Horror Show Sunday: Sex Abuse Redux

Priest-in-handcuffsI know I’ve pointed out that the religious don’t care about sex abuse, right?  It wasn’t a figment of my imagination, I really did point that out to folks, right?  And I’m sure that some theists doubted what I said, thinking it’s just not possible for these big churches to have absolutely no interest in protecting the health and welfare of children, that could never happen, right?


32-year old Shaun M. Ross, a Maryland youth pastor that was arrested and charged on two counts of sexually abusing a minor has been put in charge of the children’s program at another church in New York while he’s still under investigation for the first molestation!  Ross’ father is a senior pastor at the church and the church is fully aware of the allegations.  They released the following statement to the local paper:  “Pastor Terry Ross and son Shaun disclosed that Shaun had been accused of sexual misconduct while serving on the staff of a church in the Baltimore, Maryland, area and that charges are pending.”  According to sources, Shaun Ross is allowed to attend the church and work with the children’s program but he’s not supposed to actually have contact with any children at the church so long as charges are pending against him.

Sure, that’s going to work out just fine, right?

“We are excited to announce that Shaun and Brandi Ross will be assuming leadership in our Children’s ministry,” the church wrote on Facebook. “Bring your children this Sunday for Kidz Revolution! They will love it!”  Sure, they’ll love getting molested by a child sexual predator.  And you wonder why I keep arguing that religion is dangerous?  Even knowing for an absolute fact that this guy is being investigated as a sex criminal who focuses on children, they put him on the board to teach children?  Seriously?

I don’t know, I really can’t go on.  It’s not just the Catholics and the Baptists and the Jews and the Muslims, this is a Foursquare church doing the exact same thing.  All of religion is to blame.  Fuck ’em all.


8 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Sex Abuse Redux”

    1. Oh brother. Thanks for letting me know that. Do you think that's because the prisons are full or because they didn't think they could put him away for 25 years?

          1. Yes they should be in treatment. Save room in the prisons for people who deserve to be there

  1. "I know I’ve pointed out that the religious don’t care about sex abuse, right?"

    Surely you don't mean to say that all religious people don't care about sex abuse? Because if you don't then you need to take better care with your phrasing. This sentence clearly implies that you are saying all religious people feel this way. I know there are some who don't care about sex abuse and are apologists for it. But I know many who do care about the issue and condemn it.

    1. Clearly the Catholic Church doesn't and the people who sit in the pews don't or they wouldn't continue to sit in the pews and give money to the Catholic Church week after week. The Catholic Church has paid out more than $5.3 billion dollars in sex abuse settlements so far and there's no end in sight. If you are paying money into that settlement jar, you are part of the problem.

      Sure, there are plenty of people in the Catholic Church who give lip service to hating priestly pedophilia, but so long as they show up on Sunday morning for Mass, I don't buy it.

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