Fuck Crimea

Crimea_republic_mapYou know, I’m sick and tired of people saying we need to invade the Ukraine and keep Crimea from re-joining the Russian republics. How is anything that happens there our business?  Whether we like it or not, we are not the world’s police force, sticking our nose into every conflict or disagreement and forcing them to resolve it to our satisfaction.  We don’t matter. It’s not our job.  It’s none of our business.  The Ukraine and Crimea aren’t even our allies.  The only thing anyone can point to is an immature “we hate Russians!”  Well why do we hate Russians?  What have they ever actually done to us?  Not a damn thing.  The whole Cold War was nothing more than two superpowers beating off at each other.  It didn’t prove a thing.  Capitalism didn’t win out against Communism, we simply outspent them.  Our credit limit was higher than theirs.  We didn’t have that money in our accounts, we borrowed it and went into absurd debt to prove that we could do more than the USSR.  It was a complete waste, it serves only as an embarrassment for this nation.

And let’s be honest, isn’t this about the right to self-determination?  Isn’t that why we fought a Revolutionary War against the British, we wanted to be able to determine our own fate?  When did we go from wanting people to make their own choices to thinking that we’ve got the biggest dick so we make all the decisions?  Besides, who has officially asked that we become involved and send troops?  Certainly not Crimea.  In fact, they voted to return to Russia.  You might think the election was fixed and maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but so what?  Nobody elected us the planetary election police.

Even if they did ask for help, either from the U.S. or from the UN, why is it our job?  I don’t see England or France or Italy or China rushing in to break up the fight.  Why is it our job?  In fact, I’d say that if anyone wants our military might, we ought to be sending out bills for it.  The American taxpayer has no obligation to pay for the military running around the planet wagging it’s dick at anyone who will look.  If the UN wants us to go into Crimea, they can foot the bill.  Americans have more to worry about at home than sending our forces half-way around the planet to fight a war that doesn’t benefit us in the slightest.

We need to stop outspending the next 10 countries together on our military budget.  There’s no need for it. That money is better spent on domestic projects and not swooping around the planet showing off.  That’s all we’ve been doing for the past 40 years.  When someone else wants our help, let them pay for it.  We’ve wasted enough time, money and American lives fighting on foreign soil for absolutely no return on our investment.  Enough is enough.  Fuck Crimea.

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  1. Cephus,
    You are absolutely correct, Crimea, Russia or any other country are autonomous, the yankees need to mind their own business.

    This has NOTHING to do with the U.S.A., U.K. or any other country, Putin should tell them all to FUCK-OFF!

  2. I agree with _every_single_word! No U.S. interests are threatened, it is simply just "we hate Russia 'cause of Cold War." The U.S. is hellbent on spending money it doesn't have to fight wars which have little to no benefit and which has tolls in both human life and taxes for the average citizens.

    1. Well thanks, it seems that there are a lot of people who agree with me on this one and I appreciate every single comment. It just shocks me how many people fail to recognize that the very same things that were important in the founding of our own country are far too often overlooked and even explicitly ignored and criticized in other countries. I guess we're just special, do as we say, not as we do. It's disgusting.

    1. iamanatheist,
      Why should the U.N. or anyone else take up this non-argument? This only concerns Russia and Crimea, not forgetting that the vast majority of Crimean citizens voted to be reunified with Russia.

      This has nothing to do with War (you are the first person here to suggest War) or any other action by other countries. As I previously stated; "Vladimir Putin must tell them all collectively, to mind their own fucking business."

      1. Maybe you should read what I said. I in no way said go to war.

        Vladimir Putin has collectively said fuck you, the fun part is other countires are turning around and saying no fuck you by freezing assets.

        Also Crimea is part of Ukraine which is an independent country that has just gone through a civil revolution. So this has nothing to do with Crimea and Russia this has to do with the Ukraine of which Crimea is a part.
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    2. My question is, why should we want to hurt anyone? I don't think Russia is doing anything wrong, they haven't rolled tanks into Crimea and annexed them by force, what is it that they are doing wrong? They're not firing rockets into neighboring countries like North Korea is and frankly, I don't think we have any more business in Korea than we do in Crimea. Let the countries who are directly involved work out a solution, be it economic or military. It's just not the job of the U.S. to come to the rescue of anyone on the planet who asks for it.

      1. Cephus,
        You ask; "why should we want to hurt anyone"? This is a very interesting question, does Crimea have OIL perhaps???

        'The Guardian' reports "Crimea referendum: early results indicate 'landslide' for secession – as it happened"; http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/16/crim… the population of Crimea have spoken, this should be the finale to this story.

        1. But we don't get any oil from Cimea, that mostly feeds Europe. Why isn't Europe volunteering to send their militaries to the rescue? Because they're too used to cowering behind the American military skirt. They expect us to do all the heavy lifting while they spend the money they don't put into their military budget on other things, then they act superior to us because we're spending our money to save their pathetic little asses. You're right, Crimea voted democratically, they voted to go with Russia, leave them alone.

      2. I agree Russia has done nothing militarliy. However, its pretty obvious what they have been doing all along the way they have manipulated the Ukranian government into preety much doing what they want. More importantly, I do not think they should be getting involved in a country (i,.e. the Crimean vote to succeed) that has just come trhough a lot of turmoil. They should be letting the country first sort itself out before playing a role in splitting it apart.
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