responsibility-1I think I’ve made myself pretty clear regarding irresponsible behavior, I think we’ve created a society filled with people who not only think about the potential consequences of their actions, they just don’t care because no matter what happens, someone else is going to clean up their mess.  I think it’s about time we stopped allowing people to get away with this kind of behavior and started making people’s lives difficult if they continue to engage in it.

I’ve talked about some of my views on welfare, for instance, where I would expect able-bodied people who are getting a government check to be required, in order to keep receiving it, to get an education or job training, to do some form of work and to control themselves.  If they cannot, they don’t get a check, period.

However, someone suggested, like it was a foregone conclusion, that the government ought to hand out condoms for free to any teenager (or anyone else, for that matter) who comes skipping down the primrose path.  It’s cheaper than paying for all the unwanted and/or children that cannot be afforded, isn’t it?

I say hell no.  I say that we don’t just expect people to act irresponsibly (see my post on the subject), but that we expect that they will be responsible and punish the ones who fail to meet our expectations.  Raise the bar, don’t shoot for the lowest common denominator.  Make it hurt when you fuck up.  So in the case of condoms for kids, no.  Let them pay for their own condoms.  If they don’t and they have a kid when they’re still a minor, go straight after the parents.  That’s right, fine the crap out of the parents, after all, it is their *JOB* to raise socially responsible children.  That’s what they owe society and if they fail, then it becomes their personal responsibility to correct the problem.  That means that the parents of both the boy and the girl are now financially responsible for the care and wellbeing of that baby.  Welfare won’t pay for it, they need to work it out and if they fail, then they need to be further motivated.  I don’t care if they need to go out and dig ditches or muck out stables, they’re the ones who failed in their most basic job, I want it to hurt.

Oh, I know the liberals will whine “you can’t control everything your kids do!”  You’re right, but the time to worry about that isn’t when your daughter is pregnant, it’s in the years and years and years you had before that to raise them right.  I have honestly never seen parents who did everything right, who were personally involved and invested in their child’s life and education, who produced a bad seed, except when there was something actually wrong, physically or mentally with the child.  Parents who take the time and responsibility before they get married to get to know each other, who are committed to remaining together and being responsible parents don’t tend to have the kinds of problems that you see with single parents or people who either didn’t bother to get married, or who knew each other for a week before they ran off to get married.  It’s no wonder these people’s lives are ruined, they were idiots to begin with.

In fact, I’d hope that once you started holding people responsible for their own lives and the lives of their minor offspring, people who knew they couldn’t hack it would just stop having children.  Can’t hack it?  Don’t breed!  The idea that popping out a unit every 9 months is some god-given right is idiotic.  It’s not a right, it’s a responsibility.  That might be a bad word to some people, but… well, fuck you.

This country is falling apart, it has been for a couple of decades now and it will continue to disintegrate so long as we don’t hold people accountable for their actions and for the things that they should be responsible for.  I am just sick and tired of hearing about peoples rights, I want to hear about your responsibilities and nobody ever wants to talk about those.

It’s about time that changed.

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