Expanding my “Stupid People Are Stupid” Fallacy

stupid-people-postersA long time ago, I suggested a new logical fallacy, a reverse, if you will, on the argumentum ad populum fallacy, in which ideas are rejected solely because they are unpopular.  I’ve seen many people arguing this recently and I thought I ought to expand and expound on my ideas. Therefore, I present the “stupid people are stupid” fallacy for your approval.

Ultimately, the heart of this fallacy, and it applies specifically to human behavior, is that the individual will reject any idea as inherently unworkable in any social situation because “stupid people are stupid”, or, that people make foolish decisions and therefore, holding anyone accountable to any standard which they might not choose themselves, is useless.

Where this came about was in a discussion over divorce and someone came along and said the divorce rate could be blamed on American women being money-grubbing  bitches, out to sponge off of men, etc.  So I pointed out that I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for more than 20 years, my parents were married once, at least until my father died, for more than 35 years and my wife’s parents have been together for more than 50 years so far, in fact, I don’t know a single married conservative couple that hasn’t been in a solid, lifetime committed relationship.  Not a one.  In fact, the only person I know that’s gotten divorced was my sister to her first husband and that’s because he was a child with no ambition and she didn’t want to live with his parents.  It was a bad decision, made in haste, but her second marriage, she did things right and they’ve been together for more than 10 years now and still going strong.

This is an argument that is used a lot by liberals when it comes to having any kind of personal responsibility or expectations.  I see it a lot with regard to the poor.  Oh no, the poor can’t be expected to live responsible lives! Far too many of them just won’t do it, therefore we shouldn’t expect anyone to!  Here’s a news flash for you people, the refusal to do the right thing doesn’t stop it from being the right thing.  The refusal to be responsible doesn’t stop responsibility from being the most workable and effective means.  No matter how big the group of stupid, irresponsible, irrational people are, that doesn’t address the argument that people ought to be intelligent, rational and responsible at all.  All in all, this is little more than a pathetic liberal whine “but we don’t wanna!”

Fuck you.

This is really where the “stupid people are stupid” argument becomes the reverse of argumentum ad populum. Instead of a position being thought true because lots of people believe it, it’s the assertion that a position must be false because people are too stupid to go for it.  You see it in education.  Everyone ought to go to school and get educated.  Oh, but the poor are too stupid, they don’t want to go to school, waaaah!  You see it with crime and punishment.  Everyone ought to follow the law or accept the consequences thereof.  Oh, but some people don’t like the law, they want to do what they want, why not let them?  Waaaaah!  You see it with religion.  People ought to closely examine their beliefs and only believe things for which there is significant objective evidence.  Oh, but religion makes people feeeeeel better!  You can’t expect them to be rational!  Waaaaaah!

Yes I can and I do and I think society ought to do the same.  We’re headed for a major disaster on this planet when there are too many stupid people who think the world owes them a living.  They don’t have to do anything, the government will put food on the table and a big screen in the living room and all they have to do to get more is whine.  However, they’re wrong.  Stupid people are the enemy.  Lazy people are the enemy.  They ought to be scorned and looked down on, we ought to do everything we  can to wipe out stupid people.  The only way our society will survive, much less thrive, is to raise the bar and make stupid people claw their way up to it, not the other way around.

I’m tired of stupidity.  Who is with me?

3 thoughts on “Expanding my “Stupid People Are Stupid” Fallacy”

    1. I honestly don't see it that way. Argumentum ad populum is the argument that a statement is true because a large number of people believe it to be true. Stupid people are stupid operates on the belief that there's no point to making an argument that something should or should not be done because there are far too many stupid people who won't pay any attention and therefore, there's no point making them feel bad about what they believe, no matter how wrong it might be. One fallacy is concerned with the truth of the argument from an irrational perspective, the other isn't concerned whether the statement is true or false, just that it doesn't matter because people are too stupid to know the difference.

      At least that's my take on it.

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