Horror Show Sunday: Plots and Prayers

Death Toll Rises In Clashes Between Hamas And FatahResidents of the Indian Koraywala Colony caught a Muslim prayer leader as he plotted to rape and kill a 3-year old child.  According to Investigation Officer Sheikh Mukhtar, the little girl and her brother were students at a local seminary and had been dropped off by their father for Qu’ran lessons.  Following the lesson though, the leader told the boy to return home, that his sister had to redo her lesson and he would bring her home personally when she was done.  However, the cleric instead drugged the girl, transported her to a local graveyard and dug a hole for her body.  A gravedigger saw the cleric removing his clothes, to prepare to molest the drugged girl and then, perhaps, to bury her alive.  The gravedigger called for help and when a crowd gathered, the cleric abandoned the girl and his clothes and ran away.  He was later apprehended by villagers in Kashmir Square, where he was beaten and tied naked to an electricity pole.  Police were notified where to find him.  The girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment and she has been declared out of danger.  The cleric has admitted that he was going to rape the girl and he said that his assistant was supposed to bury the body when he was done.  The assistant has not been arrested but police are examining charges against him.

Yes, it’s those fun-loving Muslims.  At least the villagers did what needed to be done and I congratulate them for that.  It seems that I’ve been thanking a lot of decent people for coming forward and doing what ought to be done lately, but in reality, what they do is what everyone ought to do, it should be the norm, not the exception. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case in these religious communities. We keep finding case after case of the religious not turning in the criminal from their midst, turning a blind eye to their pedophile priest or molesting minister, and when it is revealed that someone within their church is actually, demonstrably guilty of a serious crime, it’s usually the religious that are the first to leap to the defense of the guilty party and scream how horrible it is that their religion is being discriminated against.

I guess this proves that, in general, you can’t trust the religious leaders of Islam any more than you can of Christianity.  There probably are no religions where it is safe to turn over your young child for religious instruction without fear that the priest/minister/rabbi/imam/teacher/whatever just might have his hand down your kid’s pants.

Welcome to Horror Show Sunday.

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