The Bitchspot Report Podcast #59

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It’s an all-news show this time around, Satan is fooling people with graham crackers, fundamentalists want to run for office to keep kids from crying and Tennessee atheists can distribute books in public schools, but should they? Plus, the Internet kills religions dead, more British people believe in ghosts than gods and Pat Robertson thinks God is a hater.  All that and more in this episode of the Bitchspot Report Podcast!

4 thoughts on “The Bitchspot Report Podcast #59

    1. Thanks, I had seen that before but it's still not going to help if nobody on the religious side is willing to accept that their most fundamental and heartfelt beliefs could possibly be false. When delusion is the norm, education cannot be the solution.

      1. Cephus,
        You are correct, it is impossible to educate idiots.

        This is from Catherine Deveny, an Atheist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, you'll enjoy it;
        "Catherine Deveny Atheist Alphabet";

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