33 Better Reasons Not To Be a Feminist Part 1

feminist3I run into really idiotic reasons online for doing various and sundry things, but it’s usually pretty rare that those reasons don’t come from one of two groups.  First, they’re absurdly common from theists who, as we all know, come up with a load of asinine claims for why people ought to adopt their worldview.  Second, though, I see a ton of stupidity coming from the mouths of liberals, especially feminists and this is no exception.  I ran into this list of 33 reasons why people ought to be a feminist and just reading through the list made me facepalm continuously.

The Amazing Atheist did a YouTube video of his responses, but after watching it, I found most of his answers lacking and incomplete, mostly because of the format and time constraints, so I wanted to give a shot to a more complete reason why these “reasons” are just absurd.  The original list, at least in the only form I’ve seen it, is 33 pictures with captions, which you can see here.  I’m going to address the arguments themselves and, unlike TAA, I’m going to address the claimed statistics to see if they’re actually valid.  As this will take some space, I’m going to split the list into 3 sections and take it on 1/3 at a time.  If you want to watch T.J.’s video, here it is:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlSh6wBXePM’]

1.  Because this type of violence-glorifying and misogynist commercials is not unusual and get to exist in our society without many  reactions.

Exactly what is violence-glorifying or misogynist about that particular commercial again?  Sorry, I just don’t see it.  Of course, lots of feminists will, simply because they are trained to see sexism in everything, whether it exists or not.  I’d be curious to see an objective means of determining what is “sexism” and what is not, from a feminist perspective.  I honestly don’t think they could come up with a single metric which could separate “sexist” content from “non-sexist” content.  It seems like it’s in the eye of the beholder, they can’t define it but they know it when they see it and unfortunately for the rest of us, they see it in everything.

2.  Because women don’t get to decide over their own bodies.

For the most part, they do and have for many years.  Most women in the western world have no problem whatsoever deciding to get an abortion if they want, etc.  I honestly think this is aimed at women who choose to make choices contrary to the feminist mantra though, it isn’t that women *CAN’T* decide something, it’s that many don’t do what the feminists want them to do, therefore it must be the “Patriarchy” that stops them.  It’s absurd.  However, on the flip side, men have no say whatsoever in what happens to a fetus they helped to create.  What’s worse, they are completely under the control of the woman’s whims if she decides to have a baby that the man doesn’t want, she can hold him financially hostage for 18 years and never allow him to see the child if she doesn’t want to.  She holds all the cards.  Of course, feminists don’t complain about this bit of extreme inequity, they never open their mouths when women have superior rights to men, only when it’s the other way around.  Of course, I just wish people would be responsible in the first place, if you’re not willing to commit to supporting and raising a child in the first place, stay out of each other’s pants.  Yeah, I know, that would never fly in the modern-day liberal worldview but that’s the way it ought to be.

3.  Because women are constantly sexualized and objectified, while men get credit for their skills and professions.

playgirl-coverI think there’s a whole metric that feminists don’t consider here and this will apply again to another point later.  Yes, the women on the GQ covers are posed sexually because whether feminists like it or not, sex sells.  However, whether they understand or like that fact or not, there’s something else that we have to consider.  The women on those covers chose to pose that way of their own free will.  Nobody held a gun to their heads.  Nobody forced them with threats of violence.  These are women who got into these industries knowing full well what the work was and they did it anyhow.  Feminists are essentially telling these women that they’re stupid cows, led around by the nose and forced to do things against their will… or what their will really ought to be, according to the feminists.  That’s absurd.  Worse yet, it’s funny how the feminists only talk about the covers of men’s magazines, they completely ignore the covers of magazines intended for women, which objectify and sexualize men.  It’s all “do as we say, not as we do.”

4/5.  Because this gets banned on Facebook… while this is fine.

That’s because the one image is expressly banned on Facebook and the other is not.  It has nothing to do with being female body parts, if it was male body parts, it would be deleted just as quickly.  There is no nudity allowed on Facebook whatsoever.  This is an example of an argument that I see far too often among feminists, they don’t bother to think about the substance of their argument, they just pick something that ostensibly concerns women and get upset about it.  As for the second imagine, I agree that it’s offensive and tasteless, but what feminists, and indeed most liberals just don’t understand is that there’s no right not to be offended.  Just because something bothers you doesn’t mean you get to stand there like a Donald Sutherland pod person, screaming until someone makes it go away.  If you find something that offends you, the best way to handle it is to stop looking at it.  Welcome to reality, feminists.

6.  Because 97% of all rapists never have to spend a day in jail.

Even going by their own statistics, this figure is wrong.  According to the data their own groups put out, 6% of rapists ever go to jail, putting the 97% figure into laughable territory.  The problem is, nobody ever cites their sources for making these claims.  how do they know what percentage of rapes (claims range from 50-90%) go unreported?  By definition, they’re unreported!  The only way to get this data is to survey a large number of women and hope that you get honest responses, but since most of these surveys are done by groups with a particular agenda, how they phrase their questions has a huge impact on the data they get.  This strikes me as a made up statistic that cannot be validated by actual, demonstrable evidence.

7.  Because model agencies are scouting models outside of anorexia clinics.

You’d have to blame society for that one, it’s certainly not just men who are responsible.  In fact, since most of these models are wearing clothing intended for women, it’s really the women who have unrealistic expectations for body types that are pushing this kind of thing.  If women would refuse to buy clothing worn by these undernourished cretins, advertising and modeling agencies would stop using them.  Besides, isn’t one of the main battle cries for feminism that women should be self-sufficient and not have to look the way men want them to look or act the way men want them to act?  Listen to your own feminist mantra and just don’t do it!  Of course, that would be too easy, they don’t want to free themselves from the expectations of others, they want to change the expectations of others to exactly what they want, which is stupid.

8.  Because women are being discriminated against in the workplace because they have children, or may have children in the future.

I hate to say if but that’s the reality of female biology.  Business, whether you like it or not, requires a long-term commitment from it’s workers at every level of the company.  People who are apt to take extended periods of time off, who are apt to leave early or come in late because they have to take care of their children, are a hindrance to the  company.  Is it fair?  I don’t know that fair has anything to do with it.  Someone who is sickly, who takes a lot of time off or has to leave to go to the doctor, is going to have the same problem, they probably won’t advance as far because of something they have no control over either.  Nobody said life was fair.  Certainly we ought to do our best to limit disparities, but there are some differences which are dictated by biology, not society.  A woman who works just as hard and just as long as a man should not be discriminated against.

9.  Because women still make less money for doing the same job as men.

Like it or not, as with #7 above, this is largely because women pursue different job paths than men do.  Men tend to work longer hours, take less time off and work their way up the corporate ladder than women do.  Many women take time off to have children and that’s going to affect how well they are paid.  It’s not the non-existent “patriarchy” that does this to women, it’s human biology and women’s choices.  If you compare two men, one of whom works a lot harder and longer than the other, the one that works hardest will invariably make more money, even if they have the same job.  That’s how American business culture works.

10.  Because there are parts of the world where women get punished after being sexually assaulted.

Yes there are and it’s a terrible thing, but what do you think that you’re going to do about it, being a feminist in a kooshy house, sitting behind a monitor, somewhere in the western world?  There are so many of these statements that will not be solved by slapping a feminist label on your forehead.  I see feminists complaining about things like this, and they should, I just don’t see them proposing any real-world solutions to the problems.  If the only reason to be a feminist is to whine, I don’t see how that’s helpful.

11.  Because there are actually people who think it’s not rape if the person is sleeping.

That’s reprehensible, but being a feminist isn’t going to change that.  There are bad people in the world, that’s a simple fact of life.  There are people who are going to use others for their own benefit.  There are people who are going to kill others, torture others and rape others.  It sucks, but nobody said the world was going to be a magical, happy land.  These people deserve to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, just like anyone who harms others.  I don’t need to be a feminist to want justice.  Why do you?

12.  Because 1 out of every 6 American women has been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.

false rapeThis comes from a study performed by the Center for Policy Research and it has a lot of questionable data, much of it is pulled out of context for use in feminist literature.  For instance, I’ve seen it said that 52% of women have been physically assaulted, neglecting that the study makes it clear this refers only to women who were “assaulted” in childhood, including being spanked.  That’s not assault, that’s discipline.  When looking at legitimate assault, suffered in recent history, only 1.9% of women reported they’d been assaulted.  There are no specifics provided of the details of these assaults either, there is no differentiation between assaults by men or assaults by women, although feminists simply assert that all of the assaults were committed by man on women.  Similarly for this claim, it says that 18% of women report they’ve either been raped or someone attempted to rape them, it gives no details on who may have raped them or the conditions under which they were raped.  Since these were all anonymous reports given over the phone with no verification that anything said was true, the results are extremely subjective.  We don’t even know if the women who claimed to have been raped had ever had those cases prosecuted.  Of course, we know that up to 40% of rape cases reported to police are fabricated and there are many cases of retroactive rape claims, where a woman changes her mind after the fact and claims that she was raped when, indeed, it was wholly consensual at the time.  The Air Force did a comprehensive study of 556 rape allegations and found that when questioned, 27% of accusers recanted and 60% of cases were found to be false during independent investigations.  Of course, feminists love to claim that 1-in-4 women in college will be raped but they have never been able to validate that claim.  In fact, studies that have been done show that the number is actually closer to 1-in-1877.  Crime statistics used in these studies are publically available from Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh.  Feminists have this bizarre idea that anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth must be true because she has a vagina.  Women are no more or less honest or trustworthy than men are.  I think we ought to take all claims of abuse seriously and investigate them rigorously to determine whether they’re true or not.  A claim of rape without evidence is no more credible than a man’s claim that he slept with a particular woman without evidence.

In part 2 of this series, I’ll take on the next 11 ridiculous reasons.  Don’t miss it!

16 thoughts on “33 Better Reasons Not To Be a Feminist Part 1”

  1. I was wondering if anyone beside TAA would take a look at this. Good points so far. My favorite parts of reading this list were the times when "objectification" arguments are made….they always ignore the fact sexual objectification, unreasonable body standards, etc, happen to men too, and that normal, everyday men are often held to just as high or even a higher standard by normal, everyday women. Sexual objectification is 100% natural, every human does it all the damn time, and the only way to stop it is with puritanical, sex-fearing attitudes becoming the norm. Even that doesn't stop it, it just chases it out of public view.

    1. How can you blame men for it when the most objectifying group are women! It isn't men reading the fashion magazines, it isn't men going to fashion shows, it isn't men rating the dresses of actresses at the Oscars. The only one who is objectifying women are women! Lots of times, women don't want to dress that way, which is fine, but they want men to be equally as attracted to them as they are to those who do dress that way. Actions have consequences. Stop whining.

  2. Men are constantly objectified by their utility, and profession. Men are unfairly measured by their labor. They could be honest and hard working, but if they still don't make a high enough salary. Majority of women don't even consider them worth their time.

    1. You don't see feminists complaining about that though, do you? I had a Twitter debate yesterday with someone I really do respect, but had to point out that only focusing on the problems of women is sexist. Most feminists only care about problems that affect women, most MRAs only care about problems that affect men and both sides are inherently sexist because that's what sexism is.

      1. Caring about the issues of a community you belong to is not an ism! Being a woman and caring about the rights of women and vice versa is not Sexist!!! Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on your sex.

        1. It's an ism when you identify that way. When you take on that label, you have chosen to be a part of a particular movement. Feminists don't seem to care if men are discriminated against based on their sex, they just want what's best for them.,

    2. Majority? That is an over sweeping generalization. The reason this thought about men exists is because before women were allowed in the workplace, Men were sole providers. Also a man's wealth was a status identifier. Lastly, marriage was a business contract. Men offered to help families and pay dowries. If he had more money the better his status, the more he could offer, and could provide for his new family. Again, this societal stereotype is what Feminism is trying to eradicate with feminism. Equally for both sexes

      1. Okay. They won. Congrats. Stop fighting now. No more dowries, women are well-represented in the workplace, nobody has to get married and a lot of people simply never do. So what's left to fight for? You have equality!

  3. I define myself as a feminist and there are a few points in your article I do actually agree with, such as the feminist community’s tendency to pretend false rape claims isn’t a problem. However, feminism is a wide umbrella with lots of contrasting opinions, and this article is full of huge generalizations.

    First of all the assumption here that all feminists blame men for everything, for example, the impossible body imagine standards of tha fashion industry, is ludicrous. It’s a social problem, but it doesn’t make it less of an issue. I myself have been subjected to sexist behaviour by both genders (a woman who I served at work for example, who didn’t believe I’d got her the right product and insisted she’s “come back later and get one of the men to do it” It’s not some men verses women war.

    The assumption that men work harder on their careers is ludicrous too. You should meet some of the amazing women, with children or without, I know, who work long hours to provide for families or climb career ladders. Where I live, women get an equal hourly rate to men, but this isn’t the case everywhere. To insinuate men are harder working is ridiculous, and women shouldn’t miss opportunities to less qualified men because they’re at a fertile age. I myself am a huge believer in paternal right, ams perhaps if we granted men more paternity leave some of this prejudice would go away, as men would also require time off. This is one of many examples of men and women on the same side, where granting rights to one side makes life easier for both. Most feminists don’t demonise men, but people love to concentrate on the ones who do. They exist, but are hardly common. To render my views illegitimate because I label myself as a feminist makes no sense. The label doesn’t act on its own, but neither does it make my actions invalid. Isn’t it a person’s views and actions that matter, not what they may label themselves as being?

    1. I absolutely agree, that's why I usually make an attempt to differentiate between feminism and radical feminism, although that's not a differentiation that a lot of radical feminists bother with, they want people to think that all feminists are, in fact, third and fourth generation radical feminists and nothing could be further from the truth. I don't know that "feminism" as a term, really has any positive meaning anymore, that's why I've moved to egalitarianism. I'm for equality for all.

      So let's take on some of your arguments here because I think you've made some good ones. You say that the body standards are ludicrous and I agree. So why do so many women take them seriously? You can just as easily ignore them, can't you? Every woman, indeed every person on the planet, has the ability to ignore the standards and do their own thing. If enough women reject those standards, those standards will simply go away. If there are ugly fashions out there, don't wear them. If there are horrible standards, don't follow them. Peer pressure only works so long as you are willing to bow to it. Don't do it. I never have. Neither has anyone I know. We've all turned out fine.

      The fact is, and data bears this out, that men do work harder and longer than women because women tend to take more time off to deal with childbirth and child rearing. Where men and women work the same amount of time and just as hard, the data shows that women tend to earn even more money than men. This isn't about gender equality but about time served and effort given. Choosing a couple of cases that you know doesn't prove a thing with regard to the entire country. I know some damn hard working women who earn everything they get, but I know a lot of men who work 80+ hours a week, every week, never call in sick, are never unwilling to go above and ridiculously far beyond to serve their companies and they are the ones that tend to get ahead because they kill themselves to do it. Any woman who wants to do the same thing, deserves the same rise to the top and the same pay. We just don't see McDonalds saying men get hired at $9 an hour and women get hired at $8. That's not how it works.

      While I agree with you that the majority of women who might call themselves feminists don't hate men, I still think the term has become useless because a huge number of very vocal radical feminists have stained it with their male hatred. There's no question that these women do hate men, they're only too happy to admit it. That's the whole point behind Atheism+, they hate wealthy white cisgendered men. That's their schtick. They're out there saying things like all feminists agree with them and when you try to disagree, they pat you on the head, tell you that you've been deluded and ban you from their community. You can call yourself whatever you want, you are free to apply any label to yourself that you like but the fact that someone insults your label doesn't mean they are insulting you, all of the people who adopt your label don't agree, therefore the label is inherently flawed to begin with. Stop worrying about labels and start worrying about what someone actually criticizes. If I said nothing that criticized your specific views, I clearly wasn't talking about you and so you should take no offense from it. If I directly criticized your views, that's the opportunity to discuss where we agree and where we differ. It's not about labels, it's about individual beliefs.

    1. That's horrbie I am a feminist and that should not happen ( they probley took in account the felmale tourists as well)

      I do not hate all men and hating men would be against my femisest values (every gender should be equal) and did you know that there is a Tour de France for females and the prize money is less gif the girls then the boys and the London 2012 Olympics were the frist ones were every country allowed girls to compete

      1. Why in the world would women agree to be in a race that only women can race in? If women are every bit as good as men, which I think they are, then they should race in the same race as men, for the same prize money.

  4. For a long time I have been hesitant to label myself as a “feminist” because of the negative label attached to it. Not only that but third wave feminism has left a bad taste in my mouth. But now I know that I am an “egalitarian”. 😀

    Really well thought-out article by the way. I agree with most of your comments except for :

    1. "Because this type of violence-glorifying and misogynist commercials is not unusual and get to exist in our society without many reactions"
    It is victimization of a women and violence against women. You may not see it because you have become desensitized to it. Look at this Dolce & Gabana advert for a moment and imagine : what will happen next? There is one guy pinning down the girl and the other two standing in the background.

    Here is an interesting article I had found a while back >> http://www.businessinsider.com/sex-violence-again

    I do get upset by point 3. "Because women are constantly sexualized and objectified, while men get credit for their skills and professions." Maybe I am taking it too personally but I find it insulting. Is this all we're good for? Is this how women are still regarded? As sex objects?
    And you're right, somewhere along the line the models have to consent to it but… why do they? Is it their way to affirm their feminity? Do they think it's empowering?

    12. "Because 1 out of every 6 American women has been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime."

    Rape concerns men as well. Moreover, men are less likely to report rape (or any other type of abuse perpetrated by a woman) because of shame and embarassment. More needs to be done to support men.

    Ludicrous body standards cannot be ignored because it has a psychological impact on impressionable children and teenagers. Girls as young as 9 years old diet in order to meet this expectation. And I can imagine that the same applies to boys.

    1. Welcome to the club, Nadine! Egalitarianism is really the only way to go, equality for all, superiority for none. So I'll address your concerns. 1. I didn't say I agreed with those things, I just said that they existed. That particular commercial, however, had none of the things you claim that it does. If it did, I would be against it as well. However, a lot of women are trained that anywhere that men are in physical control of women is somehow rape and that's absurd. The woman wasn't being beaten, she wasn't being sexually abused, she wasn't black and blue and screaming for help. That's not rape and that's not the intent of the commercial. People need to learn to take things as intended, not as interpreted. 3. I think you have to realize that all of the headers that you are quoting here are not my headers, they are the claims of the feminists that I am responding to. If you have an issue with these headers, take it up with the feminists. I personally don't think that anyone is being sexualized, if anything, there are plenty of women who use their sex to get ahead in the workplace, that comes from them, it is not imposed upon them. But, of course, to a feminist, everyone is a victim, at least if they have a vagina, and nothing is ever their fault. According to feminists, women have no agency, they are constantly being taken advantage of by men so that nothing bad that ever happens to them is their fault. It's hard to find a more woman-hating group than modern feminists. 12. Yes, I have pointed out in other articles that men are much more prone to be victims of physical violence than women are, but feminists couldn't care less. It doesn't fit in with their narrative so they ignore it. As for body image, everyone is responsible for what they do to their bodies. If they starve themselves to meet some ideal, whose fault is that? We've taught our daughters to ignore things like that, just do what makes you happy and the people who really matter in life will stick with you and all the shallow idiots who only care about how you look or the clothes you wear or whatever, those people will go away as they should. That's a lesson we should be teaching people, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual to make intelligent decisions.

      Thanks for responding!

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