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walmartThe first post I ever posted on the very first Bitchspot blog back in 2005 was about Walmart and in fact was on a subject very similar to this one.  I argued that people who chose to work at Walmart for the wages that Walmart offers go into it with their eyes open and have no room to complain.

I haven’t changed my mind one bit in the intervening years either.

People whine endlessly about the low wages paid to Walmart workers, yet they seem to entirely ignore that it’s a basic retail job, these workers haven’t EARNED more than they’re getting.  They don’t have job skills that make them worth more than that.

That doesn’t stop the liberals from whining that Walmart workers deserve a “living wage”.  What is a “living wage”?  Apparently it’s one that allows a family to live without public assistance on the wages that a cart attendant makes at Walmart.  Why?  There’s a basic problem with this concept and that is that minimum wage jobs are not intended to support a family, or even an individual, seeking to live an independent life.  Minimum wage jobs are intended for high school or college kids who are still living with their parents and have very few expenses.  They exist to teach kids a work ethic and how to survive in the business world while they finish their education and move on to bigger and better things.  They are not and have never been intended to support families of adults who have missed all of their formative working years.  They are not intended for people without education or self control, people who never learned the basics or who have no interest or ability to get ahead in life.  Who told these people that having kids before you can afford to care for them is a good idea?  They just don’t care or know any better.

Yet you still get liberals complaining about how little Walmart workers make.  Of course they don’t make a lot, they’re not worth a lot!  Nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to work at Walmart, they’re welcome to go find other employment that pays more any time they like. What?  Nobody else will hire them for more money?  Imagine that!  That doesn’t stop the liberals from coming up with all kinds of elaborate plans how Walmart can give all of it’s employees a giant pay raise.  Here’s one of them.

Unfortunately, the plan is really quite stupid.  Walmart spends money every year to buy back public stocks as a means to save money and strengthen the company.  Every quarter that Walmart makes money, it has to pay out dividends to these stock holders and the more issues of common stock that remain in public hands, the more money it has to pay out, quarter after quarter, year after year.  It is a good financial decision for the company to buy back as much of it’s common and preferred stock as it can, it is a cost savings over time, that’s why they do it. Whether liberals like it or not, Walmart has a responsibility to make money for their stockholders and to improve the financial position of the company.  They have done this consistently.

Besides, it isn’t like most of these employees deserve anything more than they’re getting.  At the local Walmart, there are people who are still doing the same job they were doing when I moved in here 14 years ago.  They are still cashiers, they are still door greeters, it’s the same people and they have never gotten a promotion because they haven’t earned one.  They are still as slow, stupid and rude today as they were 14 years ago. Why should they make more money when they don’t even care about the job they have or have any initiative to better themselves? Liberals complain that these people don’t make enough and have to supplement their income with welfare, food stamps and the like.  Since these people have proven they don’t have what it takes to get actual jobs and make a meaningful living, how is it worse for them to have to supplement their income with government handouts when the alternative is being completely on the public dole?  While I agree that being totally responsible and self-sufficient is preferable, anything that limits the amount of money they get from the government is fine by me. That’s why I’m also happy to see charities like Goodwill employing the disabled, even at below-minimum wages because the alternative is 100% taxpayer subsidy.  Any amount they make, no matter how little, is better than making nothing at all.

Liberals honestly need to yank their heads out and deal with the reality that actually exists and not the reality they wish existed.  If they want these people to actually earn more money, they ought to be concerned with the reasons these people drop out of school, go to jail, can’t hold a job, are unmotivated, etc.  That’s not really what they care about though, they just want to penalize an American success story, they want to punish Walmart for being Walmart, they don’t give a damn about their employees.  Honesty.  When will liberals learn what it is?



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  1. I understand what you are saying, but I must say I would like if every company had a model more like Starbucks. However, then I suppose Walmart would be more expensive and people would complain about that. Granted its not a businesses job to improve employees, its just what I like to see.
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    1. Which, of course, is what would have to happen. People's emotional reactions rarely come at the emptying of their own wallets. People need to make a choice and they do, their own financial welfare always wins out.

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