Horror Show Sunday: Cruising for Sex

JAMESMCGONEGALOh, those wonderful Catholic priests!  Father James McGonegal, the pastor of Cleveland’s St. Ignatius church since the 1980s, has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble.  He was found in a parked car by a park ranger, masturbating himself.  He asked the ranger if he would help and offered him $50.  The ranger, who was in his street clothes, said McGonegal was actively “actively rubbing his genitals with his hands over his pants” and, expressing concern over how many people have been arrested for soliciting sex in the park, wanted the ranger to help him “get off”.  McGonegal then unzipped his pants and presented his penis for the ranger, who then informed him that he was under arrest.

Upon searching his car, the ranger found three cock rings, a bottle of lubricant and a bottle of “Pig Sweat”, a hazardous substance that McGonegal reportedly sniffed to get high.  McGonegal also reported to the ranger that he was HIV positive and that he was “cruising” for sex partners in the park. McGonegal was arrested and held in the Cleveland City Jail and was released after posting bond.  He was charged with soliciting sex after positive HIV test and indecent exposure.  A grand jury indicted McGonegal on all counts, finding him guilty for failing to inform the ranger that he was HIV positive, indecent exposure and abusing a harmful intoxicant.  He has not yet been sentenced for these crimes.

This doesn’t sound like a very Christian thing to do, does it?  Apparently it doesn’t sound too bad to the local Archdiocese, which has taken no actions against McGonegal thus far.  He has taken a voluntary leave of absence from his ministry, but the church makes it clear that it is only temporary.  Diocese of Cleveland spokesman Bob Tayek said, “The diocese is working with Father McGonegal as he addresses his issues.”  Issues?  Trying to spread AIDs is an issue?  Trying to have gay sex with a park ranger is an issue?  Maybe that’s why they don’t take the whole child molestation thing seriously, it’s just an issue!

It’s really absurd that the Catholics seem to want these perverts around.  What now?  Put this guy who is HIV positive back in the pulpit?  Has he been handing out those Communion wafers?  Maybe he’s been whacking off under his robes.  Who knows?  Sounds like the perfect candidate for leading the moral Catholic Church, doesn’t it?

Bad hiring practices.  One more reason for Horror Show Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Cruising for Sex”

    1. It\’s more likely, in the fundamentalist religious communities, that they\’re praying for more and more people to get AIDS, which is disgusting, but that\’s what these people do.

  1. Not sure how the guy has not been fired. I mean he has HIV which means that more than likely he is sexually active especially after this incident as proof. This is enough to get you fired surely? The Catholic church never ceases to amaze how far they will go to cover the truth.
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    1. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church obviously doesn’t care about the truth. There are several new studies out right now about the RCC and their desire to cover up pedophile priest abuse, even though the Pope says they don’t do it. The UN has condemned the Vatican for failing to protect innocent children from their priests <a href="http:// <a href="http:// <a href="http:// (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/united-nations-blasts-vatican-for-failing-to-protect-children-from-paedophile-priests-9065135.html)”” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/united-nations-blasts-vatican-for-failing-to-protect-children-from-paedophile-priests-9065135.html)&quot;” target=”_blank”>(http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/united-nations-blasts-vatican-for-failing-to-protect-children-from-paedophile-priests-9065135.html)” and the Child Rights International Network (CRIN) has put out a report on the actions of the Catholic Church to hide the pedophile priests <a href="http:// <a href="http:// <a href="http:// (http://crin.org/en/library/publications/holy-see-child-sexual-abuse-and-holy-see-report)””” target=”_blank”>
      The Church doesn’t seem to care so long as they can con their followers to keep sending in those weekly tithes. They need it to pay off the court cases, after all.

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