Horror Show Sunday: Church of England Just As Bad

peter hedgeEvery now and then, I feel bad over focusing so much on Catholic sex abuse cases.  Oh, I don’t feel bad for the Catholics, they deserve to have their heinous crimes put out there for the world to see, I feel bad because I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, there can’t be anyone out there who doesn’t already know of the massive problems that the Catholic Church has with pedophile priests and the job the church has done over time to protect known sex criminals within their ranks.

It always makes me happy, in a strange way, therefore when I can point out the evils of other religious, who are no better, really, than the Catholics, and show that this isn’t just a problem of a single evil regime, but of religion across the board.

Peter Hedge, former vicar assigned to the Holy Trinity Church in Queensbury, England, has been accused of ten offenses of sexual misconduct with a single young boy.  Now as awful as that is, it probably wouldn’t raise many eyebrows because it seems to be rather tame by child rape standards, which is a very sad thing to say in and of itself.  However, Peter Hedge was also sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2009 for the same crime, of raping and sexually abusing boys in his pastoral care.  The judge in the 2009 case told Hedge, “You are 47 years of age and an ordained member of the Church of England, on which you have brought the most dreadful disgrace.”  He called Hedge’s behavior  “wicked and cynical” as he was convicted of two counts of rape, 32 counts of indecent assault and a count of committing a serious sexual offense.

Yet this goes back even further, he was accused back in 1997 of groping a young boy in his home and when no charges were brought, the judge argues that Hedge took that as a “green light” to continue his deviancy.  Hedge, while he was abusing children, was also in charge of proposing and passing the church’s sexual conduct code, which everyone considered absurdly hypocritical.  Throughout his church career, jurors heard that Hedge would regularly find young boys that he found at the church youth group and Sunday school, offer them drugs, get them hooked and when they came back to him for more, forced sexual favors.  It was reported that one such relationship lasted until 2005, where the boy finally told Hedge “if you do that again, I’ll kill you”.

Hedge will return to court in mid-September for the next phase of the new trial.  Regardless, at least this pedophile is off the streets until at least 2023, hopefully with no time for good behavior.  It’s funny how these sex abuse cases almost always have a long string of new charges over the course of years, as new children and young adults finally gain the courage to speak out.

So no, it’s not just the Catholic Church.  It’s all religion.  I don’t think there’s any group out there that doesn’t have a serious problem with deviant clergy.  Isn’t it time to stop pretending that people can leave their innocent children alone with these pervert men of God?  Yet another one for the Religous Horror Show.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Church of England Just As Bad”

  1. Sadly, there are leaders in many religious communities who abuse their power in order to prey on others. Predators lurk among Catholic priests, Protestant pastors, rabbis, imams, indigenous makers-of-medicine, and many other groups. In all religious communities, congregants must be vigilant and predators must be punished.
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    1. Yup, but as I've pointed out in the past, being a religious leader grants one more access and more protection and more trust than virtually any other profession, thus making it easier to not only molest children, but get away with it.

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