Horror Show Sunday: Jesus Says Drown ‘Em


30-year old Victoria Soliz of Mesa, Arizona has been arrested on felony child endangerment and attempted murder after she claimed that Jesus instructed her to drown her 3-year old son in a puddle.  A neighbor reportedly heard screams around 12:30pm and when he responded, he saw Soliz shoving her son’s face into a shallow puddle.  He ordered her to stop and when she refused, he called authorities.  He says that while he was calling the police, she moved the boy to a larger puddle and tried again.

Police arrived on the scene and took both Soliz and her son to the hospital.  According to authorities, Soliz had been using crystal meth to self-medicate the symptoms of schizophrenia.  She insisted to responding paramedics that Jesus ordered her to drown her son and that he had become “stuck to the ground”. Paramedics say that her words were “strange and incomprehensible.”  You know, like religion.


But of course, there are far too many stories to only do one per week so I’ll throw in some related extras.  It seems Jesus has been telling people an awful lot of weird things recently though.  Back in November, a woman in South Carolina stabbed her husband because Jesus and Mary said he was Satan’s spawn and deserving of death. 36-year old Tammi Estep told officers that she was “sent to save the world” and that her husband was evil and Jesus and Mary told her specifically that he had to die.  Luckily, her husband didn’t die, he was rushed to the hospital and his life was saved and Estep was charged with attempted murder.  Both of the Estep’s children were present and saw the stabbing, they were released to family members following the arrest.

LEVI-DANIEL-STAVERAnd it’s not just Jesus, the Archangel Michael gets into the act too, such as the case in February where a Pennsylvania man stabbed his grandmother to death because he said Michael told him to.  26-year old Levi Daniel Staver fatally stabbed his grandmother, Connie Johnston, 76, to death over breakfast with his Bowie knife, witnessed by her husband, Reverend David Johnston, the pastor of Lifeline Community Church, which is affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  According to Staver, he was on the computer in his bedroom when the Archangel Michael came to him and ordered him to “kill the witch”.  He got dressed up like a soldier, crossed himself and attacked her, empowered by the “angelic army”.  He is reported to have said, during the attack, “This thing has got to go!”  Police had been to the house several times in the past on complaints, but did not provide any details.

And they wonder why religion is harmful?  Ask these three.


2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Jesus Says Drown ‘Em”

  1. This is the problemwith a false beleif and an ill mind. Its not to say that these people would not have done these things,but fantasies do not work well with psychosis, if anything it feeds it and makes it worse. We see these problemsin depressed and alcholics etc,where false beliefs make there problems worse. But in those cases the people involved are only hurting themselves.
    My recent post Why I hate Censorship

    1. The problem is that religion provides an outlet for the psychosis, it suggests things to do with the crazy. Certainly, the crazies might have come up with something on their own, given enough time, but religion is a ready-made guide to hurting people, all in one convenient book.

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