Business with Racist Overtones

mighty2I get really tired of having to explain reality to liberals.  I’ve talked about this a couple of times before, but the liberal stupidity keeps rolling along and I’m putting this here to keep from overly politicizing my other blog. For those in the dark, there’s been a “movement” of sorts, I suppose, to pressure Marvel Comics to put out more predominantly black comics and if they don’t do so, they’re clearly racist.  This whole  debacle started when it was revealed that the new Mighty Avengers comic, which has a largely non-white cast of characters, was being “underordered” by comic retailers, thus, comic retailers must be racist!  These people are clueless in the highest degree and have no clue, or interest, in how business actually works.

Comic book retailers operate on a shoestring profit as it is, they have to be very careful what books they order for their shops and which ones they don’t.  They have to gauge, based on their experience, which ones will likely sell immediately and which ones will just sit around for months and have to be sold at a loss to clear space.  By and large, and I certainly can’t say this is true of everyone, but for the vast majority, the owners don’t give a damn who the team is or what color they are, they just want to make money.  The lowest-selling comic in July, 2013 was Aspen’s Legend of the Shadowclan.  The fact that most retailers didn’t order many, if any, of that title doesn’t mean that they’re biased against ninjas.  It’s absurd.

The fact is, comic shop owners have no control over who comes into their stores and buys what.  Neither does Marvel for that matter.  It is a fact, whether anyone likes it or not, that the top-rated comic superheroes, both for Marvel and DC, happen to be white characters.  That isn’t necessarily a racist thing, these are almost all characters that were created between the 1930s and the 1970s and have demonstrated their popularity and longevity.  It is an undeniable fact that, in the comic book world, the overwhelming majority of characters created in the past 20 years have failed to garner much popularity or  traction with comic book fans.   Therefore, it’s only common sense that a company would cater to their demonstrable audience and sell things that people have proven they’re willing to buy.

See, that’s how business works.  I know liberals seem incapable of understanding this so I’ll go slow.  Business exists to make money.  It does not exist to make social statements, it does not exist to engage in social engineering, it does not exist to push a social agenda.  It’s there to make a buck.  Full stop.  Sure, some companies can work some social justice into their business plan, lots of companies donate money to different causes, both for the tax write-off and for the customer good will and additional purchases that it invariably creates.  Charitable donations are not losing any of these companies business, trust me.  Liberals seem to think that business exists to make them feel good and if the business has to lose money to give them an ego boost, so be it.  They don’t seem to care that they’re wrong about pretty much everything across the board.  These are the same folks who are out trying to get minority actors in movies and on TV, just because of the color of their skin.  Movies and TV producers aren’t racists either, they’re trying to make a financially successful product.  They want to keep their show on TV so they keep getting paid.  They want to be high in the ratings so advertisers are willing to spend more putting their ads on during the show.  This is how it works.

Yet these crazy liberals are convinced, for some reason beyond my comprehension, that there are secret back rooms right now where rich white men are twisting their mustaches and working out devious means to put even more white actors on TV.  It’s utterly insane.  I just don’t understand where they get the absurd idea of racist bugaboos hiding under the bed, waiting to pounce on the unwary.  This is the stuff of the conspiracy theorist, not of any rational, intelligent person.

Now you can argue until you’re blue in the face why some characters are popular and some are not, it doesn’t change the fact that, at least at this moment in time, characters that happen to be white happen to have the most popularity.  But it isn’t the fact that they’re write that makes them popular, it’s the fact that they’ve had a long history, have been well written and have struck a chord with comic book readers.  Whether those readers are reading them because they’re white or not, I can’t say, all I can say is that I pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to the skin color of the characters I like.  Heck, in comics, half the time the characters are green or blue!  It doesn’t matter, to anyone, except these people!  They’re the real racists!  They’re the only people who are making a big deal about skin color!  And they’re the ones who scream the loudest when you point that fact out to them.

I guess that’s yet one more thing liberals are clueless about.

7 thoughts on “Business with Racist Overtones”

  1. It's very simple, really. People often (not always) read comics or watch movies, etc. with heroes that they can relate to.
    Did some guys regularly read Wonder Woman back in the day? Of course, but for every male Wonder Woman reader, there was at least 30X the number of male readers who would never pick up a copy because they simply couldn't relate to the character. As a result, WW was never stocked to the extent that Detective was. It's a simple business decision, nothing more.
    Is this discrimination? Absolutely. To be able to discriminate means you have the ability to tell the difference between one thing and another and make a decision based on that difference. This isn't a bad thing and it isn't a good thing. It just is. Discrimination was made a dirty word by the left, but it's a word that I embrace.
    I gave up on the comic book industry in 1994. Things were rocking in the 80's, but I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a retailer today. From time to time I drop in on a shop here and there and look at their blow-out boxes. They're filled with shit and nothing but shit. There was a time when you could find hidden treasures in a quarter box. Not any more. For one thing, who still has quarter boxes? To have to put up with the crap being spewed out by the publishers combined with the pressure to be pc at the expense of my own business? Screw that.

    1. Actually, I'm in the middle of writing the review for Mighty Avengers and I came back to re-read what I wrote here, so this is a bit late, but what the heck. While yes, to some degree, you are right, people read characters they can most relate to and there are certainly some men who wouldn't read Wonder Woman because of her gender, there are just as many who read it just for the T&A factor. However, as you said, there are lots more people who read Batman and therefore, Batman gets stocked at a much higher rate than Wonder Woman because he simply sells more. I don't agree that it's discrimination though, at least not in the way the word is usually used. DC isn't specifically making Wonder Woman a worse comic than Batman because she's female, in fact, they'd be thrilled if Wonder Woman sold as many issues as Batman and if it did, she'd be in as many comics as Batman is. The same goes on the Marvel side. If any female characters sold as well as Wolverine, they'd have as many books as Wolverine. And please Marvel, don't do that, Wolverine has too many books as it is.

      The reality is, the characters that sell are the characters that sell. It's the left that specifically looks at everything through color-enhancing glasses, they only see racism, they only see sexism, they only see discrimination because it's part and parcel with their worldview. In fact, I find liberals to be much more racist and sexist than conservatives by a considerable margin because that's all they can see!

      As for the general quality of comics, that's another post entirely and I agree, comics today are 99% garbage, but so is just about everything else in popular culture. Movies suck, TV shows suck, books suck, video games suck, everything sucks, but once in a while, you find that one jewel in the midst of the shit and that often makes it all worthwhile.

      1. Is it a genuine assumption or is it that these asshats are trying to manipulate others through shame or guilt? I realize it's not an "either-or" thing, but I always question the sincerity of those who make accusations of racism in this day and age and in this country especially.

        1. While you're probably right that it's not an either-or thing, I have run into so many liberals who assume that everything is racism, everything is sexism, everything is hatred and they see it in absolutely everything. That's why racism and sexism figures so prominently in everything they do and talk about, they can't imagine that the planet isn't full of people who hate blacks and want to rape women and all of that. It's where the Atheism+ idiots get it, it's just rampant in the liberal camp.

  2. I have read this story and the sad part is that it seems to be missing something but it is certainly not. How can someone think this is racist is beyond me. Also comics are art and so it really comes down to the artists at the end of the day who they portray. We would not call an artists who makes paintings for galleries racist if they only painted white children.

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