Horror Show Sunday: Mutilation Makes the Demons Go Away!

This is the face of Horror Show Sunday.

In Magnolia, Texas, a 5-year old child fights for his life after his mother slashed his throat from ear to ear and stomped on his head and chest, ultimately crushing his chest cavity.  The boy, Michael, was placed in a medically-induced coma following his horrific injuries.  His mother, 45-year old Daphne Spurlock claims she was trying to rid him of his demons and shows no remorse whatsoever for her actions.  According to investigators, Spurlock is extremely religious, her Facebook page was filled with Bible verses and religious imagery.  Her husband, David, said that in recent days, Daphne had begun to hear voices that she claimed were Jesus.  Neighbors and friends also said that Spurlock had become obsessed with religion.  “I just didn’t see her as a normal person any more. Something had influenced her,” said Lee Gresham, her brother.  Gresham blames her church, Magnolia Apostolic Tabernacle, for poisoning her mind.  “She always had a faith in God and believed in that, she just got in kind of way deep at this place she’s in now. She got beyond what I’ve ever seen.”

A spokesman from the Magnolia police department told reporters, “She was reading from the Bible with him (Michael) and realized he was infested with demons and had to release these demons from him.”  How anyone can read that statement and consider this bitch anything but crazy is beyond me.

Unfortunately, religious belief, especially evangelical and fundamentalist religious belief, tends to appeal primarily to the mentally unstable.  This is far from the first time I’ve reported on super-religious parents beating their children to death in order to drive out demons.  It’s all there in black and white to read on the Religious Horror Show.  The other part that is problematic is that religion provides cover for the mentally insane.  Anyone else who was hearing voices and thought their child was filled with demons would have gotten a quick trip to the local psychiatrist for a 48 hour hold, but as soon as religion is added to the mix, nobody wants to claim the religious are crazy.

Of course the religious are crazy!

Thankfully, Michael Spurlock has made an amazing recovery from his injuries.  After extensive surgery, he was placed in a rehabilitation facility, from which he has now been released.  His current whereabouts and condition are unknown, but I wish him the best, it isn’t his fault that his mother is a religious nutbag.  While Michael’s father was not involved in the attack, Child Protective Services has denied his appeal to have Michael returned to him, which I think is an entirely appropriate decision.  Instead, he may end up with his adult sister and hopefully, she’s not a religious nut too.

Yet another one for the Religious Horror Show.  Why don’t we stop these religious crazies before they hack up their kids?

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