Republicans, You’re Just Laughable!

laughing-and-pointing-300x199I just got off the phone with a guy looking for money for the Republican Party.  He called to ask some questions about the direction of the Republican Party  and where I thought they needed to go.  I told him they needed to focus on the economy as their major direction in the upcoming election and he goes into this long, canned script about how we need to fight the liberals and all that and how I can help with with a one-time financial gift of $75-100.  I told him no, I’m not donating because the Republican Party hasn’t earned my loyalty, they put up rotten candidates with absurd religious social platforms, they fight against equality, both gender, racial and sexual orientation and they spend like drunken sailors, showing no fiscal responsibility and so long as their platform is based around religion and acting just like the liberals, they’re not getting one red cent from me.

And the guy just hangs up on me.  Typical.

Unfortunately, it really is typical, and not just for the fund-raising arm of the party, but of the entire party as a whole.  I’ve mentioned before that I get an endless stream of e-mail from the GOP, begging me to answer questionnaires, take surveys and otherwise advise them on what they ought to be doing to get back into power. I always take the opportunity to give my honest thoughts and opinions, but let’s be forthright about this, they don’t give a damn about anything I have to say because I am not a neo-con.  I don’t represent the thought patterns at the top of the Republican Party, therefore, my views and opinions mean absolutely nothing to them.

I’m sure the same thing is true over on the Democrat side, I’m sure they’re trying to get people to give their views and opinions, but especially their money to support the cause.  If your opinions fall outside of the liberal mainstream though, if you don’t agree with the people at the top of the political ladder, I’m sure you’re just as ignored as I am.

And this ought to piss us off.  Sure, the parties want our votes, they want our checks, but they really don’t care what we have to say.  The parties as a whole aren’t willing to entertain or consider new ideas, which is why both parties have diverged so radically, one heading completely to the left and the other heading completely to the right.

It’s really too bad that there isn’t an actual conservative party in this country, where the ideals of conservatism actually matter and are a driving force forward.  When I said the Republican Party needed to relocate fiscal responsibility, this guy I talked to didn’t have a clue what I meant.  He had to fumble around and find a scripted talking point that he could make fit the conversation.  He was clueless and so are the Republicans as a whole.  The Republican Party is not my party, but they’re a damn sight better in a lot of ways than the Democrats and even moreso better than the Libertarians and all the third parties.  They have to earn my vote and my check and recently, they haven’t been doing it.  However, actually being responsive to the voters apparently isn’t on the agenda for American political parties.  They just want to fast talk you into supporting them without having to actually do anything that you want them to do.

Republicans, like Democrats and all the rest, are just absurdly laughable.

17 thoughts on “Republicans, You’re Just Laughable!”

  1. "They just want to fast talk you into supporting them without having to actually do anything that you want them to do."

    It's all about the Benjamin. First, foremost and always.

    Cephus, you are right about the canned script. This is Primary Season, and I get three to five calls a week pertaining to politics. The Republicans, the Democrats, Independent Pollsters and on, and on. A week ago I had someone with the Republican Party call and ask me almost verbatim what they asked you. They asked me "where I thought they needed to go." I told him I thought they either "needed to go out of business", or perhaps "they should just relocate offshore and leave us alone". They guy was speechless at first, then started stuttering and stammering.

    I just told him "kid, I've supported you clowns for thirty years, and what have I got for it? Screwed without a kiss." Then he hung up.

    I am tired of the Republicans.
    The Republican Party today has morphed onto the Democrat Party of JFK.
    The Democrats have morphed into Communists.
    The Libertarians don't have any clue.

    1. It really is sad that the Republicans ignore actual conservatives in favor of the wishes of essentially liberals. I had someone tell me a week or so ago that if I didn't agree with everything that the Republicans did, I should register as supporting no party at all. Why? First off, what do I get out of that? I can't vote in the primaries and try to keep the religious morons in the Republican party in check and it's more trouble to unregister as a Republican than it's worth. Why bother? Every party in this country is just as fucked up, none of them are worth my support, that's why I keep voting for the lesser of the evils because every option is evil.

  2. "The parties as a whole aren’t willing to entertain or consider new ideas, which is why both parties have diverged so radically, one heading completely to the left and the other heading completely to the right."

    I don't know where your got your description of the Democratic Party, but it most certainly is wrong . The Democratic Party has not "diverged radically …. to the left." I am a liberal who is more liberal and further to the left than any Democrat now in office. So your description of this party can't possibly be correct. The Democratic Party of today is much closer to the center point on the political spectrum than it is to the left. The Democratic Party as it existed in the 1960s was more liberal and to further to the left (if I understand what you mean by "to the left") than the current Democratic Party. Perhaps you'd like to share with us just exactly what would be the positions of a party that is radically to the left. Then perhaps we can determine what political party you are actually describing, because it most certainly is not the Democratic Party.

    While you are at it it would helpful if you described what a party to the radical right would look like. Because while the Republican Party is certainly more right-ward today than it was 40 years ago, to say it has diverged radically to the right just doesn't seem accurate. When I hear the term radically to the right, I think of something like Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Fascist Party in Italy. Are you saying that the Republican Party is like this? The Republican Party has quite a distance to travel before it is to the radical right. Now if it were to adopt wholesale the positions of the John Birch Society, then I'd say it was radically to the right.

    1. Bill Mahar said it best…The Democratic party has moved to the center, and the Republican party has moved off the cliff.

  3. " I am a liberal who is more liberal and further to the left than any Democrat now in office."

    Obviously that is a mental condition.

  4. Conservative/Liberal/ Democrat/Republican in the end they are titles meant to divide Americans into Us vs. Them from time to time we step outside of ourselves and remember we are E pluribus Unum. However it seems a rare occasion usually proceeded by a national tragedy. And we let them divide us; it's easier for them to dominate the masses when we can no longer stand as one people. We are being played.

      1. Except that it isn't necessarily true.

        There is a substantial part of the Tea Party that want to unite the people, just not at the lowest common denominator. But around the Constitutional values that made our country great.

        1. Roger TEA is DEAD!!!! You monkeys will be gone with Obama. America already knows your little Teabaggers are on there way out. It's happening already your just to stupid to realize it. That's why you were so devastated when your Mormon Bishop Mittens lost. Reality is not your game. Typical Christian DF.

          1. Tell Candidate Sasse in Nebraska.
            He will disagree with you

            And Romney didn't reflect tea party values. You have heard of RomneyCare haven't you?

  5. The GOP has been a house divided it will not stand for much longer, and all the dems have to do is watch they're bastard Tea drinking wild eyed far right ignorant dumbasses tear it all down setting up liberal rule in America for the next 20 years. Meanwhile conservatives will hang on as a small regional party of red state holdouts. Unless we adopt a more moderate platform where we tell people what we stand for, and not what we stand against. I was a GOP moderate back before the wing nuts usurped the party, and started drinking the tea. Now I am in search of a 3rd party candidates that could prove a viable choice.

    1. I've been telling the GOP that the only way they will ever be successful again is to jettison the religious far right and move to a more conservative platform, they're just not interested, they aren't conservative, after all, they're just religiously right wing liberals. Maybe the only way to get a conservative party back in this country is to see the Republicans fail entirely. There are no parties in this country at all that are conservative.

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