Can’t Forget Those Offensive Questions, Can We?

DouchebagI’ve spent the last couple of Mondays looking at various and sundry theist questions from the web and for the most part, the questions have been generally friendly, if a little misguided.  This time, I find a series of questions that are anything but friendly, anything but honest and really betray a hatred and absurdity that I think a lot of atheists have come to expect from some theists.  Not one to run from a challenge, here is my take on these 10 rude questions asked to atheists.  Because the theist did their list counting down, I’m going to flip the whole thing around, just to be contrary.

#1 – Who do you hate more, Jews or Muslims?

Isn’t that a question you should be asking yourself?  After all, most Christians are supremely convinced that both the Jews and the Muslims are headed to eternal torture in a lake of fire because they don’t believe in the same God you do.  There isn’t a single atheist out there who thinks that.  In fact, you can point to all kinds of religious pogroms, such as the Nazi Holocaust, which was perpetrated by Christians against other religious groups in the name of their own religious beliefs.  You cannot point to a single case where atheists, as a function of their atheism, did the same.

#2 – Why are you an anti-science fanatic who strongly opposes free and open criticism, scrutiny, and questioning?

Have you been looking in the mirror?  Atheists, and I can only generalize here, tend to be very pro-science and extremely rational, open and honest people who value scrutiny and criticism of all positions and points of view. In fact, that’s why most atheists reject religious claims because they just don’t bear up under any form of rational scrutiny.

#3 – Why do you discourage belief without evidence, intuition, and originality?

Because belief without evidence is inherently irrational.  I know that’s not how you intended me to answer the question but that’s how you wrote it.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no difference between the irrational belief in a god and the irrational belief in Bigfoot.  Actually, belief in Bigfoot is probably more rational because at least they claim to have footprints.  Where are God’s demonstrable “footprints”?

#4 – Why do you value high IQ as being worth more than contributions?

I don’t value IQ over contributions.  IQ is an artificial measurement of the potential for knowledge, it doesn’t actually address what someone might do with that knowledge.  Just because you have a high IQ doesn’t make you a decent person, a rational person or anything else, it’s all about the ability to do those things, not the actuality of doing them.  That said though, people with a higher IQ do have the ability to do more things that benefit the world, whereas the stupid and foolish really don’t achieve much.

#5 – Why have you intentionally remained silent in opposition to racism but not silent in opposition to Intelligent Design, Creationism, and many other things?

jesus_troll_faceWhere do you get that idea?  I’ve been openly opposed to all of the things you list above and many more. Something tells me you’ve been wearing your Christian blinders far too much.  Of course, looking at your entire website makes me think that you’ve got something loose upstairs, you’re just randomly ranting at atheists and demonstrating, without question, that you have no clue what you’re talking about.  And you accuse atheists of trolling?

#6 – Why do you consider any criticism of atheists, atheistic arguments, or atheistic beliefs as “trolling” but not consider condemning, ridiculing, or making fun of religion as “trolling”?

I don’t, although a lot of it really is.  Trolling is any attempt to get a response by posting something foolish, stupid or untrue.  That’s what a lot of so-called Christian apologists do online.  They do not know what they are talking about, they just make absurd claims, backed up by nothing but their own blind faith, and when reality is explained to them, they refuse to change their views or perspective.  So ask yourself, why are you such a dick?

#7 – Do you have any independent mind of your own or ability to question what other atheists say or think?

Not only do I, I have on many, many occasions and over many, many years, done exactly that.  I challenge and question everyone regardless of their religious, social or political views.  It tends to piss people off but that’s life. I am an equal-opportunity critic as everyone else ought to be.  Too bad I see theists doing exactly what you criticize atheists for every single day.

#8 – What’s the reason that you continue to use racist atheists as viable sources, celebrate racist atheist biologists and racist/atheist countries?

You’d have to point out where I have ever done any of that, or where any of those people even exist.  Why do you continue to use racist theists as viable sources, celebrate racist theist preachers and racist/theist countries? It works both ways.  After all, we can point to tons of Christian sources who are or were demonstrably racist, in fact, the entire slave industry in the United States was based on Christians claiming that blacks were less than human and trying to accuse them of being the descendants of Cain.  Of course, you won’t acknowledge that and neither will most Christians, they find some way to get around the demonstrable truth.

#9 – Are you only capable of mimicking and copying arguments you heard from Dawkins and other atheists?

Hell, I hardly pay any attention to Dawkins, I might read his books as they come out but I’ve voiced plenty of disagreement over things that Dawkins, Harris, Dennett and Hitchens have said, heck, I’ve posted a couple of book reviews here that were certainly quite negative.  I don’t know about you, but I’m entirely anti-hero worship, I value what someone says over who they are and so it doesn’t really matter if it’s Dawkins or not, it matters what actually comes out of his mouth.

#10 – Do you take pleasure in telling lies or are you just so gullible that you believe any anti-religious lie you hear?

Actually no, I check out each and every claim on it’s own merits and the ones that don’t make the grade do get criticized.  Maybe the religious ought to stop making so many irrational, illogical and utterly absurd claims?  I’m really sorry that you need to invent these ridiculous claims, maybe it’s the only thing that gets you through the day, I have no idea.  However, this entire series of questions comes off exactly as though you were trolling, saying things that you had to know were false, just to get a reaction.  The only thing that’s happened is that you made yourself look like a fool.  If that’s the best you can do, then so be it, you’re exposed to the world for all to see.

The only reason I took on these questions is to demonstrate to rational atheists just how irrational and ridiculous some Christians can be.  I looked through more of this guy’s site and it’s all the same nonsense.  I doubt he’ll see this post, he seems to have given up the ghost back in 2011, but I thought it was important to show just how crazy some people can be.  If you want to see more people being just as crazy, go look at #atheism or #atheist on Twitter, these people are everywhere.

Next week, more questions.  See you then.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Forget Those Offensive Questions, Can We?

    1. I don't think it's even ignorance, I think it's trolling, pure and simple. A lot of these cannot be justified in any way, shape or form, they're just empty claims, made to get a reaction. I did it here, specifically so I don't feed the troll. This guy is an idiot, pure and simple.

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