Anyone Else as Bored as I Am?

bored-dogsI picked up a couple of books on atheism recently because I wanted something to read and, well, why not?  It’s a wide variety of works by a number of different authors, some I know and some I don’t.  However, I realized as I started to read them that I was really quite bored with the subject matter.  It isn’t the author’s fault, I couldn’t quibble with style or talent, it was the whole topic of atheism that bored the ever-loving crap out of me.

The same is true of the religious, I also picked up a couple of books on apologetics and they bored me too.  It’s the same crazy arguments by the same crazy people, just as the atheist books are the same tired responses to the same tired claims.  Nothing ever really changes in the world of religion, or in the response to such.  I’ve read it all before, there’s nothing new to learn and no real new refutations of the religious insanity. It feels like the whole theistic/atheistic debate is at a stalemate.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve said all of this, I guess I’m just suffering from ennui when it comes to religion.  It’s just not fun anymore.  Debates never go anywhere.  I feel like I’m talking to myself.  It feels like the only people trying to defend religion are the people who are moving toward a fanatical singularity.  Even watching debates seems pointless because they all end up the same way.  I skipped watching the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate on purpose because I figured no new ground would be covered.  I used to be an avid viewer of debates online but lately, I haven’t.  I’ve tried, but I rarely make it more than 10 minutes into the debate before I call the theist an idiot and turn it off.  They can’t debate rationally and without that, what’s the point?

On Twitter, which we all know is the lowest form of common trash among the social media sites, it’s all the same thing.  The same mindless memes, the same idiotic religious retweets, over and over and over and over.  There’s no intelligent thought on Twitter today, if there ever was.  It’s same shit, different day.  No, wait a minute, same day.  All day.

I even look at the Religious Horror Show and all of the stories feel the same.  I am currently written out as far as September and I have stories almost through the end of the year and they all just run together.  Oh look, another Catholic priest molested a kid.  *YAWN*  Joy, the Muslims murdered someone in the streets again.  It just doesn’t have the impact that it once did on me because it’s all too common.  There was a  time that people got mad at these things, but now it seems like it’s become blasé.  It’s in the news so often, it happens every day, nobody really cares anymore.

Now sure, I could just take a vacation from it all, I have posts written on the blog through June.  Yes, June.  I’ve got so many that, as I’m sure people have noticed, I’ve gone back and started peppering the overflow on days I usually don’t post on.  Now, instead of posting 4x per week, it’s rare when I post less than 6x, but I feel I have an obligation, to myself if no one else, to keep cranking out the same kind of posts that I’ve done a dozen times before because nothing new ever happens.

I’d kill for something legitimately new, something wildly different.  I’d love it if the theists could come up with a new argument that hasn’t been kicked down the stairs repeatedly but we all know they won’t and can’t do such a thing.  I’d love it if the atheists could do more than rehash the same old tired responses, but with nothing new coming from the religious, that’s unlikely as well.  Even on political issues, it’s boring.  Same old stupidity from both sides and nobody ever thinking rationally or critically about anything.  It’s a mess.

And you know something?  Since I started working on my book, I’ve even gotten discouraged there.  I’ve already covered all of these things time and time again.  How many times can you refute the Kalam Cosmological Argument?  How many times can you detail the failures of religion and politics?  How many times can you write the history of Nixon’s Southern Strategy?  I sit down to write and I get bored.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  I don’t get how people can write a dozen books on the same subject, especially a subject that never really changes, and not feel the same way.

It’s not just me either, I’ve seen lots of atheist bloggers say essentially the same thing, they’re bored with the sameness of it all.  They’re tired of the inanity of the religious and the irrationality of the political and the undeniable impossibility of talking anyone into taking a critical look at their own beliefs.  The world is changing for the better but it’s not going nearly fast enough.

Ah well, I’m just venting again, I guess.  I’d really like to have something ignite the fire that once burned in my breast to debate, but I don’t see that happening unless we find a whole new crop of honest and rational theists and… yeah, not likely.

7 thoughts on “Anyone Else as Bored as I Am?”

  1. My advice, just take a break and avoid atheism all together for a while. Probably will not awaken your desire to debate, but it could make the writing easier. I think debating is dead in the water as you will not be getting any new arguments until some apologist comes up with something new like you said.
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    1. I could take a couple of months off, considering how far ahead I am on the blog but that doesn't make things any less boring. I'm really getting to be quite misanthropic in my old age. 🙂

  2. Hell yes! I've been having a similar experience, although I think it mine might be less about getting bored and more about feeling increasingly discouraged about much of humanity. But some of it is definitely boredom of the sameness around this stuff. I can relate quite well to many of the themes you addressed here: boredom, misanthropy, impatience, etc.

    My plan to deal with it to put aside the books on atheism for awhile and do some science reading, keep my time on Twitter to a minimum, and take a vacation from blogging for awhile. This usually helps quite a bit.

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    1. See, that's the thing, I'm just not happy with people right now, no matter what people are doing. I'm completely down on the stupid and they're everywhere. If I stop paying attention to religion, if I stop being on Twitter, if I stop blogging, the stupid people are still everywhere else. On my other blog, I've been writing about how stupid and irrational people are with regard to other things and how I just can't stand being around any of them. I've been searching for places to go where the stupid don't congregate and I'm having zero luck. If I were given to fits of impulsiveness, my presence on the Internet would be gone entirely, I've been sorely tempted to simply delete it all and go away more than once.

      I don't know, I'm sure I'll muddle through as I always do but my confidence in humanity remains near zero.

  3. You're describing exactly what I'm feeling. In my high school years, I used to be really interested in religious-atheist and political debates. I don't know your age but at age 20, I am now bored with all debates, discussions and conversation regarding atheistic, religious and political topics. No one seems to use logical arguments to support their claims. Its all emotional rants going over everyone's head. In my early teenage years, I was conservative devout Catholic. In my later teenage years (18-19), I became more liberal and more atheistic. Now, at age 20, I'm a pure cynic who just doesn't give a fuck anymore!

    1. The unfortunate reality is that most of these debates feel little different than high school debates and I want significantly more than that. Even William Lane Craig is woefully unimpressive to anyone who is actually interested in facts, not arm-waving grand-standing. I give a fuck, I just see no hope in anything actually getting accomplished.

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