Tolerance is Only for the Tolerable

shut_the_fuck_upI’ve realized recently that my level of tolerance for stupidity is at an all time low.  There was a time when I’d delve into the most idiotic and asinine apologetics without hesitation and it would be virtually impossible for a theist to make me block them or ignore them, no matter how troll-like they got.  Those days are  gone now and good riddance to them.

It started on Twitter, where trolls roam free.  I probably had my most recent Twitter account for a year or so before I dropped anyone into the black hole of my client’s mute function.  However, I started to recognize that there were some people that I had no interest in reading, even in passing, ever again so they started vanishing from my timeline.  Then, there was the Muslim invasion of the #atheism hashtag, where literally hundreds of messages a day from Muslim spammers and their ilk would flood the screen for hours on end.  At first, I tried to report them to Twitter for spam and when it became clear that Twitter didn’t give a damn about policing their own system, I started muting them wholesale.  I didn’t stop there, I decided that because there were so many theist trolls on Twitter, not just ignorant, stupid theists  but theists who were actively trolling the atheist hashtags, that they’d go away too.  I have no idea how many people are on permanent mute, my client doesn’t give numbers and I have no interest in counting the literally thousands of people I’ll never see a tweet  from again, but I don’t miss them at all and seriously, I probably ought to double the number that are dead to me and I might actually make Twitter something occasionally worth looking at.

This has extended to other things I read online as well.  I once prided myself in never actually blocking anyone but life is just too short to deal with morons.  Most recently, I block on every site that has it available with gleeful abandon.  I determine if the individual is likely to ever recognize the broad side of reason and if not, away they go.  I have no interest in beating my head against the wall of blatant stupidity.  I tend to give them some broad latitude but once they cross a certain level of absurdity, they get flushed and I honestly don’t see me ever clearing my block lists again.  Once I did, I’d empty them on the first of every month and give people a chance over and over and over again.  No longer, if they earn their spot there, they can stay there for the rest of their misbegotten lives.

And really, why should I be tolerant of stupidity?  There are lots of people who say I should learn to be tolerant. Why?  Nobody ever suggests we should be tolerant of child molestation, rape, murder, etc.  The only things that I ought to be tolerant of, that anyone ought to be tolerant of, are things that are actually tolerable.  Stupidity isn’t tolerable, especially when it’s self-imposed and vehemently maintained.  This isn’t ignorance, where someone just doesn’t know what they’re talking about, this is stupidity, where they know and don’t care.  If that makes me a grumpy old man, so be it. Get the fuck off my lawn.

42 thoughts on “Tolerance is Only for the Tolerable

    1. Yet far too many people think that you're supposed to be tolerant of just about anything and if you're ever critical of anything, no matter how awful, you're a terrible person.

      I hate the stupid.

      1. I agree.

        I saw this quote on another site yesterday, and I liked it.

        Political correctness is intellectual terrorism.

        There are just loads of people staggering around, who need told simply to STFU!

        1. Foul language is an indicator that you have low communications skills and probably might even lack the ability to discuss things logically with those more intelligent than you.

          1. Some people like debate and discussion.

            Others see it as a chance to push an agenda.
            My agenda has always been clear. State my opinions and explain them. And to defend my values and religion.

          2. When will you start doing that an not lying about my religion and values?

            And when will you stop advocating for the sharia friendly violent solutions to every situation?

          3. I don't lie about your religion you just hate facts and refuse to believe the undeniable truth that I speak so you stalk and harass me in a threating manner

          4. Sure you do. Constantly.

            You can't show where Jesus taught the use of violence. He warned about it, but never taught it nor used it, and no other writings to the Christian church advocate for it either.

            A struggle with evil by overcoming it with good isn't the same as the sharia standards you seem to ignore and advocate.

          5. Nobody really gives a damn about your opinions, we care what is actually, objectively true and the evidence that can be objectively shown to support it.

            Got any of that?

          6. I got that.

            So, when does that start. When do you show that the Newtonian laws of motion don't apply to the big bang instead of just asserting it?

            When do you apply the same standards for historical figures to everyone evenly?

            It's not just my opinions, I've offered links and sources to those things.

      2. And yet you have tolerated Roger ignorance, and trolling of this site why? He brings nothing to the conversation except a level of stupid. We all tried to tell you unless he is banned he will continue to troll this site. He is only interested in adding to his Intense debate comment tally; nothing more. He has been a POX in every forum he targets until the moderators have had enough of his Trolling. He has been banned on sites so many times I have lost count over the years.

        1. He's a good example of the stupid Christian that I often talk about. If he wants to make a fool of himself, more power to him, it doesn't harm me a bit, it just gives someone to point to when people claim the religious that I complain about don't exist.

          1. Good point, He makes a fine example of what a ignorant Christian can say. But realize he is using this site to stalk, and harass. That is his only reason for commenting here.

          2. He’s not stalking me, if he harasses someone, they ought to call the police because it is a crime, whether on the Internet or not. He’s just being an idiot, which is what the religious are.

            I’m not going to throw him off the site, I will laugh at his ass though.

          3. And that viewpoint is not defensible, it's just emotional coddling nonsense. In fact, that's all your beliefs are. They make you feel good and therefore, you're willing to overlook the reality that the facts do not support them.

            Anyone surprised?

          4. Yet you can't prove that it's wrong.
            All those things you see as common place accidents of fate.

            I see fate as a greater design.

            Viewpoint means everything.

          5. He would never of came here unless I did. Same as Story Leak

            Very telling about his agenda

          6. You never would have come here unless you thought it was a place to ridicule and mock my values.

            Did you realize the host here would actually allow both sides of any debate?

          7. Sure I do. You insult my religion and beliefs and I explain why you're wrong.

            You debate whether I should be tossed and I provide links to why you're wrong.
            You whine about I should be banned.

            And I explain why a level playing field applies and your opinion is just an opinion.

          8. You have yet to explain why I am wrong and all you do is target and harass me in a threating manner

          9. Sure I have. And so have dozens of other people.

            And I don't advocate for any violence outside of self defense and I advocate for the rule of law and the western style justice system.

            Making accusations seems to be your stock in trade.

          10. You never would have come here unless you thought it was a place to ridicule and mock my values.

            Rogere', this site isn't about you.
            Why do you think everything has to be about you?

            The world does not revolve around you.

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