Why I Hate Stupid Atheists Too!

bosterA recent story popped up about an atheist professor mocking campus preachers at the University of Connecticut.  The professor, James Boster, a professor of anthropology told them to accept Darwin as their personal Lord and Savior, something that the preachers said was “very unbecoming”.

Now I agree, these campus religious leeches ought to be mocked, but not like that.  You do not go after the religious by playing into the religious mindset, by playing the religious game or by adopting the religious ideology.  It only causes problems for the non-religious.

You have to think that anything that comes out of your mouth will be taken out of context and misused by theists.  They will not be honest about it.  That’s why I’m very careful never to provide any ammunition to the religious.  I will never, ever say there is no God.  I will say there is no evidence for God.  I will not allow them that tiny opportunity to accuse me of having faith that there is no God.  I think before anything ever comes out of my mouth. Why can’t everyone do that?  All it takes is thinking  before you speak and understanding the potential ramifications of your words or actions.  I see people on Twitter all the time, “joking” around about things that the religious turn around and think are serious or take out of context.  This is not at all uncommon, but it should be. You’d think that any atheist who isn’t brand new on the non-belief train would have seen theist dishonesty often enough that they’d start to automatically think defensively.

Pope-darwinAs much as there are some really bad people out speaking out about Christianity and other religions, in fact, I don’t think there are any good representatives speaking out about religion, there are a lot of really awful people out speaking out about atheism and secularism and their bad performance reflects badly on us all.  James Boster, in this situation, was one of these people.  Why?  Because he’s just throwing fuel on the fire for these idiot theists to claim that we all worship Darwin or that he’s the atheist Pope or whatever other nonsense they can come up with.  It’s the same reason we need no atheist churches or any of that other nonsense, it just plays into the hands of the religious and their campaign to discredit atheism, or avoid being discredited by atheists.  We need to be better than they are and honestly, we’re just not.  All of the idiotic infighting with the Atheism+ morons, the inability to think critically and rationally about our own positions, etc., those are things that harm us all and make it difficult to debate against religion effectively.  Now I’m sure the crazies on the UConn campus weren’t interested in debating their beliefs or even whether or not their beliefs were true or reasonable, this kind of thing was probably the only real option left to Boster, although I’m far happier if a group sets up a table right next to the religious nutballs with a sign that says “We can refute every single thing these crazies have to say”.  Be quiet.  Let them rant and rave.  Don’t look like an idiot.  It’s bad enough that Twitter is filled with these clueless atheist morons who make everyone look bad, don’t go doing it in the real world too!

6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Stupid Atheists Too!”

  1. Personally, I do not hate anyone.
    Atheist or Christian.
    Left or Right.

    I do despise arrogance and rude behavior though.

    It is nice to come here and post on a thread, before it is defiled and defecated on by the normal dung trackers.

    Cephus, keep up the great work!

    1. I just wish people would think before they act but nobody ever does. Actions, like it or not, have consequences and so many of these people who just do things end up negatively reflecting on the rest of us.

  2. I was watching the video. I think maybe the story is not all that happened as he reacted badly.
    He did not display good behavior as he was very confrontational and physical. In other words an idiot, but I think all the latter (praise Darwin) was done in jest. Or thats what I got from the video.
    My recent post Idiots of the week – Boko Haram

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