Another Podcast Down Because of Feminism

Gender equality, it works both ways, except with feminists.

I’ve recently given up entirely on The Non-Prophets Podcast, which may seem a little strange considering they just came back from a very long hiatus, but I hate to say it but I’ve lost any and all respect for the people involved and if I can’t respect the hosts or their views or opinions, why should I pay attention to their podcast?  At issue here was a long and absurd rant on MRAs and feminism and how one is valid and the other is not.  Primarily at issue here is Jeff Dee, although everyone else chimed in and sorry, after this load of nonsense, I’m through.

Now as everyone knows, I’m not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I belong to the MRA side.  I am in favor of equality across the board on both sides.  I actually consider a lot of people who wear either label to be fundamentally sexist, I see no point in calling oneself pro-female or pro-male when I’m pro-everyone.  I’d also not call myself pro-black or pro-white when race is irrelevant to me and everyone ought to have equal rights in everything.

But that’s not what happened, in fact, they went off railing against an e-mail, suggesting that just because women are behind on equality around the world (this is really not the case in most first-world nations, it’s primarily in the third world where these first-world-feminists have no say whatsoever), that men ought not seek to correct inequalities where they’re actually behind, because overall, they’re still ahead.  So… you shouldn’t worry about specific inequalities because there’s some imaginary scorecard where you have extra points?

Bullshit.  Now as I said, I’m not MRA, but the people that I know that are, they are specifically in response to the feminists.  They are protesting against shortcomings in men’s rights because feminists seem to only care about the rights of women.  The majority of people I know of who are MRAs are not only for men’s rights, they want equality for all, they just don’t want one side being left behind because all the attention is being paid to the other.  I don’t necessarily agree with how they do it, but the goals seem admirable, a lot more admirable than the third-wave feminist fucks that we see on the Atheism+ side.  They don’t care if men live or die.  In fact, some of them actively want to stab men in the back.  That is not the way a logical, rational person ought to deal with the world.

I don’t play this game with a score card.  I don’t tick off when one side is ahead of the other.  So far as I’m concerned, if either side is ever behind, we’re losing.  That goes for gender, that goes for race, that goes for sexual orientation, etc.  This is not a dick-waving contest, the only goal here that makes any difference is equality for all and when we find a place where inequality reigns, we need to stomp it, no matter who is “ahead” at the moment.  If you don’t, then you’re sexist.  I don’t want anything to do with sexists.

Therefore, I’m just opting out of the Non-Prophets podcast entirely.  I have no interest in wasting my time listening to people that I fundamentally disagree with.  I know  they don’t care and frankly, I don’t care that they don’t.  They’ve proven they’re part of the problem and unfortunately, I don’t think they even realize it or care. However, I do and it matters to me so I take action.

Toodle-loo, go with God and don’t take any wooden nickels.

6 thoughts on “Another Podcast Down Because of Feminism

    1. To be honest, I had been dissatisfied for quite some time, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. They'd come to the table entirely unprepared, devoid of anything to talk about, just rambling on about nonsense, etc. It really feels like the entire Atheist Community of Austin has lost focus in everything they do recently and while I find it hard to criticize because Matt Dillahunty has really been the glue that's held the entire thing together for the past couple of years and I really do understand how that can burn a person out from personal experience, the fact is that none of the people in that organization has the presence, knowledge or ability that Matt has. Russell Glasser is not a Matt Dillahunty. Jeff Dee is not a Matt Dillahunty. I understand that he's burned out and he's married now and has a lot of things on his plate, I understand that he's chosen to focus on debates and talks and the like and not so much on the ACA, which is why he gave up the presidency, but the organization grew a lot while he was there and there are expectations that are not being carried on by the rest of the people involved, not for lack of trying, although I think there is some of that, but for lack of presence, knowledge and personality. That's not something that you can necessarily develop, it's something you just have to have.

      Besides, I have had too many podcasts to listen to anyhow, I had to cull some and I have, not just Non-Prophets.

  1. Not also Jeff Dee!!
    Please no! He is one of the original members of the Atheist Experience before it was high jacked by the feminist Dillahunty and his radfem collegues now in control of the show.

    How can you not see how sexist feminism is and that women are not opressed in any third world country?
    In fact there have been two studies on happiness: "Gender and Wellbeing" and the "World Happiness Report". They came to the conclusion that with the exception of one third world country, women worldwide are happier than men!

    Stop chauvinistic feminism it is spreading like a plague.

    1. The thing is, I like Jeff Dee when he's talking about religion, but the second that any of the people in the Atheist Community of Austin start talking about social justice or politics, I just want to shut it off. I spend far too much time screaming at the computer when they're around. These people need to understand that there is a difference between atheism and politics, but as I've written about so many times before around here, they don't seem to get it through their head, they want it all to be part of the same belief system.

      I don't think I would agree that women are not being abused in the third world, there's plenty of evidence that they are raped, beaten and murdered because of the misogynistic religion that is often practiced there. However, I don't think American women have anywhere near the problems to complain about as the people in the third world. When women in America get raped and their rapists are let off scot free, just because they are men, when women in America are forced to dress in restrictive clothing, are routinely beaten by their husbands because they are seen as inferior, etc., then I'm fine with them screaming about their first world problems. I just don't think that the kind of sexist feminism that we see so often in America, or throughout much of the advanced world, is all that helpful. It isn't realistic, it doesn't want real equality, it wants revenge. Again, this is all stuff I've said before and will certainly have to say again because it never changes.

      How about a little actual equality for everyone for once?

      1. It was a typo, what i meant was women are not oppressed in any first world country.
        In fact they enjoy a lot of favoring legislation in all first world countries.

        It is also fair to say that women are not as oppressed in most third world countries than our society tries to make us believe.
        E.g. the world development report for 2012 states that women worldwide are now priveleged in education compared to men. You don't hear that from the main stream media, but it's true!

        1. I don't know that I would agree with you that women in the third world are not oppressed. Certainly they are, although there are certainly individuals who desperately try to make it seem worse than it is. Then again, these individuals also try to make any problems in the first world much worse than they are. The whole "Elevatorgate" nonsense was an example of that. Being asked out for coffee in an elevator is hardly the worst experience one can have, yet some have tried to proclaim that it's a horrible experience. There certainly are some colleges where women get preferential treatment but certainly not all. There are some hotels that are now offering "women only floors", which I find wholly discriminatory. None of these things can compare to being buried in the sand up to your neck and having men throw rocks at your head until you're dead, simply because you dared to be raped. That happens in the third world more often than we'd like to admit.

          I'd really rather everyone stopped trying to push one gender over another for any reason and just start treating everyone the same, regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, etc. No, I don't think that's going to happen universally, but it can start with us and our own cultures if we insist that it does.

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