Horror Show Sunday: Nuns Force Kids to Eat Vomit

I’ve said in the past that there are so many of these religious horror stories that I could write one every day of the week and never run dry.  In recently counting up the number of stories that I had to write, I was shocked to learn that I could do one every week for the rest of the year and still not run out, and this is late February when I’m writing this.  That is absurd.  Therefore, I’m declaring the first week of June to be Religious Horror Week where I will do a story every single day, seven stories in all, just to help clear out the ridiculous backlog.  The problem is, they keep coming!


Children at Sisters of Nazareth properties in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, would be quite at home in The Village, setting for the 1967 series The Prisoner.  They were referred to by their numbers, not their names, subjected to humiliation and threats of extreme physical abuse.  That’s not the worst of it though, children were routinely locked in cabinets, separated from their siblings and, when ill, forced to eat their own vomit.

I did a story last week about something similar happening in Australia and I mentioned the Catholics and here my prediction comes true once again.  Of course, the Catholic Church is very apologetic for all of this. However, as I’m sure we all expect, they’ve tried to cover their own asses by saying that all of this must have been done by a nun who was pushed to her breaking point working with troubled children and acted entirely without orders.  Sure she did.

There are also sex abuse charges, which I’m sure surprises everyone reading this, and the investigation is ongoing, with charges expected sometime this year.  What’s worse is that two reports of sexual abuse made in 1996 and 1997 were ignored by the authorities, it’s only as more people have come forward that they have started to demand evidence from the Sisters of Nazareth and are working toward putting the guilty parties away. I’m sure that none of the leadership of these homes will be prosecuted, even if it is shown that they knew all about what was going on and did nothing to stop it.  That’s the Catholic way and unfortunately, too many government officials value their Catholic beliefs over their duties to the people.

So that’s Horror Show Sunday, a good start to the Religious Horror Week, let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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    1. Why, Christ never taught this.

      If anything, she should (after standing trial for abuses) explain why she thinks she represents Christ.

      1. because she is a chirstian and jesus never taught you how to harass people online.

        Maybe you should explain how you represent him?

          1. I can't explain where christ taught to harass and stalk people online but you claim to be christian, so using your logic you are no christian either

          2. You can't explain why I shouldn't be able on an open forum to debate issues why my explaining and defending my positions is stalking.

            Especially when you don't consider this stalking…

            29 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · +1 points
            I don't live near any mountains. Imagine how better off the world would be if you stuck a 454 Super Red Hawk in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You can borrow mine

          3. How is that stalking?
            Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person.

            You are giving me unwanted attention.

            I see you managed to derail this thread already

          4. Your unwanted attention to my sucking on your gun is compatible with that definition.

            And you haven't shown the abuses this nun committed are taught by Christ or even accepted by other believers in Christ.

          5. Maybe when you show where I said I wanted you to "suck my gun" which I never said.

          6. Can you show where the word "suck" is in that comment you quoted.

            You have managed to derail this horrible story in one comment.

            Do your christian handlers demand you do this so the adults can't discuss it?

            You need banned from here

          7. 29 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · +1 points
            I don't live near any mountains. Imagine how better off the world would be if you stuck a 454 Super Red Hawk in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You can borrow mine

            And in spite of all your posturing and attacks on Christians, this Nun did cause abuse but you blamed it on the teachings of Christ and you haven't explained why you have made that connection. Why do you derail all the threads?

          8. So I did not say "suck my gun" thanks for clearing that up.

            I made the first comment and it was on topic until you wrecked it.

            the abuse I get from you is not a teaching of christ

          9. Sucking a gun/putting in my mouth and pulling the trigger..

            Substantially the same thing. Thanks for clearing that up.

            And my debating on an open forum to defend and explain my positions is what this voluntary forum is for.

            And also, once more you ignored your accusations about Christianity and tried to derail the thread from that failure to show why anyone would do these kinds of abuses and say it's due to the teachings of Jesus.

          10. Not even close and just thinking of you sucking a gun is down right gross.

            You don't debate you stalk and harass.

            You can't use that excuse to defend this christians actions. Which is why I brought up your behavior. Using your logic you can't be christian either because christ never taught you to harass people online. Where in the bible did he teach you to get online at all?

          11. You said what you said. Don't blame me for it.

            And I don't defend the actions of abuse in the story.
            I simply point out that it wasn't due to the teachings of Christ, it was because some frankly old woman had more authority than she knew how to handle.

          12. Show where someone has used atheism to kill anyone.

            Communism and atheism are not the same thing

          13. Show where the teachings of Christ called for this nun to do her abuse.

            This abuse and the teachings of Christ are not the same thing.

          14. It didn't cause either.

            But of course with you typical atheist intolerance you will try to cast blame where it doesn't belong.

          15. It's deeper than that though. His mother was single and working as a housekeeper in Jewish home. Then she got pregnant. Hitler was half Jewish, and had a deep anger for Jews because of that as well.

          16. His father raised him as a Jew hating Christan as well. My comment supports Wee's comment.

          17. His biolocical father was Jewish. The father that raised him was a Jew hating Christian.

            You are just fucking stupid.

          18. And when you say this what do you call it?
            1 week ago @ http://912wolverines.com/ – growl · 26 replies · -9 points
            That;s right!! There ill be blood you fuckers!!!!

            When you try to make people slaves, you soon find your head in a basket.

            Then I will fuck you in your dead eyeball.

          19. It was a combination of his madness and intolerance.

            Christ and His teachings were not compatible with the evil Hitler did.

          20. Jesus and God are the same. God has killed more than Hitler ever could have dreamed.

          21. You didn't post facts that counter the basic tenants of being a Christian.

            Until you can say Hitler did A: because Jesus taught B and list a text, you can't show that Jesus was the leader or influence in the life of Hitler.

          22. Nope, it made claims, it had some evidence that Hitler used the church for political power.

            But it never showed that Christ and His teachings charted the course for his life.

          23. No, it didn't.

            Hitler was many things, but a devout follower of the teachings of Christ he was not.

            That entire "murder 6 million" thing got into the way.

          24. Can you prove that Hitler was taught that Christ wanted Jews gassed in the millions?

            This is where you go wrong, you pretend the excuses Hitler had were rooted any anything Christians actually believed or taught.

          25. You claim people are not christian unless they follow the "follow the teachings of Christ" so my argument is where did Christ teach you to use a computer or drive a car, or write a book , or play the piano?

          26. It has nothing to do with being equal and you can't change the question to fit your agenda. Still waiting for an answer

          27. "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." – Adolph Hitler

          28. Yes, he was ego driven enough to think he could decide what God wanted, that's the spirit of anti-christ.

            Daniel 2:21

          29. All you have shown is that you're not the only bigot.

            You can't show that Jesus taught anything that Hitler followed.

            Can you show that VonHoffer was wrong and that Hitler was right in the things Christ wanted?

          30. I posted that 3 minutes ago and you could not have read that whole link in three minutes. Guess you hate facts

          31. Strange, and what did he act in accordance too exactly? I can't find the other half of this quote in anything God or Jesus said.

          32. You seem to think that a person is not a christian unless they believe and practice all the teachings of Jesus and never fail to follow all of his teachings. I am not a christian, but I know that the above is not true. Below is what I am pretty sure is the core requirement to be a Christian:

            "To be a Christian, one must believe things like God exists and that the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ were real events. In fact, one must trust in those beliefs, relying upon them for one's salvation. You cannot be a Christian without being saved, so, salvation is necessary to be a Christian. And it is necessary to believe in God's existence and the resurrection of Christ in order to be saved." (Source: http://apologetics-notes.comereason.org/2014/02/u

            In short to be a christian one must accept Jesus Christ as personal savior, There is no requirement that a person never fail to follow all of the teachings of Christ. So it is quite possible for a christian to be a sexual abuser of children. Under your theology such sexual abuse is a sin that could be forgiven if the abuser sincerely asks for God's forgiveness before death.

          33. Do you know the background of the term "Christian"?

            It was greek for those that were trying to copy or walk in the way of Christ.
            Do I think there is a perfect Christian? If you knew much about Christianity you would realize how flawed that position is. Without preaching, Christians all know they are flawed and only the perfect sacrifice of Christ is our only way to success here and in the afterlife.

            I don't care what apologetics claims, and don't even think that your quote proves my position wrong.
            But it doesn't go far enough about how if we convert to accept that perfect sacrifice the Spirit guides us into all truth and convicts us of sins. (John 16:8)
            There is a long running debate in Christian circles about faith vs works, so I don't expect to settle that issue here, with you as an unbeliever. But James was clear in chapter 2.
            "14What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

            18But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.”

            Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. 19You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.

            20You foolish person, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is uselessd ? 21Was not our father Abraham considered righteous for what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar? 22You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did."

            Are Christians perfect? Nope. But do they try and work at aiming higher? If they are Christians then they will.

          34. Show me and make a list of your deeds. Your behavior does not show any.
            Preach to yourself and let others be what they are. You are not in a church here. You are stumbling big rock.

  1. I went to a catholic school (for all of ONE WEEK !)

    But that was enough to see that even though nuns and the religious often claim 'to love humanity'
    Any love that they feel for it is purely in 'the abstract'. Because the actual flesh that humanity is comprised of is hated and despised as 'weak and evil by nature'.
    People all too frequently buy into the popular Hollywood imagine of nuns as caring compassionate people, whereas all too often, they are repressed, traumatized and seriously messed up people who derive their only scant pleasures in life by denying other theirs.

    Every day I saw a nun stand by the table where the dirty plates were stacked after dinner, and anyone scraping any food into the 'pig-bin' had their knuckles cracked with a yardstick for 'selfishly wasting food while the needy starved'.
    The first time she did this I was not expecting it and I dropped the plate out of shock, it smashed.
    I was then told to hold my hand out again because I had broken the plate (because she hit me with a fucking ruler, of course) whereupon I had my hand cracked with a yardstick another 3 or 4 times.
    It did not matter if you were allergic to the food, or if you were returning the plates for someone else, and 'God forbid' if you had heard her schtick the day before and said in desperation 'Well send this food to Africa then !'
    If you were unwise enough to do that you got several cracks with the yardstick, a few on the hand and one to 'that sinful little mouth of yours' for good measure. I watched kids stuffing food into their pockets, hiding it anywhere rather than give that black hearted hateful woman any excuse.

          1. My proof the evidence of intelligent design.
            My proof is the diversity in spite of the theory of survival of the fittest.
            My proof is the evidence that no other theory explains the evidence.

            You don't accept the things I see as evidence, but it is evidence to me.

          2. You have to demonstrate intelligent design, which you haven't done, you've simply asserted it. You first have to prove, with evidence, that the universe was designed intelligently, not just claim it is because you can't understand how it happened otherwise, then you have to prove that your intelligent designer, in this case, your God, actually exists and actually created the universe. You need to show that there is a direct causal link between the factual existence of your God and the factual intelligent design of the universe.

            When do you think you'll get to any of these things? Just because you want to believe these things are evidence, doesn't mean they are. You're guilty, as are most theists, of the argument from ignorance.

          3. I have in the past, including the complex endocrine system.
            Evolution doesn't explain the complexity, so I see it as evidence of intelligent design.

          4. Even if that's so, which it isn't, but it doesn't prove your God did it. You can only do that by proving your God is real. When do you plan on doing that?

          5. I don't have to prove you wrong, you haven't proven yourself right. You're just asserting a cause you cannot prove because you don't understand how things actually work in nature. No matter how much you claim that it couldn't have come about naturally, you still have not proven or provided a shred of evidence for the supernatural.

            Don't you get that? You can't just make up an arbitrary cause because you have no clue what you're talking about.

          6. I don't have to prove I'm right. I just have to explain it.

            You keep pretending that I have to do things, I know that you aren't going to be convinced, but I did explain my evidence. Can you prove there is no God?

            You say I'm wrong, so prove your case. To the same level of proof you keep demanding from me.

          7. No, sorry, that's not how debate works. You don't just get to say you're convinced by things and therefore are right. You didn't explain your evidence, you explained your assertions. There is a difference and you ought to know that. It's sad that you don't. And since I don't claim there is no God, only that you haven't proven your case, I have no burden of proof whatsoever. But you ought to know that too. It's really rather pathetic that you're so ignorant and proud of it.

          8. How debate is NOT supposed to work is one side saying that they are right and everyone else has to prove beyond any standard they determine.

            Of course, it's your site. But that doesn't mean you get to decide how 'real' debate works. What you can decide is what you decide your style of debate is.

          9. Rogere', your debate style is clear.
            You feel that by wearing everyone down, until they throw up their hands and leave, leaving you the last man standing, is a form of debate.

            Clearly, you are the one who is befuddled and confused.

            Debate is not getting the last word.


            (and like CowboyLogic said)
            "I'll leave the space immediately below here for your retort."…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          10. I didn't invent the standards, this is standard stuff in any formal debate setting. You make a claim, you back it up. You can't shift the burden of proof, as you do constantly, you can't invent straw men, as you do constantly, you can't just assert that you believe something for irrational reasons and therefore it's true, as you do constantly. In any kind of formal debate, you'd be laughed at, which is really one of the many reasons that nobody takes you seriously. Just because you have an absurdly low standard of proof for your believes doesn't mean the rest of us can't point it out.

          1. Seems some intolerant atheists have issues.

            And I hope the church not only supported the secular justice system but made sure that this variance from the teachings of Christ didn't happen again.

          2. Can you show where christ teaches you to harass people online or where christ teaches you to use a computer, what about his cell phone teachings, or using a microwave, or his teachings about driving a car, what about going grocery shopping????

            According to your logic since he did not teach any of those things christians who use or go those things are not christians

          3. Can you show me where your atheism demands you lie about Christianity?
            Can you show me where it demands you lie and say that when I do the very same things this forum is here for that it suddenly is harassment when you do the things you define harassment as.

          4. I don't lie about christianity and never have.
            Listen you harass me. I have asked you many times to stop harassing me and quit replying and stalking every comment I make. You would never hear from me again, but you insist on constant harassment of all my comments. Maybe if you learned how to debate instead of harassing people (for some reason you think it's sane to reply to every comment a person has made for over 4 years) you would not have made so many enemies and be knows as the King Troll. I see as usual you FAILED to answer any of questions which shows that once again I am right

          5. TNM, you lie about Christianity, and if you held atheism to the same standards I could call you worse names than you call Christians.

            Christ never taught this kind of abuse and the church if reflecting the values Christ left for them would not tolerate it either.

            When you post biased views on an open forum, expect there will be people disagreeing with you. Participation is voluntary, you don't have to come if you feel so maligned.

          6. I tell the truth about it you are too blind and bigoted to see it. Typical of the weak minded sheeple.

            he never taught you how to use a computer either and yet here you are.

            They are open minded views because I see religion as whole and narrow minded like you.

            You're right participation is voluntary until certain lines are crossed and you have crossed them into harassment

          7. You tell your agenda driven talking points.

            You haven't shown that this nun did this abuse due to any teaching of Christ.
            And as long as I point that out I am sticking to the topic laid out in the story and you are the one that is harassing according to the definition you provided.

          8. No I am not. I have told you countless time to quit harassing me and cease all communication with me. Stalking is unwanted attention and I don't want attention from you

          9. Why do you insist on lying and attacking a religion that doesn't teach anything you blame it for?

            There is another religion that does teach those things, why do you ignore it?

          10. Then why does it happen in your religion and why does the bible condone violence and the killing of children?

          11. It doesn't happen in my religion as a result of the teachings of Christ. If abuses happen it's because they aren't following those teachings.

            And the killing of children? That's happened more under atheists using the name of communism as an excuse.

          12. Ever read the bible? If not I suggest you do sometime and since according to your religion god and jesus are same does condone killing children and even "ripping them from the womb".

            Pretty gross you defend killing

          13. Ever read the teachings of Christ?

            You may have been indoctrinated on the Bible but you don't understand it.

            And Jesus does not teach or advocate for violence against children.

            I notice you didn't provide a text.

          14. No, you have twisted it into something it's not.

            And I have been providing links and sources for everything. You just insist on your opinion should count for the final say. It doesn't.

          15. It may be literal history.

            But Christians pattern their life from Christ. Not Moses.

            Jews do, are you going to convert to judaism since you accept the Bible literally?

          16. I never accepted it I just read it literally like it's suppose to be read and when it is read literally it falls apart

          17. Then you don't have a clue and are talking about something you don't understand.

            But it's all right, you're entitled to your own personal opinion.

            Just don't expect to be taken seriously if you overlook so much that you don't agree with.

  2. Did atheism teach me to drive?

    You are not required to follow any teachings to be an atheist. Try again

      1. Because he didn't so by your logic you are not a christian

        CHECK MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. You always bring up the "teachings of chris"t bullshit excuse.

            So as I said by your logic you are no christian.

            How does it feel to get schooled again?

          2. You can keep pretending that being a Christian is attending a church.

            It isn't, not any more than parking in a garage over night will make you a car.

            How does it feel to have someone point out you're in in tolerate bigot that makes claims that don't stack up to facts again?

          3. Well then as I said by your logic you are no christian

            YOU have been schooled again

          4. Why? The only schooling you give is that atheists are intolerant and closed minded.

            But you haven't convinced me you speak for all atheists.

          5. No, you gave your opinion that it doesn't work.

            As a Christian I'm more credible than an atheist that refers to sharia style justice as the best solution to problems.

          6. According to your logic you have an opinion that decides who is allowed.

            And you view Hitler as more of a Christian than you view me.

            So, frankly I don't put much credibility on your thinking.

          7. Other than the war, living unmarried with his consort, murdering, and all the other things he's known for.

            What part of his life followed the teachings of Christ exactly?

          8. I'm not Jewish, I follow Christ.

            Until you can show Christ taught that for His followers then it is historical and nothing more.

          9. It depends on what denomination you ask.

            I suggest if you are asking seriously that you forgo your normal biased sources and use a concordance to find the answer.

          10. Your answer was good enough. It depends on what denomination (cult) you ask. You idiots can't even agree on your religion.


          11. Cult?

            You can't even agree on common definitions.

            And you just can't find a way to smear and attack my religion based on my answer so you had to resort to generic name calling.

          12. Yep cult:



            noun: cult; plural noun: cults
            a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

            Hey if you don't like my being factual about your religion and showing why are wrong don't read it. You sit hear day in an day out and lie about your religion

          13. Hm, I don't have a figure or object in my home to venerate.

            If you don't like my being factual and showing you are a biased agenda driven individual then quit lying all day long about your hatred for my religion.

          14. That's quite a claim.

            Can you show examples with actually factual sources?

            I have never claimed that Christians are perfect, but I have claimed that the teachings of Christ don't lead to these abuses.

            If you can show they do, I'm waiting.

  3. I alo posted a link comparing hitler to jesus and you replied 3 minutes later and that is not enough time to read the link so you ignored facts

    1. I just asked a question. Did BonHoffer have the teachings of Christ or did Hitler?

      One lived helping others and a life of sacrifice, one was a murdering monster.

      You can't show from the Bible a single thing Hitler valued that Christ spoke and taught.
      You are ignoring the facts.

          1. With nothing showing that hItler valued or followed the teachings of Christ.

            You can show he had religion, and used religion for power, but not that he followed Christ.

          2. Except it didn't show that.

            It just showed he had some background with Christianity, not that he actually followed it.

          3. You don't get to decide what Christianity means for everyone or who is doing it right. According to lots of other self-identified Christians, you're the one that's wrong.

          4. Cephus,
            I always figured Roger was about 5'4"/
            With that cure Hitler looking little mustachio, and always babbling about Hitler, it is clear he has a Hitler Complex.

            At first, I thought it was a Napoleon Complex, or even a Messianic Complex, but the more I think about it, I think it is clearly a Hitler Complex.

            Roger, the Little Dictator.

            Or would it be Dick Tater?

          5. I couldn't care less what he's like, I only care what he can demonstrate and so far, he can't demonstrate jack. Like a lot of theists, he has no clue how to think logically or critically about his beliefs and virtually everything he believes comes straight from the argument from ignorance. It's sad but he's certainly not alone, he's one of the great deluded masses with religion on the brain and that causes him to think badly, as he demonstrates here every day.

          6. I don't pretend I can determine what Christianity is about.
            And I don't have to pretend to know who's doing what as a Christian.

            1 Corinthians 13
            "If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,[b] but do not have love, I gain nothing.

            4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

            Where do you think this Nun fits into that text?
            I don't think she fits at all. In fact I think this was for her.

            Mark 9:42
            “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea."

            I hold Christians to a higher standard than non believers, we know better than to behave as this abusive woman did. You may not believe in God, but the Bible still says what it says in what the Church is supposed to act like.

          7. When will you start acting Christian and following the teachings?

            Will you bring a sword as commanded?

          8. When will you pretend that as an atheist you can't really discuss this with me if it means acting as if God is real?

          9. Did I? Really? Attention like this?

            29 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · +1 points
            I don't live near any mountains. Imagine how better off the world would be if you stuck a 454 Super Red Hawk in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You can borrow mine

          10. Yeah you did. That comment was made several years when you were harassing me. Of course you made this comment first:
            Roger 168p • 49 minutes ago
            Attacking you for just about anything is the only decent thing to do.

            So I replied in kind

          11. Yes, on a forum based on debate, when you have a position like suggesting I swallow your gun attacking that position with exposure so others see you for what you are, that may be unwanted attention but doesn't cross the lines of propriety like your unwanted attention speaking towards suicide.

          12. I never said I wanted you to "swallow my gun"

            But I want no attention from you period so you are stalking me

          13. Semantics.
            You did say this:

            29 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · +1 points
            I don't live near any mountains. Imagine how better off the world would be if you stuck a 454 Super Red Hawk in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You can borrow mine

          14. I did?

            Where did I say "swallow anything" Hell I never said you had to load the gun either

          15. Putting it my mouth and pulling the trigger is what it is.

            29 minutes ago @ Antiwar.com Original A… – The Drug War Expands t… · 1 reply · +1 points
            I don't live near any mountains. Imagine how better off the world would be if you stuck a 454 Super Red Hawk in your mouth and pulled the trigger. You can borrow mine

          16. When did you say it was empty and if it was empty… then what would make the world different?

            You said what you said. I'm sure reasonable minds can examine it on their own. And possibly deliberate on it reasonably.

          17. You just assumed it was loaded and it really don't matter. Had you not been stalking and harassing that comment would never had been made. When you stalk and harass people you should expect mean things to be said because the victim (in this case is me) is tired of being harassed

          18. I am not back pedaling. Quit harassing, stalking, and bullying people and you won't get treated like the POS you are

          19. Yes, you are back pedaling.

            Why? You wanted me to put your gun in my mouth and to pull the trigger to make the world a better place, allegedly. How can that happen with an empty gun?

            You just want to keep acting like the POS you want me labeled as.

          20. NO, not back pedaling at all. Maybe the thought of the bullet ripping through your skull and finding the gun empty would make you change your creepy POS behavior and you learn how to be civil. Until then you're still a POS

          21. You always do, even if it means locking people into a church and advocating they burn to death.

            24 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
            The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO

          22. Not as bad as you wanting to blow up entire cities:
            Roger 162p • 4 days ago
            My chuckle is that Iran is going to slip one through our admittedly very porous southern border and then detonate this in a US city…

          23. I quoted you, it isn't my position. Just because you deleted the comment before I have the permalink doesn't mean you didn't actually post it.

          24. I will weigh in on this.

            Roger, for a fact, you have stalked WeeTodd going clear back to the Breitbart days.

            You stalked him to that Scott Maugh's website, that you ruined, and then after you wrecked it, you stalked Wee here.

            I personally watched you do it.

            To say you have not done so, is a bald faced lie.

          25. Guest, let me weigh in on this.

            You are a vile coward that hides behind your guest profile. You know that they have been trying to shut me up since Breitbart days and it hasn't worked. You're just a bunch of fascists that can't stand push back.

            Deal with it.

          26. Would you like me to use my name, or get a formal profile, so that you could then stalk me, or add me to the defendant list in your lawsuit?

            If you knew me, you'd piss your pants and delete your profile.

          27. I notice you don't mention he's doing to me what you claim I've done to you. And with the vulgarity I would never use on people.

            Fair is fair, unless you just are trolling and need help since you can't actually debate or discuss things yourself.

  4. One major inaccuracy in this post is that Londonderry (or Derry) is in Northern Ireland (or North of Ireland) but definitely not England

    1. Yeah, actually I caught that and had planned to fix it but I completely forgot. It came from another source that incorrectly located it. I'll go back and fix it now, thanks.

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