Horror Show Tuesday: Mother Killed Children in “Demon Assassin” Cult

Sanford Avery

Zakieya Latrice Avery, 28, told authorities that she was the leader of a “demon assassin” cult whose job it was to hunt, exorcise and kill demons that existed in and around Montgomery, Alabama.  She and her 21-year old accomplice, Monifa Denise Sanford, have been charged with the first degree murders of two of Avery’s children, 1-year-old Norrell and 2-year-old Zyana.  They also attempted to kill her two older children, 5-year-old Taniya and 8-year-old Martello but they survived.

According to Avery, she had witnessed her children’s eyes turning black, a dark cloud hanging over their heads and then she saw demons leaping into their bodies.  The natural reaction to such a thing is to stab your children with a sharp knife, then wash their bodies, wrap them in blankets and present them to God.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

The two women met at a local church called Exousia Ministries where they, with at least two other women, formed the “demon assassin” cult. The pastor at Exousia Ministries, Darryl Jones, said he wasn’t aware of the group’s existence or activities, they had never spoken to him about performing exorcisms.  Authorities are seeking out any other members of the cult but at the moment do not consider them to be dangerous.

Friends say that Sanford was a meek, obedient person but she’s also been mentally troubled in the past, having tried to commit suicide at least twice.  Avery, on the other hand, has been committed to a mental institution in the past.  Sure, these are great models of parenthood, aren’t they?  When you’ve got mental problems, why do we see such a common commitment to religion?  Two disturbing things that unfortunately go together more often than not.

When religion goes wrong, as it so often does, there are victims and here, two children are dead and two others scarred for life, all because their mother believed in demons.  No harm from religion, huh?  Tell that to Norrell and Zyana.  Horror Show Tuesday shows us exactly where the harm comes in.

18 thoughts on “Horror Show Tuesday: Mother Killed Children in “Demon Assassin” Cult

  1. Why do christians love to kill children?

    Tired of this shit. These religious nut jobs have to go so we can protect the children. They are either molesting them, making them eat their own vomit, or killing them.

    Fuck christianity

    1. Why do Atheists love to murder and starve millions?

      They are either starving, or killing, or marching them around without supplies.
      Can you show a single marxist dictator that wasn't atheist as they ruled?

          1. Did you read your story at all?

            "The connection between atheism and Marxism begins with Karl Marx himself, an avowed atheist. Marx believed that religion was a manifestation of the distress and suffering of the people. "

            Your story proved my point about how the two are enter woven since the earliest days.

          2. No, you gave a link that actually proved my point, and I just quoted that article to demonstrate it.

            Until you read a comment how can you actually reply to it?

          3. "Many Marxists have been atheist and have promoted atheism, believing religion to be incompatible with their political project. But this is a one-way relationship. Atheism itself in no way leads to or necessitates Marxism or socialism."

            See, I can also quote from the article. The fact that Karl Marx was an atheist in no way establishes or supports the claim that atheism and marxism are intrinsically and necessarily linked.

            By the way, it is interwoven, not "enter woven".

      1. You really are an idiot, you know that? Please present a single direct quote from any Marxist dictator stating that they acted as they did as a function of their atheism. Don't dodge, don't hide, don't make excuses, do it. Prove you have any honesty whatsoever in your body.

        1. http://www.globalmuseumoncommunism.org/features/w

          (second paragraph)
          The Soviet Union, reflective of the communist world as a whole, was openly hostile to religion and officially atheist; it was not irreligious or unreligious, with no stance on religion, but took the position that there was no God. Moreover, that atheism translated into a form of vicious anti-religion that included a systematic, often brutal campaign to eliminate belief. This began from the outset of the Soviet communist state and still continues in various forms in communist countries to this day, from China to North Korea to Cuba."

          Of course Cephus, if you can show I'm wrong and want to present it so that we can debate and discuss, I'd love to hear it.

          1. I have shown that it was not just 'an absence of God' but an openly hostile force against any possibility of God.

            Thanks for admitting I was right.

          2. Yes, and it was from the link you posted.

            If you don't like it, then you might want to be more selected about your links.
            "The connection between atheism and Marxism begins with Karl Marx himself, an avowed atheist. Marx believed that religion was a manifestation of the distress and suffering of the people. "

          3. None of which is a direct quote from Stalin, say, that says the reason he was doing what he was doing was his atheism. Are you unable to read, Roger?

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