The Truth About Global Climate Change

NCCI really get so tired of this liberal nonsense, that global climate change is only happening because of man.  It’s patently absurd, I’ve talked about it before but that  doesn’t  change liberals from pretending it’s true.  I came across this video that I think explains it very well, it’s only 12 minutes long and I think everyone ought to give it a look because it explains the problem concisely and accurately and why the liberal agenda is really ridiculous.

I find it funny that the liberal in this video is pretty much exactly like the ones I run into, who think that if you don’t accept a humanocentric view of climate change, you must reject that any climate change is taking place at all.  The fact is, there’s no reason whatsoever to think that man has anything to do with it at all.  In fact, if every human magically vanished off the planet tomorrow, climate change would keep happening because it’s got virtually nothing to do with us at all.

So why do the liberals keep pushing this humanocentric view?  Because they desperately want someone to blame for what’s essentially a blameless occurrence.  The same is true of the religious, they blame the devil for their misfortunes when it’s almost always their own fault, or just something that happened for which there was no blame to be assigned.  That’s why they’re always looking for someone to blame for natural disasters.  Unfortunately, that’s why they’re called natural.

So please, if you think for one second that man has anything to do with the weather change, watch this video and think.  Don’t follow around the idiot liberal ideologues, actually think.  Do your own research.  Ignore the political hacks who have something to gain from convincing you to buy their load of bullshit.

Reality, it’s a beautiful thing.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About Global Climate Change

  1. Sorry if this is answered in the video, on my phone and don’t have time to watch right now. How do you respond to the claim that the vast majority of climate scientists have come to the conclusion that man plays a role in climate change? I hear that all the time

  2. Sorry, I disagree completely. I may add that recent work shows that an increase of CO2 above a certain level actually leads to an increase in the release of greenhouse gases from plants which are far worse than CO2. Also the hockey stick model is getting proven to be more accurate and more dramatic with more studies showing this over and over again. Also to be fair the fact that the movie focuses on Al Gore shows a political bias, as Al Gore is not a scientist.

    I think the biggest problem is that no one knows what is going to happen.
    My recent post Putting on the sceptic cap

    1. We can look back through history and see the same kind of global climate changes happening, hundreds or thousands of years before man had any capacity to seriously affect the climate. I really wish I still had the post where scientists showed the commonalities between volcanic eruptions and increased solar activity and increases in global temperatures going back to 2200 BCE. There have been at least 75 major climate swings in the past 4500 years. Is man somehow responsible for all of those too?

      1. Oh I am not denying climate swings in the past, this is obvious from even some major volcanic eruption that lead to cooling. All I am saying is that the present swing is way more severe then past climate swings and what is worrying is that if it is too quick then it could lead to effects that frankly we have no idea about. This current increase is also continuing even with major volcanic eruptions that have happened recently in the Philipines (1991 and 2009,2010), Chile (2011) and Iceland (2010) which should be causing some cooling. The rate is just phenomenal I think that's the biggest concern.
        My recent post Putting on the sceptic cap

        1. There's nothing more severe about it. Take the Little Ice Age that lasted from about 1550 to 1850 and was caused by orbital cycles, solar activity, volcanic activity and a slowing of the oceanic conveyor system. That was far more severe than anything we've seen lately and man had absolutely nothing to do with it. I'm not saying that human activity has zero impact, but when a single volcanic eruption pumps far more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than anything mankind can do in centuries, it seems a bit absurd to point the fingers at us.

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