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I’ve been doing the Religious Horror Show for a long, long time now and there’s no end in sight, but as I started thinking about it, I wondered just how the different religions scored on the “horror-o-meter”.  That prompted me to go back and count all of the different  stories I’ve done here on Horror Show Sunday, as well as the stories we’ve done on two Bitchspot Report Podcasts dedicated to religious horrors, to see who is really the most horrible religion.  This covers stories from early September, 2012 until the end of 2013.  I will start keeping a count on the regular Religious Horror Show page, updating it at least once every couple of weeks, so we always know which religion is shooting for the #1 worst religion out there.

Christianity (Protestant): 25

Christianity (Catholic): 13

Islam: 20

Judiasm: 2

Buddhism: 3

Hinduism: 3

Primitive/Witchcraft: 4

This is a total of 70 stories to date and, honestly, I’m a bit surprised.  I would have expected the Catholic Church, with their pedophilic ways, would have racked up a lot more stories.  This tells me that, except in the most horrific of tales, I’m ignoring the majority of their problems.  Granted, I’ve been doubling and tripling up stories and haven’t counted it that way so that could be a cause of the disparity.  If I was counting individual stories and not individual posts, I’m sure that the Catholics would catch up quickly.

Our two big losers here are Protestant Christianity and Islam, but there are plenty of horrors to go around for all religions.

So, who will be the big loser in 2014?  Humanity, of course, as we continue to deal with the irrationality and criminal behavior of the religious who have given us nothing but horrors at an ever-accelerating rate.  Currently, I have written stories dating up until June, 2014 and I have enough stories through sometime in August.  That doesn’t count all of the horrors that will occur between now and 8 months from now.  Is that sad or what?

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday Statistics

    1. Honestly, I think I've been selecting against Catholic stories, after all, how exciting is "oh look, another pedophile priest!"? There are plenty of websites out there that focus on the Catholics, I don't think I need to be another of them so I've gone looking for other stories subconsciously. I could do a "Catholic Horror Show" post every week and never run out of material.

      Happy New Year to you too, catch you on your blog.

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