Horror Show Sunday: Nom Nom For Jesus

Hey Billy, want to come back to my trailer? There’s someone who wants to eat… I mean meet you…

What do you do when molesting a child isn’t enough?  You eat them, of course!  That’s just what Ronald William Brown, 57, of Largo, Florida and his co-conspirator, Michael Arnett, wanted to do.  They had a target in mind too.  Brown was employed for years by the Gulf Coast Church as a ventriloquist and puppeteer for their Puppet Ministry for Kidz Zone program.  The unnamed child target  attended the church and Brown’s puppet theater, but that wasn’t their only prospect.  See, Brown and Arnett talked often over the Internet and chatted about abducting, raping and eating children as young as two.  Arnett described a fantasy to Brown, that he’d like to drown a little girl and he wondered how various body parts tasted when roasted or pan-fried.  Brown replied that he had a specific little boy that attended the church that he wanted to strangle.

When authorities raided Brown’s home, they found a cache of child pornography and other evidence, although the police are not saying exactly what they found.  However, it was reported that they came out of the residence with three big bags of evidence and went back in with a stack of bags to gather more.  “It’s not over yet. It’s an ongoing investigation that’s evolving,” said Homeland Security spokesman Nestor Yglesias, who was on the scene at the Whispering Pines mobile home park.  Federal agents had previously searched the property, including the tool shed and Brown’s computer, where they report finding lewd photographs of children, a flier for a missing child and pictures of children that “appear to be deceased”.

While it is not known if Brown has actually harmed any children, Arnett claimed, online, that he had killed and eaten a child in the past and authorities are continuing to investigate his story.  A third man, Jason Scarcello, 42, of Anderson, California, has also been found to have been discussion child sex and murder with Arnett and when they searched his home, likewise found child pornography.  “The images and other details we’ve uncovered during the course of this far-reaching probe are, without question, some of the most profoundly disturbing evidence we’ve ever encountered in a child sexual exploitation case,” Clark Settles, special agent in charge for Homeland Security in San Francisco, said in a statement. “We are still aggressively investigating whether any of the suspects ever actually acted on their unspeakable dialogues.”

It’s a sad fact that sexual predators like this have used and continue to use churches and religious messages in their assault on children.  It’s not just the priests you can’t trust, it’s the puppeteers as well.  Welcome to the Religious Horror Show.  Hope you rot.


2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Nom Nom For Jesus

  1. Good to see someone at the church was smart enough to remove the link for the pupeteer. I wonder how the church will react to this, will they use the same old line of demons or not listening to gods message. It will be interesting to follow.

    1. Oh, I'm sure the church will find some way to rationalize it away, they always do. Nobody is ever responsible for their actions, it's always someone else's fault and that's sad.

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