Religious Stupidity Squared

The Stupid It Burns

I know I keep promising I won’t do this anymore, but sometimes you don’t know that you’re in the midst of aggressive stupidity until it’s too late.  This is a perfect example of why I am less and less impressed with debating theists.

So today, there’s a discussion going on about the reliability of the Bible and two theists show up. They’re not together, they both enter the discussion at entirely different points, but I guess gravitational stupidity draws morons together and after a while, they were playing tag-team idiot.

The first guy, who goes by Kreton, although I’m convinced he just doesn’t know how to spell “cretin”, popped in when someone mentioned that Noah’s flood is complete nonsense and unsupportable with science.  Kreton started saying “you can’t possibly know that!”  I responded with a laundry list of things wrong with the flood myth, how there isn’t enough water, how the ark is unseaworthy, how there’s no room on the ark for all the animals, how neither the geological record nor the fossil record supports such a thing, in short, the flood described in Genesis simply could never have happened.  I even provided some evidence for some of the things I said and offered to provide more if they liked.  So Kreton comes back and says “oh, science, I can see you’re just ignorant”.

W.  T.  F.?  This guy is a complete idiot.

The other one isn’t any  better.  He made the argument that humans are proof for the existence of God.  I told him that he was wrong, he can provide no direct, demonstrable causal link between humanity and any objectively existing god.  If he’d like to present evidence for any of it, I encouraged him to do so.  So he starts asking me to define god.  Me?  I’m not the one claiming that gods are real, he is, it’s up to him to define his own god and demonstrate it exists with evidence.  But no, apparently I have to define gods because I’ve said gods don’t exist?  Oh really? Where is that?  I challenged him to quote one time I have ever said such a thing.  Of course he can’t, I don’t say that, in fact I’m very careful to never say that for exactly this reason.  Then Kreton shows up and starts telling me I have to prove that I’ve never said it!


The problem with these people, and, I’d argue, the vast majority of theists that I run into is that they’re so unbelievably stupid and ignorant, there’s no point in talking to them at all.  I’m not sure how these idiots manage to dress themselves in the morning.  Their brains are so pitifully undeveloped, they’re incapable of understanding even the most fundamental parts of critical thinking.  I tried, repeatedly, to explain that just asserting that I was proof for the existence of God meant nothing unless you could produce God and demonstrate a direct causal link between God and me, they sat there and argued that they couldn’t prove God but they were right anyhow!

It’s days like this that I week for humanity.

6 thoughts on “Religious Stupidity Squared

  1. Laughed at loud at the not knowing how to spell 'cretin' part. Good stuff! This sounds like willful ignorance at its worst. I have to think that even theists like this tend to know better in some ways and that they likely appreciate science when it doesn't conflict with their preferred myths. But yes, conversations like this certainly do leave me thinking that humanity is in trouble.

    My recent post A Great Example of Coming Out Atheist

    1. Unfortunately, I'm coming across people like that more and more often, this seems to be the new norm for theistic debate. What's the point in talking to people like this? With more and more people flooding away from religion, this is what's left, clueless, ignorant, obnoxious cretins.

    1. He's over his head all of the time, he just isn't that much fun to play with, that's why I gave up on him. I'll go take a look though, watching the well-deserving theist getting his butt kicked is fun to watch sometimes. Thanks.

  2. Why you swear at people? That's pure evil. You have no right to catch them like that in your mouth. This is like killing them and even worse, you regard them liketrash and having lack of the important thing on the planet which is intelligent. If a human has no intelligence or being called with the most rhetorically elaborate way to believe it, he is suffering and death is more preferable. I highly disagree with such an extremely ill-mannered evil, killing is more kindheated at this moment. That's beyond murderurous, I pity you.

    What else to say? Even the worst murderer doesn't say this raving swearing phrenitis of 100% childish insulting nonsense of 21th centrury. May you get de-confused in the future and I hope you a good husband and a good postmenopausal period. Now don't insult me please, we aren't obligated to listen to your spit.

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