The Stupidity of Telemarketers

telemarketer_cartoonI have a problem with telemarketers.  I hate them and they’re stupid.  Think that’s mean?  It’s not, honestly.  For one thing, I’ve been on the Federal No-Call List since the thing existed and it doesn’t mean a damn thing and the telemarketers know it.  I’ve even had them laugh in my face when I told them I was on it.  They don’t care and if you go to the website, it even tells you that they won’t do a damn thing about it.

The telemarketers are supposed to stop calling you if you ask them to, but it’s not just to be nice, but let’s be honest, if you tell them to stop calling, they should get it through their little pin heads that they’re not going to make a sale and try elsewhere.  Isn’t the point of telemarketing at all to sell things?  If you piss off everyone you talk to, how many sales are you going to make?  If you call someone who has already told you to piss off back, do you think they’re going to magically change their mind and decide to buy something?  No, of course not, they’re just going to get mad and tell everyone they know never to buy anything from you or your stupid company.

So I had this call earlier today, it’s the same guy who calls at least 3x a week, the same guy I have told for weeks on end to stop calling me and he never does.  I might be able to see it if it was someone else from the same company, maybe the person you told to put you on their no-call list didn’t do it, but it’s the same guy!  So he calls when I’m in the middle of something and I remind him that I’ve told him repeatedly to stop calling and he says “maybe if you said please”.  I said “how about if I tell you to fuck yourself and hang up on you?”  That’s just what I did, but I’m sure he’ll call back in another couple of days.  Is this the worst telemarketer in the history of telemarketing?  I don’t know because he’s got competition.  We’ve also got this cancer charity that calls for my wife every goddamn day. I’ve told them no.  She’s told them no.  They’ve been told in no uncertain terms that they will never get a penny out of us, ever.  What’s worse, they lie.  They’ll call and say my wife  gave them money last year.  That’s utter bullshit.  She’s never given them a red cent.  I’ve taken to telling them I hope they get cancer and their tits fall off.  None of these companies or charities will remove you from their list no matter what you say because they know the FTC is a totally toothless entity.

Unfortunately, these companies are just stupid and obnoxious and no matter how plain you make it that they will never make a penny off of you, no matter how many times you tell them what to do with themselves, no matter how nice you are, they’re going to keep on calling you because apparently, they don’t understand how to sell over the phone.  Maybe they’re hoping that you’ll buy something to make them go away, I don’t know.

These places are just not reputable.  Years ago, there was this local survey company that kept calling, wanting me to take a survey.  I don’t do phone surveys and told them to stop calling.  They called over and over and over again.  I asked to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor told me to fuck off.  They refused to provide their company name and they had a blocked number.  I called the phone company, they said they cannot block the calls and they can’t (or won’t) trace them to tell me who was making them.  Eventually, the guy started making threats over the phone, he said he knows where I live and he’s going to come kick my ass.  I  told him to bring it on, called the police and filed a report.  Don’t know if these idiots got shut down but never heard from them again. Honestly, do they think they’re going to get a survey done if they threaten people?

And no, having an unlisted number doesn’t help, most of these telemarket groups use purchased phone lists that include unlisted numbers.

Now if I wanted to, I could make a lot of money off these idiots, it is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) 47 USC Section 227 for them to call you after being told to put you on the do not call list.  Each and every violation thereafter is $500, but for some of these companies, I’m sure they don’t even have a business license, it’s just some idiots doing things under the table to make a buck, I doubt you could ever collect, although you might be able to put them in jail and that’s almost as good.

So I guess I’ll just keep telling these morons the same thing that they refuse to do over and over again. It won’t do any good because most of them are scams and the scammers don’t care if they’re breaking the law or not.  I just wish there was a way to get them all shut down permanently.

5 thoughts on “The Stupidity of Telemarketers

  1. Why don't you just hangup? They are only interested in people that actually want the product they are telemarketing – so just politely say not thanks and hangup. It works for me. I work in telemarketing and telemarketing training, so I guess I'm fair game – but that is what I do and it works for me. I understand the telemarketing mindset, and all they want is deals, appointments or sales. If you don't show any sign of that, and refuse to be aggressive – you will only be called so many times and then they just leave you alone. That is, until the next one calls 🙂

  2. Its a serious thing that Now a days anyone wakes up & hires a telemarketing agencies for their business but they forget the need of quality in telemarketing. They don't understand the need of person They just calls random people & keep harassing them. Especially these Credit card stuff.. I am here like getting 4-5 calls in month for credit card. If company hire cheap Telemarketing companies then you will get harassed.

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