More Liberal Shenanigans on Racism

The dial spins when liberalism is involved.

There are reasons I really hate getting into discussions with liberals on controversial topics, because I know, pretty much without a doubt, that most of them are going to engage in blatantly dishonest tactics instead of just dealing with the actual argument being made.

Case in point, I was having a discussion about racism in comic books, I actually have a post scheduled on that actual debate over on my other blog, but it’s the response that I got there that I wanted to talk about here, since it’s largely off-topic on Cephus’ Corner.  The other article is scheduled to post 8/20 /13 and I’ll put a link to it here when it does.

Very briefly, the discussion started over an assertion that comic writer Christopher Priest was drummed out of Marvel Comics because he objected to being asked to write primarily black and hispanic characters.  The assertion is, he was black and therefore, being given black characters to write was inherently racist.  That Priest decided, of his own accord, to walk away from writing comics for Marvel was the very height of racism, evidence that the entire industry hates black people.  Never mind that there are plenty of black writers and artists working in comics today, it’s got to be racism!

So I pointed out that there are many other explanations, such as the very real, and I think probable, possibility that Priest’s writing talents run to writing ethnic characters.  He’s good at it!  There’s nothing wrong with that, a person’s past experiences often strongly influence their writing and creative style.  I happen to very much enjoy how Christopher Priest writes and he single-handedly revitalized the  character of Black Panther with his run. Let’s not forget that Priest also wrote an excellent run of Deadpool, a white character, but liberals don’t talk about that.  However, just  because Priest claims it was racism doesn’t mean that it was, all he’s shown is that Marvel didn’t let him do whatever he wanted to do.  So what?  They don’t let anyone do whatever they want to do, they are in business to make money and they put people on books where their talents are most likely to garner them more money.  Priest’s considerable talents lent themselves to a particular style of comic book.  If he didn’t like writing those comics, he should quit, which he did.  Such is life.

But of course, the loony left liberals don’t like to have their racism screed questioned so I was immediately attacked, not for what I said, but for my assumed racism.  Yes, I was being declared a racist because I didn’t buy into the “institutional racism against blacks” nonsense that serves as a political platform point for the Democrat Party.  I got instantly attacked, piled on with personal insults, someone even went back and found posts that I wrote back as far as 2005, pulled entirely out of context, to suggest that I was a racist. Nope, doesn’t fly, I own everything I’ve said, in the context in which I said it, but this is really beyond the pale.

Unfortunately, it’s also standard liberal operating procedure.  If you can’t address what someone actually says, pretend they say something else and attack that straw man.  When leftist extremists are involved, it’s not a debate, it’s a witch hunt.  We see the same thing recently in the atheist “community” with PZ Myers and the Shermer claims.  If you say something I don’t like, I’ll do everything in my power to destroy you.  It’s the liberal mantra.

I’ve spent years railing on the failures of liberalism, a rather pointless gesture in the midst of a liberal-heavy atheist “community”, but the more I do it, the more I see former dyed-in-the-wool liberals, the ones who are capable of actually thinking about their positions rather than emotionally reacting to them, admitting that maybe they’re not as liberal as they once thought they were.  Liberalism, like it or not, is a failed political and social philosophy.  It doesn’t do anything to strengthen a society, it doesn’t do anything to improve a culture, it doesn’t produce demonstrably better results.  It makes people weak.  It makes them more dependent on the government. It makes them poorer and less prepared to climb out of that poverty.  It is totally unsustainable, as we see from the world around us today.  Cities fall into bankruptcies due to liberal politics, countries like Greece fall apart because they’ve gone too far into liberal loony land, things are only going to get worse until people realize that having their hand out for a government check isn’t the solution to the world’s problems, it’s the cause.

Liberal dishonesty, like neo-con dishonesty, ought to be expected because both are positions which cannot be rationally justified.  They rely on emotion, not intelligence, which is why, when backed into a corner, they lash out emotionally, not rationally.  It’s no wonder that this planet is terminally screwed up if these are two of the major choices people have to contend with in social and political ideologies.

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