18 Things Black People Seem To Not Understand

man_scratching_headI really hate coming across such ignorance on the Internet but I found an article called “18 Things White People Seem To Not Understand Because of White Privilege”.  This was one of the most ridiculous pieces I’ve seen in a while and I thought I’d spend some time debunking them all because, hey, I’ve got nothing better to do.

The thread that runs through this is “black people are dumb and can’t make it on their own without the constant help and/or punishment of white people so we’ll be mad at white people”.  Yes, that sounds a bit mean but that seems to be the way liberals think about black people, particularly middle-class white liberals who aren’t remotely involved in the plight of black Americans.  In fact, most black Americans aren’t even involved in the supposed plight of black Americans.

1. White Privilege is being able to move into a new neighborhood and being fairly sure that your neighbors will be pleasant to you and treat you with respect.

I’m sorry but that’s not really a guarantee wherever you go.  I’m sure that if a white family moved into a black neighborhood, they’d be met by every bit of resistance and criticism that the author asserts happens in white neighborhoods.  After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I did a story about Trader Joe’s being fought in a black neighborhood because it would bring in too many white people.  Of course, I question how much this is even an issue in the vast majority of America.  I have black neighbors.  I have Asian neighbors.  I have Hispanic neighbors.  I have a Muslim mosque right down the street.  So far as I can tell, none of those people have had any problems whatsoever living here.  I might have to call up one of them and ask. (Note: I did ask a friend who lives down the street, who happens to be black, if they’d had any problems and he said no.)

2. White Privilege is being able to watch a movie, read a book and open the front page of a newspaper and see yourself and your race widely represented and spoken for.

Well maybe that’s because, like it or not, there are still more white people in this country in most places than there are black and Hispanic and Asian people?  Of course, white people don’t get white-only magazines or white-only TV networks, do they?  No, the minorities would scream bloody murder if they did.  But this does bring up an interesting point that we should be thinking about throughout this list.  What is the actual goal here?  Is it to, as lots of liberals seem to think, make our culture color-blind?  Is it to make skin color entirely irrelevant?  If that’s the case, the left is failing miserably because all they and minorities who tend to be on their side care about is race.  Personally, I don’t watch a movie because of the race of the people acting in it.  I don’t care if they are white, I don’t care if they are black, I don’t care if they are male, I don’t care if they are female, I don’t care about any of that so long as they can act and make the movie entertaining.  The same goes for books, the same goes for newspapers (or online news sites) and anything else.  I don’t  care.  It made no more difference to me when Nick Fury, in both the Marvel comic books and the movies, went from a white guy to a black guy.  It didn’t make a bit of difference to me when Laurence Fishburne played Perry White, a traditionally white role, in Man of Steel.  It meant nothing to me and it should mean nothing to you.  If it does, you’re being racist.

3. White Privilege is being able to seek legal, financial and medical help without having your race work against you.

I’m not sure exactly what’s meant here, I’m unaware of any cases where anyone has been refused service in legal, financial or medical help simply because of their skin color.  I’m not doubting it’s happened in the past but today, it’s extremely unlikely.  Even if it did happen though, there are many other professionals one can go to that won’t refuse them, it’s not like people can be tossed out of a hospital and have no other options.  In fact, I’d be more than happy to be tossed out of a black hospital because I’m white, that’s an open-and-shut lawsuit and I’d be very wealthy.  Please, someone kick me out because of my skin color!  About the only issue I can think of here is the fact that blacks tend to have a higher incidence of some medical conditions like sickle-cell anemia but that’s genetic, there’s nothing that anyone can do about that, why is it something to be complained about?  If there’s more here to this question, please let me know.

4. White Privilege is living in a world where you are taught that people with your skin tone hold the standard for beauty.

That’s rather shallow, isn’t it?  I think there are some very beautiful black women and some very beautiful white women and some very beautiful Asian women and some very beautiful Hispanic women and for all of those groups, a whole shit-ton of entirely average or downright ugly women.  But we get right back to the obvious issue, whites don’t have any beauty magazines dedicated exclusively to their race.  Blacks do.  Whites don’t get the White Entertainment Network.  Blacks do.  In fact, Asians don’t get the Asian Entertainment Network either, so all you racists can just fuck off.  Stop being so damn shallow.

5. White Privilege is never being told to, “get over slavery”.

Well they should, just like the Jews need to get over the Holocaust.  Like it or not, no person alive today has ever been a slave (excepting in some small areas of the world where sex slavery occurs, but that’s not what we’re talking about here).  No one they have ever known has been a slave.  Their parents were not slaves.  Their grandparents were not slaves.  Their great-grandparents were not slaves.  So where does this constant slavery whining come from?  Yeah, the liberals, we know.  Okay, I know that people have been treated badly and I’m sorry for that, but guess what?  The Irish were treated badly in this country once, so were the Chinese.  They might not have been slaves but they were treated every bit as badly as blacks during the civil rights era.  You don’t see them marching around, acting entitlement-happy,  because their ancestors were treated like shit.  There comes a point where you have to let go of the past and it’s long overdue in this instance.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of blacks who don’t want to let go, it’s a defining factor in their self-image.  It’s also unfortunate that a lot of white liberals don’t want to let go, mostly because I see a lot of self-loathing among white liberals, they want to be constantly punished because some of their ancestors did something wrong once and they have to pay for it eternally.  Oh, and it gets votes for the Democrats.  Let’s not forget that.

6. White Privilege is having the prevalence and importance of the English language and finding amusement in ridiculing people of colour/immigrants for their accents and their difficulty in speaking a language that is not their native tongue.

Like it or not, this is an English-speaking country and *ANYONE* who can’t speak the language well tends to get ridiculed regardless of the color of their skin.  People from France, Germany, etc. fare no better if their accents make it difficult for them to be understood.  Maybe this is more prevalent in other areas of the country or in the ghettos, but I don’t know a single black person, and I know a lot of them, who can’t speak English every bit as well as any white person.  Now, if you want to talk about those speaking ghetto-dialects, I agree with you. Maybe those people ought to get an actual education and learn how to properly communicate in the language of the nation they live in.  Of course, suggesting this will just get me labeled a racist again because apparently, speaking ghetto, or whatever the new word for it might be, is a right of black people.  The reality is, while they are free to speak that way if they really want, actions have consequences.  Your right to talk like an idiot doesn’t mean people can’t treat you like an idiot.

7. White Privilege is arrogantly believing that reverse racism actually exists.

That’s because it does.  There is blatant reverse racism in this country.  There’s an entire culture around black people hating white people, that’s what people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a career out of. This comes across about as absurdly as asserting that scientists arrogantly believe that evolution is true. That’s because it is.  The racism comes in paying attention to skin color and there is no doubt that lots of blacks do exactly that.  Just listen to their rhetoric!  All they care about is skin color and how some people are bad, just because of their skin color.  Anyone who denies this either doesn’t know what racism means or is wearing blinders.

8. White Privilege is being able to stay ignorant to the fact that racial slurs are part of a systematic dehumanization of entire groups of people who are and have historically been subjugated and hated just for being alive.

You take name-calling very personally, don’t you?  Whatever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?  Clearly, there’s a ton of hyperbole in this statement, I don’t think you can show any cases where blacks have been hated just for being alive.  If they were, whites would have killed them. That didn’t happen, even at the height of slavery and certainly hasn’t happened any time in recent history.  The people who complain are typically the same ones who think they get to use the slurs themselves.  Sorry, this is reality.  If you can say nigger, I can say nigger.  I don’t, simply because I don’t find it a useful word, any more than I say honky or beaner or camel jockey or kike or raghead or any other kind of slur.  I don’t use them, not to keep people from being insulted, but because I don’t actually view people that way.  Lots of people need to get the chips off their shoulders.

9. White Privilege is not having your name turned into an easier-to-say Anglo-Saxon name.

No one can force you to change your name.  That certainly hasn’t always been the case, Jews were forced, in the late 1800s, to adopt more recognizable Jewish names in Austria, but I don’t think anyone reading this is living in 19th century Austria.  If you have a difficult name, so be it.  There are plenty of white people with difficult names, particularly coming from Slavic or Russian backgrounds.  They may *CHOOSE* to adopt an easier-to-say name or nickname if they want, that doesn’t mean they are forced to do so.  Someone is taking things far too personally.

10. White Privilege is being able to fight racism one day, then ignore it the next.

Most people never fight racism and that  goes for everyone, regardless of skin color.  The same is true of sexism, regardless of one’s gender.  Most of these fights are terribly unimportant and it’s only the fanatics who spend the majority of their time engaged in the struggle.  Or people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who make money off of it.  Here’s the reality.  If you consider yourself involved in this imaginary fight every single day of your life, there’s something wrong with you, something in your perception is seriously skewed and you need help.

11. White privilege is having your words and actions attributed to you as an individual, rather than have them reflect members of your race.

You’re the one making a big deal out of race!  Words and actions should always be attributed to the individual, they should never be generalized over a group of people who share a common characteristic.  I’ve yet to treat anyone as a representative of a race instead of a single person.  I find it difficult to believe that many people do this.  Sounds like a lot of self-serving whining to me.

12. White Privilege is being able to talk about racism without appearing self-serving.

Cry me a river.  That’s like saying men shouldn’t talk about women’s equality.  This isn’t privilege, it’s reality. Maybe you’d prefer that whites just didn’t give a damn about racism?  Perhaps it would be better if only women cared about women’s rights?  Yet the reality was, it was really the men that decided that women deserved equality by voting in the 19th Amendment.  After all, women couldn’t vote!  I was also white people who decided to end slavery.  Blacks couldn’t vote for it.  In fact, in pretty much every case where any group of people was being mistreated, it’s never been the mistreated group that has forced change on the majority, it’s been the majority who came to their senses, realized they were wrong and made the change themselves.  They were the only ones who had the power to make the change at all!  The current gay marriage issue isn’t being decided by gay people, but by straight people who are realizing that discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation is wrong.  That’s how reality works, sorry.

13. White Privilege is being able to be articulate and well-spoken without people being surprised.

Hardly, there are plenty of white people in the deep south who have the same problem.  This was largely already discussed back in question 6.

14. White Privilege is being pulled over or taken aside and knowing that you are not being singled out because of your race/colour.

Which might be a legitimate complaint if it weren’t for the fact that so many blacks want to be singled out because of their race.  I’m entirely opposed to any of the “driving while black” events, where a black person is pulled over just because they are black and I admit that this does go on and some of my black friends have experienced it.  It should never happen and any police officer found engaging in it should find themselves in the unemployment line.  That said though, the fact remains that more blacks per capita do wind up in prison and committing crimes than any other racial group.  Currently, approximately 1 in 15 black men will go to prison. 1 in 36 Hispanic men will go to prison.  1 in 106 white men will go to prison.  Blacks make up around 30% of the American population but comprise more than 60% of the prison population.  Now I know that some of this is due to drug offenses and that’s a different issue, but the fact remains, more black men commit more crimes proportionally than other races.  Is it any surprise that more attention is paid to blacks than other races then?  I don’t think so.  If you want to solve this, stop black men from committing so many crimes.  Yes, I understand a lot of this has to do with poverty, but I find that a lot of people living in poverty are there because of their own mistakes.  Black men are much more likely to drop out of school, get involved in drugs and gangs, have children out of wedlock and go to prison.  Breaking the cycle isn’t about pointing fingers and assigning blame to others, it’s about breaking out of the ghetto-sub-culture that encourages all of these things.

15. White Privilege is not having to teach your children to be aware of systematic racism for their own protection.

That’s mostly because there is no systematic racism.  No one can point to any systematic racism.  Sure, there are some white individuals who absolutely hate black people, just like there are some black individuals who absolutely hate white people.  Those people are idiots.

16. White Privilege is not having to acknowledge the fact that we live in a system that treat people of colour unfairly politically, socially and economically and choosing, instead, to believe that people of colour are inherently less capable.

Maybe that’s because many black people, particularly poor black people, do want everyone to think they are less capable.  Blacks are not treated any more unfairly than anyone else, we have a single standard in this country and it is the job of individuals to meet that standard.  It isn’t whites forcing blacks to drop out of high school, it isn’t whites forcing blacks to knock up multiple women out of wedlock, it isn’t whites forcing blacks to rob convenience stores.  Those are all things that the individuals involved do on their own.  I have no doubt that these people are capable of choosing the high road and the responsible path, they just don’t.

17. White Privilege is not having your people and their culture appropriated, romanticized or eroticized for the gain and pleasure of other white people.

What, are you talking about black porn or something?  I don’t get it.  First off, let’s get one thing straight, there is no “black culture”.  None.  There just isn’t.  Stop bullshitting yourself.  There is also no white culture, no Asian culture and no Hispanic culture.  As American citizens, there should be one and only one culture:  American culture.  Yet so many people try to adopt a fake culture based on skin color and then point to everyone else as being racist.  Pot. Kettle. You get the picture.  The fact remains that “black culture” in this country is almost entirely invented out of whole cloth.  There is no “African” culture.  There are hundreds of “African” cultures. Africa is a continent, America is a country.  And you’re not an African-American either.  You’re an American. You were almost certainly born in America of parents who were also born in America.  Most people who adopt the hyphenated label have never been out of the country, they wouldn’t know what to do if they ever got to Africa and the native Africans would take one look at the supposed “black culture” and laugh.  It is laughable. Every hyphenated-American is just as absurd, whether they’re black or white, green or blue.  If you want to be hyphenated, drop it and just go live in the other country, whatever country that is.  Chinese-American and Italian-American are just as stupid as African-American.  Just  be an American and grow the fuck up.

18. White Privilege is being able to ignore the consequences of race.

There are no consequences of race, except the ones that blacks force on it.  There is no automatic consequence to having a skin color, no matter what that skin color happens to be.  There are consequences to whatever actions you, as an individual, might take, regardless of how much melanin is in your skin.  So please, do try again when you learn an ounce of sense.

I abhor racism in all of it’s forms, no matter where it comes from.  I used to know someone a long time ago named Travis.  He was the epitome of the “angry black man” and he was quite racist.  He knew a lot of white people and was usually fine around them, but he had his triggers where he’d go on long racist rants.  One of his major triggers was interracial marriage.  Any time he saw a white person and a black person together, he’d rail on about how blacks should only marry blacks to maintain the racial line, that any black who married a white was somehow a race  traitor.  He was fine with black people, he was relatively fine with white people and honestly, had no love for Hispanics, but he didn’t want them to intermix.  He was a blatant racist.

Racism, as a concept, needs to die and go away.  People need to stop thinking that the bad things that happen to them come as a result of their skin color but that’s exactly what the liberals think.  They don’t want to believe that individuals are largely responsible for the things that happen to them, good and bad, they want to believe there’s a vast conspiracy out there to get black Americans.  Unfortunately, they also believe that black Americans are unable to make it on their own without the constant help and pity of white Americans, then they complain that white Americans treat them like virtual children.  Well, if you didn’t do the things you did, maybe you wouldn’t be treated that way.  Black Americans can be just as successful as any other racial group, without a penny of taxpayer money propping them up.  They just have to get off their asses and act responsibly, work hard and not be afraid to be called a race traitor by the fearful and ignorant idiots in their own neighborhoods.  But nobody wants to talk about that, everyone just wants to point fingers at everyone else.

No wonder you don’t have a clue what’s really going on.

18 thoughts on “18 Things Black People Seem To Not Understand”

  1. Cephus, great article.
    You got me curious and I researched the author. Stacy Sto. Domingo is 22 years old http://thoughtcatalog.com/macy-sto-domingo/. At 22, she should be an authority on popping zits and dating.

    As long as those people keep the race issue alive and well, they will always have ample opportunity to get a check and a handout. Affirmative Action, cloaked by another premise.

    1. You have to remember that the young tend to be the most ignorant and liberal and… yeah, they do tend to keep the race issue alive. At least she still has time to mature.

      1. Cephus, I am curious.
        How long have you been doing this blog, and what prompted you to get it started. It is clear you know what you are doing. Do you do this as a hobby? I have seen some full time publications that weren't near as presentable as yours. You do one helluva job here.

        I appreciate your hard work.

      1. I pay attention.
        I like your blog.
        You are level headed and respectful, even to those who do not deserve it.

        I just wish I could comment without having to have it approved, and without getting an Intense Debate avitar. I had one, but it was a troll magnet.

        1. Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do about that, you're the only one that I have to consistently manually approve. I don't know about respectful either because respect is something that needs to be earned and there are tons of people that don't do anything to earn it, but at least I don't go too far the other way unless they really piss me off. 🙂

  2. I think you hit on two very important issues that most people ignore. The first is statistics, that is if there are more black people then more TV etc will probably cater for black people. The other is the time that has past factor. I mean if you were not a slave you have no reason to use slavery as an excuse for your upbringing. In the same way people still blame apartheid in South Africa (which I can still understand somewhat), but it has been 20 years since it ended so the excuse time is running low, very low.

  3. I have always considered myself a black man trapped in a white mans body. I can dance. Love chicken, watermelon, big cars, and I date a lot of white women. TV producer; Sir we have a script for a new movie, and we are going to need an actor to play an angry Blackman. Sir?, Will Smith is available for the part. "No you said we need a Blackman!"

  4. How did we let those Crazy liberals repeal slavery and give women the right to vote. I know all those out state Confederate flags must be more of those 'liberals' that can't get past the Civil War and slavery.

  5. Wish every hilary supporing black, mexican, and white millenial 20 something would read this and understand.. but they sadly wont.

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