Dialogue between an Atheist and a Muslim

Religion Without FactsI had a Muslim apologist direct me to this on Twitter, as though it somehow proves Islam correct and atheism wrong.  Yes, as anyone who has read similar make-believe dialogues in the past, and it doesn’t matter whether the religion involved is Christianity or Judiasm or Islam, and I’ve even seen one from Buddhism, they all suffer the same sort of fundamental problem, that being these people have no clue about atheism.  This isn’t a real discussion between a real Muslim and a real atheist, it’s a straw-man, held between a Muslim and what they would like to think an atheist really has to say.

They’re wrong.

Where they go wrong in this particular “paper” is clear, it’s on the fourth page where the second Muslim stands up, ostensibly the educated philosopher of the group, and starts making his refutations point by point.  I’ll take those particular statements and point out where they are faulty.

The first point is your basic doctrine that God does not exist.

Of course, this isn’t a doctrine at all, it’s an assertion by the Muslim who cannot understand the basic difference between an assertion that a specific entity absolutely does not exist and the more realistic idea that intelligent, rational people ought not accept the existence of things without significant objective evidence.

I wish to point out that I use the word ‘doctrine‘ knowingly, for the priests of pseudo-science are, in fact, merely promoting atheism as a religion

Things start to go off the rails here as we get some really out-there religious conspiracy theorist nonsense.  Yes, science is just a priesthood of people practicing the secret religion of atheism.  That and $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  No, hopefully they recognize your inherent stupidity and refuse to serve you.  Anyone who believes this is too dumb to be trusted with a hot beverage.

Unfortunately, everything that comes afterwards builds on scientific ignorance and religious absurdity.  They cast this imaginary professor as an idiot, not able to answer any of these questions when I’d argue that most scientists and professors could easily prove this Muslim upstart laughably wrong.  He acts on “common sense” theology, meaning he actually doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, he has no actual science to back up any of his ridiculous claims, only the word of religious zealots and apologists who, as we’ve seen many times before, are not above lying to the faithful and passing along their own inherent ignorance of reality.  The last person you ought to trust is someone who has shown a propensity toward fantastical, emotional thinking on subjects that are best evaluated rationally.  I wouldn’t trust someone who believed in unicorns to be able to pass along any worthwhile knowledge.

The rest devolves into a bunch of irrational silliness.  The supposed Muslim brings up Piltdown as an example of the failure of science, yet doesn’t point out that it was a hoax, perpetuated by a theist, never widely accepted by science, and discredited by scientists.  It’s not a good example to anyone who knows the facts, but of course, the real audience here isn’t educated atheists, but ignorant Muslims.

So why don’t theists have actual debates with real, educated, intellectual atheists?  Because they can’t make these absurdly simplistic arguments against anyone who can easily prove how stupid they are.  Anyone with a clue is going to know that every single one of the arguments presented are just nonsense.

Ask yourself why so many apologetic tools in use by virtually all evangelical theists, be they Christians or Muslims or Scientologists, are aimed squarely at the stupid and uninformed?  Because that’s their target audience. Virtually nobody with a brain is going to buy into their silly crap.  It takes the gullible and credulous to look at these absurd claims and think “yeah, maybe…”

No, not maybe.  It’s time to call these what they actually are.  Utter bullshit, believed by morons who have no grasp on reality.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Muslims or Christians or anything else, it takes a huge degree of idiocy to believe something for which there is no evidence and worse, to embrace any of these really bad, easily disproven ideas for faith.

5 thoughts on “Dialogue between an Atheist and a Muslim”

    1. It\’s because these things are just myths, just like you see in holy books. You can\’t expect realistic characterization or plotting, it\’s a vehicle to get a point across, no matter how absurd the point.

  1. What a load of rubbish!

    I laughed at the place where he said their are so many holes in evolution, but I have to run to mosque soon for prayers so I dont have time to adress them. In other words, the writer of this piece has no idea how to refute evolution using science.
    And then I laughed harder when I heard that none of us here can prove our parents are our parents. DNA mate, viva the dark ages.

    You also would think this smart Muslim would have updated his -458 to the -459.67 degrees that it actually is.
    My recent post The Muslims disagree with the BigBang, but then again we all should

    1. The sad thing is, theists actually think this kind of garbage is going to convince any rational theist of their claims It takes 3 seconds to find a fallacy here or a total lie there or a laughable half-truth somewhere else, yet theists operate on pure and total blind faith and they can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t do the same thing.

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