just owned, again.

            How does it feel to always lose this one? Yet you are ruled by bigotry and ignore the facts to keep pushing the hate.

            Is that just the way atheists are? Or just you?

          13. I did, and I'm waiting for you too now, if you can.

            You never do, so I am beginning to wonder if it's just too hard for you.

          14. No you didn't. I don't deny it happens in schools but you need to prove all public school teachers are atheist. We don't teach religion at my job does that mean everyone there is an atheist?

          15. I don't need to prove squat.

            You made a claim about Christians and I proved that abuse happens more in a secular non religious setting.

            I proved my point and you're just sucking air like a catfish.

          16. No, it's about a man hiding behind Christianity abusing children.

            You never proved he was following the Christian teachings that define Christianity.

            Go ahead, prove it.

            Or are you going to hide behind poof again?

          17. Wrong again bucko, you haven't shown he is a real Christian or that he was following any doctrine or teachings of Christianity.

            You hide constantly and you have been avoiding this issue for years now.

            Unless you can show Christians are taught to do this, then the religion doesn't deserve the blame.

            I'm still waiting.

          18. "I don't need to prove squat."

            Oh, contrare Roger. You have made the claim that (1) child sex abuse is more common in public schools and (2) that these teachers who commit these molestations in public schools are all atheists. It is your responsibility to substantiate these claims with evidence. You have not yet done so.

          19. I made the 1st claim.

            If anyone commits sexual abuse they are not following the teachings of Christ, you changed that into the claim you just made.

            And you haven't shown that any teacher committing sexual abuse had any teaching of Christ to lead them to that act.

          20. "Oh, all over. Unless you can prove any Christian teacher did the abuse because of the teachings of Jesus then you were just owned, again. "

            It is not necessary to establish that they did it because of the teachings of Jesus. It is only necessary to establish that they were Christians. You don't get to decide who is and is not a Christian. Again, given that more than 75% of the population are Christians, a reasonable logical deduction is that at least this percentage of public school teachers are Christians. Thus it stands to reason that at least this percentage of public school teachers who commit child sexual abuse are Christians. A person who fails to follow one or more of the teachings of Jesus is not automatically disqualified as a Christian because they failed to follow some of these teachings.

          21. "OK, where in the article did it point out that these were public schools, where the teachers are not allowed to use religion?"

            This is not evidence that these teachers are atheists. Teachers don't teach religion in the public schools because they are constitutionally prohibited from doing so. This prohibition applies to all teachers, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or etc. Likewise, teachers who are atheists are prohibited from teaching atheism. Fortunately most teachers who are Christians abide by the constitutional prohibition. But there are some who don't. Regardless, given that the overwhelming majority of public school teachers are Christians, it is a reasonable logical deduction that the overwhelming majority of public school teachers who molest their students in some way are Christians.

          22. "And non believing teachers are doing it more."

            Roger, where is your evidence that non-believing teachers engage in more child molestation than believing teachers. As I have pointed out several times now, more than 75% of all public school teachers are Christians. It is a logical deduction that Christians who are public school teachers commit more child molestation than do non-believers (atheists), given that there are so few of them teaching in the public schools.

          23. Where is your evidence that any Christian teacher uses his religion and the teachings of Christ to excuse any abuse?

            I'm still waiting for your list of sources.

          24. "But teachers do it more often."

            Roger, Where is your evidence for this assertion. Also, given that more than 75% of public school teachers are Christians, it is still true that it is Christians who commit child sexual molestation more frequently than non-believers or any other class of people.

      1. We do focus on the abuse, you just refuse to associate the abuse with your religious beliefs. You're desperate to find other reasons other than religion to blame it on. Unfortunately for you, especially when it comes to Catholicism, the problem is endemic. The way the Church is structured is at least partially to blame for the abuse, that's why it's so widespread within Catholicism. The hierarchy of the Church doesn't care about the pedophile priests, if they were, the Pope could order, by Papal decree, that every single Catholic Church, under pain of excommunication, must turn over every single accused pedophile priest to the police, along with all documents which support the claim, immediately and forever going forward.

        Yet he doesn't do so. Wonder why? Maybe he just likes all that gold he's sitting on.

        1. I refuse to connect the abuse to my religious beliefs because there is no connection.
          I know my religious beliefs and it does not condone this sort of abuse.

          And since catholics are voting with their feet and dollars, the church is forced to address this.
          Yet, you pretend that all Christians agree with Catholics. There was a reason Christians of conscience 'protested' during the reformation.

      2. "There are higher rates of abuse in secular public schools."

        Roger, Where is your evidence for this assertion.

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