Racism: The Unsurprising Outcome

George-Zimmerman-TrialNow that George Zimmerman has been found not guilty on all charges in the unfortunate shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I guess it’s no surprise whatsoever that we’re seeing complaints in the black community that the trial was racist and we should take Zimmerman and charge him in a federal civil rights violation trial.

No, we would accept that the jury of his peers found him not guilty on all counts and move on with our lives.  Yet isn’t this what happens any time a white man, which isn’t even true in the case of George Zimmerman, shoots any non-white?  It’s racist-mania from all of the non-white groups.

If the situation were reversed, if Zimmerman had been black and Martin had been white, you’d never hear a word about it from the black community.  You’d never hear that it was a racially motivated shooting, heck, there are lots of people in the black community that would be cheering.  And in either case, you never hear much noise from the “white community” that there was some strange conspiracy in either case, it would just be one more tragic shooting among many thousands that go on all the time across the country.

This is an old story.  Remember back to the Rodney King trial and the L.A. riots that followed it?  There are plenty of cases we can point to where young black and even young hispanic men (it’s almost always men) take to the streets and burn their own neighborhoods whenever something they don’t like goes on.  Luckily, at least so far, this has not happened in the Zimmerman trial, but you never know.  It just takes a spark to make the situation explode into violence.

1992RaceRiotYet why is it that you virtually never see a white race riot?  Lots of pissed off black men would assert it’s because whites are in power, but that’s not really it.  Sure, traditionally, whites have had a lot more power than blacks, but that hasn’t been something inherently true for many decades.  It may be true by default because so many in the poor black community refuse to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them, mostly because they embrace poor ghetto culture which demonizes such things and makes a life of crime and irresponsibility the only socially acceptable option available.

So what brings all of this up?  Today, I was listening to that same old crazy talk radio personality who claims to be conservative but really is anything but and she was bitching about the Zimmerman verdict and how everyone, especially blacks, ought to be pissed off and they should do something.  I will say that I’m happy that so many people called in to tell her she’s wrong, but she doesn’t listen and I doubt her mind changed one iota between the moment she started taking calls and the time she stopped.  She’s hopelessly socially liberal on a radio station that claims to be conservative.  I wish they’d fire her annoying ass.

Whether anyone likes it or not, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty.  That’s how the jury system works in this country, you are tried before a jury of your peers and they make the decision.  Not me.  Not you. The jury.  It just seems that people only like the jury system when they vote the way people want, otherwise it’s a travesty of justice and far too often, black and hispanic men take to the street to burn and destroy, just because they don’t want anyone voting against the “community”

Well fuck that.  I have no personal vested interest in the outcome of that case and, news flash for everyone else, neither did they, unless they happened to belong to the Zimmerman or Martin family.  Anyone who can only see the world through race-colored glasses, which happens to be far too many people in the black and hispanic communites in the U.S., those are the real racists.  Those are the people who need help because they are the ones perpetuating the racial violence and hatred against others.  It’s time everyone grew the hell up, stopped worrying about what happened 50 years ago and started being responsible for themselves and their own lives.  It’s not an excuse to run riot whenever something doesn’t go your way, it’s up to you and you alone to make something of yourself and to stop being racist and seeing everything along racial lines.  If  you want an end to racism, and I think all of us do, or at least should, you need to stop being a goddamn racist.

Anyone think that’ll happen any time soon?

2 thoughts on “Racism: The Unsurprising Outcome

  1. Where is the protest from the black community over the deaths of thousands of young black men by other black men? Is it only a problem if the killer is not a black?

    1. I agree. The majority of blacks are killed by other blacks, yet the black community largely is silent on this. There is a much higher rate of hispanic-on-black violence, which the Zimmerman case really was, or black-on-hispanic violence, yet they have nothing to say about it. Of course, they only scream about white-on-black violence (never black-on-white violence) because it allows them to play the victim card.

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