Floors for Women? That’s not Sexist, is it?

Women OnlyIt never ceases to amaze me, or disgust me depending on your perspective, how some groups of people can declare that they are being abused and then turn around and abuse others in their mad dash to entitlement.  We’re seeing a growing number of hotel chains offering women-only floors, based on the unfounded feminist nonsense that all men are inherently predators and women need to protect themselves from these potential rapists.  Women apparently love it, but let’s  be honest, if anyone suggested a men-only floor, these women would shit their panties.

What ever happened to equality?  Alright, you can stop laughing now, we all know that modern-day feminists don’t give a damn about being equal, it’s all about being superior.  They want special treatment and extra privileges that men simply cannot get, all the while screaming bloody murder if a man ever has a right that a woman doesn’t get.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that businesses were not allowed to discriminate on the basis of gender.  If you cannot have a male-only floor, you shouldn’t be able to have a female-only floor.  Should we start introducing white-only floors or black-only floors next?  How about gay-only floors or straight-only floors? Would any of that fly?  I don’t think so.  And what happens if the hotel is booked, except for rooms on the female-only floor?  Would a male traveler be turned away while a female would would be allowed to stay? Wouldn’t that open the hotel to a massive discrimination lawsuit?

The whole idea behind this is just ridiculous, it’s more liberal feminist entitlement nonsense.  They do not deserve special treatment, in fact, it is patently illegal for them to receive it based solely on their gender.  So why do we put up with it?  I’d love to see major accounts tell these hotels that they are pulling their support and sending their travelers to other hotels that are not discriminating against men.  I wonder how long these gender-biased floors would survive when millions of dollars in room-nights are going to the competition?  Not long, I’ll wager.

Feminists have lost any moral high ground when they start accepting unequal or superior treatment while screaming about equality.  Equality goes both ways.  Either people are equal or they are not.  Some are not more equal than others and that seems to be exactly what feminists really want.

8 thoughts on “Floors for Women? That’s not Sexist, is it?

      1. "… most modern feminists are not, they're for female superiority."

        You know this how? Your evidence for this claim consists of what?

        1. Feminist are often portrayed by men as militant bull dikes who hate men, and want to control men from a level of superiority. I find them no different from other groups seeking equality.

          1. If they wanted equality, they would turn down extra rights and special treatment. You cannot have equality by making yourself superior.

  1. This is but one example of why I, a woman, am not a feminist. I am a humanist, which encompasses all people, leaving no need for feminism. I am indescribably sick of hearing how "oppressed" by those "evil men" we women supposedly are. That is a delusion for some, and an outright lie by others.

    1. My wife feels the same way, she hates modern feminists and is only too happy to say so. She, like I, is an egalitarian. She wants equality for all. Most modern feminists, especially radical feminists, don\’t want that.

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