Liberals: Doing it Wrong Again

Your Rights EndI really get tired of stupid liberals thinking they can impose their social justice beliefs on people like this.  In British Columbia, Canada, there’s a private Christian college called Trinity Western that is having it’s accreditation for it’s law school withheld because the accreditation agencies are unhappy with the fact that it forbids homosexuality on campus. Okay, I agree, that’s stupid, I think anyone who is anti-gay is a moron, but what they allow and do not allow on campus has nothing whatsoever to do with their ability to run a law school.

Similarly, there’s been a furor over the Hugo Awards, a science-fiction literary award, because one of the people who has made it to the finals, Vox Day, is also an outspoken racist, sexist and rape apologist, at least according to the liberals who think that this alone should stop him from winning.

Fuck you idiot liberals.

hugo-awards_size3Okay, I’ll address the second one first, just to be contrary.  The Hugo Awards exist to reward authors for their outstanding science fiction books.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the personal politics of the individual authors.  It’s a book award.  Liberals want to be able to punish people they don’t agree with for things that are completely and totally unassociated with their ability to write.  These people are incapable of separating their absurd social justice wishful thinking from their ability to read and enjoy a work of fiction.

The fact is, if you can’t vote based on what’s between the covers of the book and nothing else, you have no place voting at all.  Hell, I think Orson Scott Card is an asshole, I detest his personal views but I wouldn’t go trying to ruin his chances of winning a literary award because I think he’s a dick.  I’ve read Ender’s Game, it was a pretty good book, I ignored the movie because I didn’t want to put money in his pocket, but you didn’t see me giving it a bad review, did you?  I couldn’t, I didn’t see it and I never will.  I’m not a dick.  Lots of liberals are.

The first is pretty much the same.  The only criteria for getting accredited ought to be whether or not the school meets the requirements for accreditation.  If they are producing people who can pass the Bar exam, or whatever they have in Canada, then they ought to be accredited, no matter what other social or political beliefs the school happens to have.  I don’t care if they’re racist, I don’t care if they’re sexist, I don’t care if they’re anti-gay or anything else.  So long as they meet the same requirements as any other school that has gotten accreditation, they ought to get it as well.  Sure, if you want to fight the school on it’s policies, go ahead, but do it reputably and through proper channels, using accepted and legal methods for doing so.  Liberals don’t do that, the second they get any power, they want to use that power to push their social agenda.

We’ve seen this a lot over the years.  Take the case of Justin Vacula, who has been on the podcast and is a very nice guy.  The second he pissed off the Atheism+ assholes, they went after him whole hog, forcing him to step down from a directorship with the secular organization, Secular Coalition for America.  Why?  Because they didn’t like what he said about feminism.  Sorry, what does feminism have to do with being an atheist again?  Yeah, these are the wrong people to ask but it’s a valid question and they don’t have a valid answer.

Even back when Bill Donohue and his moron Catholic League tried to get PZ Myers fired for desecrating their silly crackers, I stood up and defended Myers’ right to do it and the absurdity of their actions because, regardless of their feelings about the desecration, what he did on his blog has nothing whatsoever with his ability to perform his job as associate professor.  Yet Myers is the king of these kinds of social justice attacks, it’s something he and his ilk have advocated time and time again.  I guess there’s no such thing as practicing what you preach among the liberals.

It’s no wonder why I hate these people, they absolutely deserve it and they earn it over and over again.  I wouldn’t say if they had legitimate beefs, they just practice liberal revenge tactics, if you do something they don’t like, they’ll go to any length to get back at you, even if their revenge has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual “wrongs” that they think you’re guilty of.  So long as they get their retribution and harm the individual they think was socially unjust, they’re fine with it.  It’s all about being vindictive.  It’s the liberal way.

4 thoughts on “Liberals: Doing it Wrong Again

  1. To be fair, from what I have been reading over at My Secret Atheist Blog it seems that Trinity Westren is getting state funded partially, or has been in the past for infrastructure. So I think they do have grounds to create problems for them.

    On the other story. I agree with you a work of art can be appreciated for what it is without politics. Its sort of the same reason I hate watching these celebrity variety shows as I really do not care what an actor is wearing. I only care if they can act.
    My recent post Remember Osama -I am a dead coward- Bin Laden?

    1. And if that's the case, then the STATE can go after them if they are violating the law, which I'm sure they'd already be doing if it was illegal. The bodies that determine law school validation isn't the state. Their role is only to determine if this particular school teaches about the law in a manner that produces credibly trained lawyers.

      I saw that article and it still doesn't make what's going on right, or IMO, legal.

        1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of liberals who want to use whatever power they have to get back at people they disagree with, even if their power has nothing whatsoever to do with their disagreement. It's downright childish.

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