What’s Wrong With American Education?

ConstitutionSome people involved in education are just not clear on the concept.  On Constitution Day (September 17), Modesto Junior College student Robert Van Tuinen had a dream, he acquired pamphlet-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution and stood on campus handing them out to interested passers-by.  This sounds like a good idea, after all, our nations is based upon the Constitution and everyone ought to know what it says and what rights it grants to the citizens of the United States.  However, it didn’t work out that way.  Within minutes, a campus cop came by to tell him he wasn’t allowed to exercise his Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech by handing out copies of that selfsame Constitution and he’d have to stop.  He was taken to school administrator Christine Serrano, who told him that, at least according to Modesto Junior College, free speech has “a time, place, and manner” and he’s only allowed to pass out literature within a recognized “free speech zone” on campus, in this case, an 8×2 strip of concrete outside the student center.  However, the “free speech zone” was booked and he was told he’d have to come back later, perhaps even in October, to celebrate Constitution Day.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=EosaP99J3Z8′]

Clearly, these school administrators are not clear on what the Constitution says.  It doesn’t restrict free speech to a specifically organized zone, in fact, the whole country is a big free speech zone.  People can speak out when and where they want to in any public space they wish without being restricted or harassed by authority figures.  The only restrictions permitted are narrow, carefully defined and provided to stop public incitement of violence.  They must also provide multiple avenues for free speech to be expressed, regardless of what that speech is.  Modesto Junior College didn’t do this, which is hardly surprising, nor are they alone.  Schools all over are trying to control free speech and losing in the courts.  Here’s a video of 11 schools that have recently lost lawsuits over their restriction of Constitutionally-guaranteed speech.  I have a feeling Modesto is about to become #12.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=8FU6ePK9KCk’]

This kind of thing is widespread across the nation, a product of gross liberalism that has infested our schools, where nobody is allowed to say anything that might offend anyone else.  We have students having their Constitutionally-guaranteed rights revoked so that people, who have no right whatsoever not to be offended, don’t get their precious little feelings hurt.

There is absolutely no conceivable defense for this.  I’m hoping that some administrators lose their jobs over this, but I rather doubt it.  The asinine teacher’s unions won’t allow it.

Fuck the goddamn liberals.

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With American Education?”

  1. Its not just America. Here in the UK we seem to have gained the 'right to be offended'. No sports underwear advertising billboards within a certain radius of a mosque etc. Its insanity. Surely the burden of proof lies with the offendee to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their offence is reasonable and justified ? I cant shake the feeling that it wouldnt be…
    Sad reflection of our times 🙁

    On the upside – still my fave blog Cephus. Checked in daily from an autumnal UK – keep it up ! Morgan.

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