Horror Show Sunday: Split ’em Wide Open

Hamas-Muslim-Child-BridesIn Yemen, an 8-year old “bride” didn’t survive her wedding night, married to a Muslim man 5 times her age.  At the end of the night, the girl, known only as Rawan, had suffered massive internal injuries, including uterine rupture, and bled to death.  I wish I could say this was uncommon, but in a country where 25% of girls are married off before the age of 15, it’s just not.  in 2010, Ilham Mahdi al Assi, a 13-year old girl forced to marry suffered a similar fate, dying five days after her wedding due to internal rupture.

Even worse is the fact that Yemen passed a law in 2009 forbidding marriage before the age of 17, but the law was thrown out for being “anti-Muslim”.  Yes,  you heard that right, human rights come quite a bit after Islamic beliefs in far too much of the world.  According to a recent study by World Vision, more children are being forced into arranged marriages than ever, especially in the Muslim world, due to poverty and an increase in Islam worldwide.  The World Health Organization estimates that every single day, more than 39,000 girls under the age of 18 will marry worldwide.

While Rawan’s case has prompted worldwide outrage and demands that child marriage be permanently stopped, the fact remains that in many backwards Muslim countries, the faithful don’t really care what the world thinks.  However, we see that instead of embracing more rational ideas, such as forbidding child marriage, Yemen goes with Islam and tosses young girls under the proverbial bus.

Yemen has denied that the death actually happened, of course, but they cannot deny that these things happen far too often.  Yemeni officials are just trying to avoid bad publicity in a nation that suffers from extreme poverty, but it is the very act of child marriage that helps to encourage that poverty by stopping young girls from getting an education when they are forcibly wedded to men many times their age.

Nada Al-Ahdal

It’s hard to deny some of the reports coming out of the Middle East, no matter what Yemen wants people to believe.  What about the case, just this past summer, of Yemeni Nada Al-Ahdal, an 11-year old girl who ran away from her parents after being told she was being forced to marry and, with the help of an uncle, managed to get to safety.  She was interviewed about the conditions in Yemen and said that other girls, trying to escape this fate, have killed themselves by walking into the ocean and drowning themselves.

It doesn’t matter how many times I talk about this, these stories are never-ending.  These men are animals, pedophiles, sick, sadistic human beings who think that their religion says having a penis gives them the right to molest young girls.  Instead of cracking down on this behavior, far too many people and governments are quivering in their boots, afraid that criticizing the Muslims will result in terrorist attacks.  It’s time the planet grew some balls and relieved these monsters of theirs.

Welcome to the Religious Horror Show.

4 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Split ’em Wide Open”

  1. I think I already know the answer, but I have to make sure. That first picture is it a real mass wedding?

    I agree I wish the UN would take a stance and kick them out the UN and make remaining members impose sanctions against these barbarians. Make them hurt in the only places governments know where to hurt financially should make them wake up.
    My recent post I read it, I reread it, I re-reread it etc.

    1. Yes, it is an actual mass wedding. I don't think it's the actual picture to go with the story but sometimes, finding a picture of the actual event is difficult, so it's representative of things that actually happen.

  2. After listening to the leatst few DM round table podcasts, I went back to try to listen to them from the beginning. The links come up as file not found for the first 4.Thanks and keep up the great work,Chris

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