RonPaulSucksOn a recent episode of Geeks Without God, they had a friend on named Mark Lazarchic who self-identifies as an agnostic because he hates atheists.  Why?  What’s his biggest reason for hating atheists?  Because when he stopped being religious, people that he thought  cared about him stopped talking to him and apparently, atheists pointed out reality. Therefore, atheists are bad.

What the fuck?

He says that he doesn’t think religion is bad?  Look at the fucking Religious Horror Show.  All religion is bad because all religion gets in the way of people accepting the actual, demonstrable reality that surrounds them. Any belief system which stops you from dealing with the real world is, by definition, harmful.  How do people not see that?

Oh wait, some people aren’t interested in the truth, they want everyone to feel good and that seems quite evident about this Mark guy.  He has the same problem that so many liberals do, they’re all about emotions and not very interested in reality.  He doesn’t want to tell his family that he’s an atheist because they might feel bad.  He doesn’t want to debate theists  because they might be unhappy.  He’d rather just live in his own little world where he can pretend that the people around him aren’t delusional because he just wants everyone to be contented.

Sure, and maybe the abolitionists should have just kept their mouths shut because they feared that the slave owners might have gotten depressed.

Of course, the guy is a Libertarian so it’s not surprising why his views are so skewed.  Well, as he says, he’s a bad Libertarian, he’s really a liberal in disguise… more of a Liberaltarian.  He’s okay with religion because people consent to it but he hates government because people don’t consent?  Of course they do!  They agree to live in the country and they vote for their representatives!  Oh wait, he doesn’t want to move!  He doesn’t want to actually find a country which he likes, apparently he looked and couldn’t find anywhere else that’s any better so he thinks he can sit here and ignore the culture, society and government we have because it makes him sad?

What a fucking idiot!

Now I don’t know, maybe he is a great guy, other than his really bizarre beliefs on politics and religion, but he’s a great illustration of why I detest these kinds of irrational, illogical morons.  They don’t care about reality, they don’t care about the facts, they just want to twist things into a comfortable little bubble where they can live, content with their own delusions.  That does not help the world.  As I’ve said before, one of the most important steps in the maturation process is coming to grips with the actual world around you.  It’s dealing with reality on reality’s terms.  It’s deciding that your own happiness isn’t the goal of existence, you have to find a way to be happy, regardless of what’s going on around you and if you can’t, you have to get off your ass and try to do something about it.  This guy, and I’m sorry if I’m being really hard on him, but he is everything wrong in the world.  Someone with strong, irrational views and at the same time, someone who is afraid to do anything about it.  As someone over on the GWG site said, this guy is a complete chickenshit.

I agree and that’s nothing to be proud of.

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