More Outcome vs. Opportunity

ScalesThere seems to be a lot of this going around, I’ve seen posts go by on blogs and Tumblr, people, almost always liberal males, who are complaining that women don’t make as much money as men.  This seems to be yet another case of the equality of opportunity vs. the equality of outcome that we see so often and I’ve written about before.

I, and most true conservatives, want everyone to  be able to work hard and achieve the equality of opportunity, they all have the same chance, regardless of their gender, race, religion or sexual identity, to make something of themselves equally.  On the other hand, liberals seem to want everyone to reach the same outcome, that everyone, regardless of their level of skill, energy or input, should get the same rewards for their efforts.  I wholly reject the liberal model, that’s like getting a trophy just for showing up.  It doesn’t even address equality, it just acknowledges that some people make more money than other people without looking at the reasons why, it just asserts that the liberal mantra of discrimination must be the cause.

However, the issue isn’t blind equality, everyone makes exactly the same, just because liberals want it to be true, people need to earn it and, in general terms, in business men tend to work longer hours, work harder and are more dedicated to their companies than women are.  Therefore, if men happen to make more, they make more because they’ve earned more.  That’s not a slight against women, it happens to be a demonstrable fact that, in general terms, women take more time off, leave earlier and work less hours overall, usually because of their children.  The reason for it really doesn’t matter though, nor should it be taken into account because it doesn’t matter.  There needs to be one and only one standard and everyone, male and female, black and white, gay and straight, needs to abide by it.

Whether women like it or not, if a man works twice as hard and twice as long, they deserve to be paid more.  Companies do not pay people because they have a penis but because they produce money for the company.  Companies are not in business to give their employees an excellent standard of living, but to provide a reward for those who make the company the largest profit.  That’s what  companies exist to do, even though liberals tend to have an problem understanding it.

Even among men, the ones that work the hardest get the greatest rewards.  I’m diabetic.  If I decided to stay home from work every time I didn’t feel all that great in the morning, I’d be behind someone who was there every single day.  If I decided that I had to go home at 5pm every day to be with my family, I’d be behind someone who was willing to work as long as there was work to be done.  I accept that as an axiom, it is how business works.  I get ahead by being willing to do what needs to get done to make my employer as much money as I can make them and they, in turn, reciprocate and give me a nice salary.  If I worked less, my paycheck would be smaller.  There are people ahead of me and  behind me and almost entirely, the reasons are effort and results.  What people have between their legs doesn’t figure into it at all.  Unfortunately, liberals don’t tend to break things down in order to eliminate other possible causes, they leap from the raw data past all the other possibilities to the conclusion they want to push.  That’s why they’re so fond of lies, damn lies and statistics.  They’re asserting a cause, not demonstrating one.

After all, it isn’t like people getting hired by McDonalds get paid differently by gender.  Men don’t make $9 an hour and women $8.  There’s no actual data to suggest any of that is true.  What people do is take averages and where women average less than men, it is asserted that women are being denied higher salaries because of their gender, not because of their effort.  I’ve seen people claim “I know women who work really, really hard” and that may be true, I can say the same, but that doesn’t prove that it’s true over a wide range, anecdotes are just that, they don’t actually prove a damn thing.  Let’s stop comparing apples to orangutans and start with apples to apples.  Show me people who put in the exact same effort, who put in the exact same hours and bring the exact same skill to the table and produce the exact same results, then show me that the one with the vagina makes less.  Do this for a wide variety of cases.  Then I’ll agree that you have a point.  When you have a point, when you can prove that it’s gender bias instead of effort that causes the disparity, then I’ll be right behind you saying we should prosecute these industries or companies or whatever to the fullest extent of the law, but not until.

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        1. Unfortunately nobody gets that, this is a running theme among liberals, they want equal representation above all else, whether anyone actually wants to be represented or not. It's all emotional nonsense, with government force to back it up.

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