Horror Show Sunday: Demonic Doggie Destruction


In Stevenson, Washington, a 45 year old man attached explosives to the family dog and blew it up, claiming it was full of the devil.  Christopher Dillingham, who was preparing for the “Rapture”, placed an explosive device on the dog and set it off outside the family home around 4am, waking up neighbor and County Sheriff Dave Brown, who described the sound “it sounded like a high-power rifle outside my window.”  He called 911 and the responding officers found the remains of the decaptated dog strewn all over the yard.  Dillingham was arrested on the spot.

According to officers, Dillingham was throwing metal objects out of his house through a broken window, claiming they were infested with demons.  He also claims that the dog, given to him by his ex-girlfriend, was evil and that his ex-girlfriend had “put the devil in it”.  He says he constructed the explosive device from black powder extracted from commercial fireworks.  Dillingham is said to have owned and operated a fireworks stand and has a history of domestic violence.

Dillingham, whose children were at home during the event, but did not see the dog’s death, is being charged with second degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device, but police declined to charge him with animal cruelty, saying that the device was positioned in such a way as to kill the dog instantly, it felt no pain.  The charges were carefully considered to provide the highest possible bail amount and prosecutors say that animal cruelty charges are still on the table and “absolutely applicable.”  Bail is currently set at $500,000.  The current charges carry a potential of 20 years in prison and he deserves every single day he gets.

I think we should charge him with stupidity under the influence of religion.

Actually, I think a better solution would be to strap a bomb collar around this asshole’s neck and set it off.  What’s good for the puppy is good for the puppy murderer.  Is it any wonder so many sick assholes end up on the Religious Horror Show?

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