Blacks More Racist? No Surprise There.

black-panther-holder-votingThere’s a new study out that confirms something that I already knew, that blacks tend to be more racist than whites, or at the very least, that Americans see them that way.  There’s nothing wrong with blacks, of course, it’s just that we have a society which encourages them, sometimes passively, sometimes actively, to hate non-blacks.  It’s not just the standard U.S. culture either, it’s probably even more the ghetto sub-culture that is responsible, but you’ll never get anyone on the black activist side to admit it, even though they use it constantly.

Why do they use racial epithets and why do they consider themselves superior to other races?  Because it’s a part of the liberalization of America.  I’ve spoken about it before, it’s the idea that people ought to be able to get ahead, simply because they bother to get out of bed in the morning, not because they’ve earned it.  A lot of modern-day liberalism came out of the civil rights movement of the 60s.  It wasn’t necessarily touted by people like Martin Luther King Jr., but other black leaders at the time who wanted to be equal to whites right away, without any work, and without any risk.  I argue for equality of opportunity, that people, no matter their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion or creed, ought to have the same opportunity to get ahead, based on their effort and ability.  The liberals, on the other hand, demand equality of outcome.  They want an equal number of people in every field, at every level, based on skin color, not on how hard one works or what position one earns.  If 20% of the population are black, they want 20% of every field to be held by blacks.  Of course, in fields where blacks represent more than 20%, they don’t say a word about it, they’re not interested in equality for all, just for themselves.  When they don’t get it, they scream racism.  Why do they scream racism?  Because it’s an emotionally charged word that gets attention, like screaming fire in a crowded theater.  It gets a reaction and immediately casts the person so accused in a negative light.

It’s the exact same reason why feminists run around calling all of their critics “misogynists”.  It’s an attempt to shut down debate and silence nay-sayers.  I’ve been called that for daring to think that blacks don’t deserve special treatment, but then again, I don’t think whites deserve special treatment either.  Nobody deserves special treatment, but it isn’t the whites calling me racist.  It isn’t the asians calling me racist.  For the most part, it isn’t the hispanics calling me racist either.  It’s almost 100% the blacks and their liberal supporters.  I hold a consistent position, that everyone deserves equal rights and equal opportunity and, by and large, people have that.  Virtually all kids have access to a free primary and secondary education.  It’s up to them, once they get into the classroom, to apply themselves.  I get so sick and tired of people moaning and groaning about how they have a single mother, living on welfare, who doesn’t care about their education.  Whose fault is that?  It’s certainly not society’s, it’s the idiot who decided to spread her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry that came down the street, who never got an education, who never developed a work ethic, who had children before she was in a stable job and economic condition to do so.  Who is to blame?  It isn’t society.  It’s her.  And I don’t care about the additional whining that her mother never taught her, there comes a time when you are personally responsible for your own life whether  you were taught or not and you’re also responsible for passing that knowledge and wisdom down to your own children.  If you can’t figure this out, you don’t deserve to breed.

Much of that comes out of the black ghetto culture though.  They specifically teach their kids not to care about school, to drop out at their earliest opportunity, not to get jobs, not to follow the law, to do drugs and not to make anything of themselves because crime and a government check are their means of survival.  Yet there has to be a time when enough is enough and society stops handing out checks to any idiot without an ounce of common sense.  Of course, I’ve been called a racist for that too because apparently, those free government checks are pay-back for all the bad things that blacks had to go through 150 years ago.  It’s idiotic.

Of course, liberals don’t see it that way, mostly because I don’t think most liberals understand the question.  Racism isn’t a matter of whether or not you think it’s justified.  It’s a matter of how a person views the world.  If they think that any race is better or worse than any other race, they are racist.  In fact, I’d go one step farther and say anyone who considers skin color in any way other than as a means of differentiation, is probably racist.  That actually reminds me of an old commercial from the 70s where a grandfather tells his grandson that he’s prejudiced because he has a “Jewish friend”.   No, he was asked about his friend, he defined his friend in a way to differentiate him from another friend who might not be Jewish.  It doesn’t mean he thinks any differently of him.

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In the end, I think if we want to live in a color-blind society, we need to hold everyone accountable to the same standards.  No more race-baiting from idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  No more double-standards, one for blacks and one for whites.  No more affirmative action.  Treat everyone the same, no more exceptions for anyone, just insist that everyone be a responsible, productive member of society.  Stop paying them to be lazy.  It’s about time racism went away for everyone, not just the white people in society.

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