Some Libertarians are Real Dicks

RonPaulSucksOn a recent episode of Geeks Without God, they had a friend on named Mark Lazarchic who self-identifies as an agnostic because he hates atheists.  Why?  What’s his biggest reason for hating atheists?  Because when he stopped being religious, people that he thought  cared about him stopped talking to him and apparently, atheists pointed out reality. Therefore, atheists are bad.

What the fuck?

He says that he doesn’t think religion is bad?  Look at the fucking Religious Horror Show.  All religion is bad because all religion gets in the way of people accepting the actual, demonstrable reality that surrounds them. Any belief system which stops you from dealing with the real world is, by definition, harmful.  How do people not see that?

Oh wait, some people aren’t interested in the truth, they want everyone to feel good and that seems quite evident about this Mark guy.  He has the same problem that so many liberals do, they’re all about emotions and not very interested in reality.  He doesn’t want to tell his family that he’s an atheist because they might feel bad.  He doesn’t want to debate theists  because they might be unhappy.  He’d rather just live in his own little world where he can pretend that the people around him aren’t delusional because he just wants everyone to be contented.

Sure, and maybe the abolitionists should have just kept their mouths shut because they feared that the slave owners might have gotten depressed.

Of course, the guy is a Libertarian so it’s not surprising why his views are so skewed.  Well, as he says, he’s a bad Libertarian, he’s really a liberal in disguise… more of a Liberaltarian.  He’s okay with religion because people consent to it but he hates government because people don’t consent?  Of course they do!  They agree to live in the country and they vote for their representatives!  Oh wait, he doesn’t want to move!  He doesn’t want to actually find a country which he likes, apparently he looked and couldn’t find anywhere else that’s any better so he thinks he can sit here and ignore the culture, society and government we have because it makes him sad?

What a fucking idiot!

Now I don’t know, maybe he is a great guy, other than his really bizarre beliefs on politics and religion, but he’s a great illustration of why I detest these kinds of irrational, illogical morons.  They don’t care about reality, they don’t care about the facts, they just want to twist things into a comfortable little bubble where they can live, content with their own delusions.  That does not help the world.  As I’ve said before, one of the most important steps in the maturation process is coming to grips with the actual world around you.  It’s dealing with reality on reality’s terms.  It’s deciding that your own happiness isn’t the goal of existence, you have to find a way to be happy, regardless of what’s going on around you and if you can’t, you have to get off your ass and try to do something about it.  This guy, and I’m sorry if I’m being really hard on him, but he is everything wrong in the world.  Someone with strong, irrational views and at the same time, someone who is afraid to do anything about it.  As someone over on the GWG site said, this guy is a complete chickenshit.

I agree and that’s nothing to be proud of.

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  1. Mark didn't say he denied his atheism because people had shut him out. He said he didn't say he was an atheist because he thinks we are arrogant and they have all the answers. We all thought that he was being tremendously unfair to the atheists we knew.

    In any case, thanks for listening!

  2. You certainly put me in my place.

    This argument will certainly sway my belief that atheists are smug and believe they have the correct answer and that everyone else is an idiot.

    Oh, and your mom is fat.

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  4. Cephus, you are kind n of a dick. You say that reality is what we can demonstrate scientifically and that anyone who believes in something that cannot be demonstrated is an idiot. I did state that right, yes? What about spiritual experiences? I have experienced them, even ghosts. I cannot pull out an O-scope and quantify that they "exist" with proofs, but I did experience them. Science and hard facts are great for most of life, sure, but there are things that science cannot explain yet, or maybe never. It is arrogant to tell someone that they are stupid or wrong because you cannot prove it.

    " why I detest these kinds of irrational, illogical morons." What is your scientific proof backing this statement? Have you examined his entire life and quantified it? No? So you are making an assumption based on limited facts and jumping to a conclusion. Sounds like religion to me, dickhead.

  5. Also you call me a chicken shit. (among other clever insults) well here I am. As anyone that knows me will attest I do not back down from a fight or from what I believe. THAT is a chicken shit
    Let me address a couple of your "logical facts".

    A- You seem oblivious to the fact that you are exactly what I hate about atheists. You are positive you are correct and everyone else is wrong. Not only wrong but complete idiots. Tell me, how is that not exactly what I said I hate? Complete and total smugness that you have all the correct answers and everyone else is an idiot. Your belief there is the same reason I hate large government. When you start governing morality you are saying you are right and I am wrong.

    B- I do not want to tell my family because there is zero upside. You see a logical person would weigh the benefits and detriment to such a conversation. What is the upside? There is none. People I care about are hurt and then want to ask why. It is a pointless conversation that will do nothing but hurt people I care about and love. You may enjoy hurting people for the sake of being "right" but I do not. I am not going to sway their beliefs, nor am I going to convince them I am right. It is a pointless conversation that will end in nothing but pain. Your logic here seems flawed unless your "point" is to cause pain. I understand that point but I prefer it in a bedroom.
    Unless you are willing to tell your wife that she is not the best lover you have ever had or that she is gaining weight and looks fat when she is you are being a hypocrite.

    C- Did you really just give me a "love it or leave it" argument for my country? Tell me you are not waving a rebel flag in the back of a pickup while doing so. Wanting your government to not govern based on morale issues is EXACTLY yours, and many others, beef with christian based laws. As a libertarian I do not assume I know what is best for everyone. That is the point.

    D- I do not engage people in religious debates because they are pointless. People believe what they believe and why should I jump up and down telling them they are wrong? They are free to believe what they want.

    E- I am a great guy. You will notice my name is attached to that podcast and I am not hiding.

    F- Most of the comments were posted by a guy named Bob who I know very well. Bob knew I would read them and was jabbing at me. Bob is poor at insulting but still an ok guy.

    G- You obviously hate religion. Not only do you hate it but your hate is to the point of blind rage. That is fine. There is plenty to hate about it. I guess I am just not that rage filled about religion. It just isn't my trigger.

    H- I could go on but back to my previous point why bother. Peoples opinions rarely change with debate on the internet.

  6. i read an article in passing recently, it was titled "some libertarians are real dicks". it was an amusing bit of rant, specifically because i'm familiar with the subject of this article. even more amusing than the rant itself, was the ability of the author to get absolutely every point and assumption about the subject wrong, while being a "real dick" in the process. stunning achievement.

    the most amazing thing about the internet, is that anyone with a keyboard can say whatever they want. the sad thing is that when these unfortunate words are read, some people actually believe them, even passing them along, adding volumes to the know-nothing culture. stars cannot be made from dog turds, no matter how hot they burn.

    i have, and will choose to exercise, the freedom to ignore this particular stream of hateful and bitter commentary. with luck, others will also see this as harmful and unproductive. if the author cares enough to do justice to this gift we all have of free speech, perhaps he'll listen more, speak less, and try to engage with the subjects of his rants before making a complete ass of himself in the glorious name of sensationalism. more likely, this will be viewed as an attack, dismissed or flamed, and the know-nothing culture will happily stuff it's gob with more train-wreck idiocy… because it's fun.

    of course, this is not about putting the author in his place, it's about pointing out the absurdity of his position. he's welcome to think that his beliefs are not absurd, that's entirely up to him. That's where this thing called "personal opinion" comes in. he put himself out there on the Internet, he presented his position and that leaves him open to a response.

  7. At this point lets just go after B and G.

    B- I have heard the intellectual honesty argument before. It is spouted by those who think they are being honest and all others are liars and bullshitters that are not in agreement.
    Again I state should i tell my wife she is getting fat if she is? That is honest.
    Should I tell my son he will not grow up to be an astronaut because he just is not smart enough?
    Should I tell the fat guy in the seat next to me on an airplane that he should lose some weight because he is ooozing into my seat?
    Should I tell my wife that some chick I met in 1997 is WAY better at her in bed?
    Honesty when asked is being honest. Just putting my OPINION out there knowing it will hurt people I love and care about is being a dick and being selfish.
    I have ZERO fear of what people think of me. Seriously you should research someone before you say that. I however do not believe in causing pain just so I feel honest. That is selfish. That is doing something just for me.
    You sacrifice humanity for "honesty" when it comes to religion. That is easy.
    Also if you listened to the podcast you would have heard me state several times that I am not sure who is right. I do not know who is right. That said I am not going to start telling others they are wrong.

    G- You say religion has been clearly bad for the planet and has resulted in endless human lives. Also responsible for a number of social ills. Then you state that anyone with their eyes open would see that.
    YET, you attack my dislike of big controlling government. Anyone with their eyes open would clearly see that in recent history government kills far more. The university of Hawaii states 262,000,000 in the 20th century alone as a direct result of government.
    Now an argument could be made for some of these governments doing it in the name of religion, but the largest ones certainly did not. Stalin did not attend church often and Hitler was not exactly a catholic (he killed them). Goodwin engaged.
    Government is not a bad thing but it needs to be small and controlled by its people.

    Also say hi to Bob yourself.

  8. B- In telling your son he can not be something you are assuming you know better than him what he can and cannot do. I would never tell my son anything like that.

    G- Oh boy this is where it gets good. Using your examples you state that the people voted for and got what they want and yet congress has an 8% approval rating. How is that what you want? Obviously we do not have the government anybody wants. The reason is that when government grows large it does not have to bend to the will of the people anymore.
    Please go back to my original point on the government killing more than religion.
    Also…wow. Nazi Germany closed all catholic churches in 1939 and shut down all catholic publications in 1941. They then spent the next few years arresting catholics for immorality. I think the Vatican may have been swayed by being surrounded by Italy and German troops. Maybe….just a guess.
    There were sympathizers but the church was not sanctioning this.
    If you think Hitler was a devout catholic then we have some serious logic and history issues to cover.
    Here is a bit of his love for them. I personally like the section about a special barracks at Dachau just for the clergy.

  9. G- Your conclusion is illogical. You say they get the people they want and yet they do not approve of the people they elect. Then they continue to elect them. That sounds like something I have heard before.
    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
    Albert Einstein

    They vote the way they do because they lack choice. They vote the way they do because they do not want the other person to win. They vote that way because they are sheep.
    The appeal to authority is charming though.

    Uh no. You are posting quotes. I am posting actual actions.
    It's the ole Actions speak louder than words.
    I could also post quotes that contradict all of those but I believe a persons actions are a larger indicator than what they say.
    Why would a man trying to win the hearts of a nation appeal to religion? Oh right….
    But I digress as you still are not going back to the original point I made there. Being a logic man you should understand that a Strawman attack is illogical.
    So the point still stands. You say religion has caused so much pain and suffering and I say in the past century government has done far more of exactly that.

  10. "He has the same problem that so many liberals do, they’re all about emotions and not very interested in reality."

    Plenty of conservatives who fit this description. You should take a look in the mirror. I've read more than one post on this blog that was rife with emotionalism and out of touch with reality.

  11. "…according to the founding fathers, who were mostly non-Christian to begin with,…"

    Source for this claim please. I don't think you have your historical facts correct here. If by the founding fathers, you mean the individuals who debated, wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution, then I think you need to do some further research. According to historian Frank Lambert, author of The Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America, 49 of the 55 members of the 1787 Constitutional Convention were Protestants. Now if you are limiting the title Founding Father to just the more well-known prominent ones (Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin) you might have a point. But it would be rather arbitrary, and factually incorrect, to hold that only these individuals were founding fathers.

  12. What an incredibly ignorant, self righteous prick. And no, I don't mean Mr. Lazarchic.

    I see part of your problem here. You apparently believe your political leaders and social betters. This must be why you believe the incredibly self serving propaganda statements of Adolf Hitler, while ignoring those that were published outside the Main-Stream German Media. I am guessing you also believe,"If you like your insurance policy, you can keep it." "I tried it, but I did not inhale" and "I did not have sexual relations with that woman…"
    Wouldn't you say those recent American Presidents know more than you do?

    So obviously the elected officials are doing what the people want, and that is why they are being reelected. The purchasing power of their corporate masters wouldn't have anything to do with that.

    Also, Astronauts used to be selected from test pilots who were selected entirely from Navy Pilots, not Air Force.
    Funny though, Blue Angels pilots are also all Navy Aviators. But despite finally admitting your ignorance in the age of Lasik, you would still belittle the dreams of Mark's son based on your own ignorance and preconceptions. It must be nice for you that only what you chose to acknowledge affects the reality.

    That argument is somewhat a microcosm of your entire thought process. (At least as revealed in this post – I am certain there is no need to read any others.

    If I violated your personal rule by pointing out that you are a prick, feel free to edit out that part. If this site doesn't allow that option, feel free to disbelieve it and I am sure it will go away.

  13. You raise an important issue about libertarianism here Cephus. It is the ideal kind of environment, unfortunately just like communism it rejects the human factor which makes it impossible in reality.

    I actually have not heard this episode of Geeks without God I may have to give it a listen as I do enjoy the show the hosts are highly entertaining.
    My recent post The Islam Comic Book and cognitive dissonance

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