Horror Show Sunday: Attempted Exorcism Kills Again

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Another innocent, sacrificed on the pyre of religion, on this week’s Horror Show Sunday.

 Eder Guzman-Rodriguez pleaded no contest to charges that he suffocated his 2-year old daughter.  The Floyd, VA man told police that he hit and strangled his daughter because he believed that she was possessed by a demon and that the demon took possession of his body to commit the crime.

“I know I am the one who hit her,” Eder Guzman-Rodriguez told police. “I was the only one there. The demon used my body to kill her.”

Before attacking his daughter, Guzman-Rodriguez beat and strangled his wife, Carmen Nolazco, into unconsciousness so she couldn’t stop him from “exorcising” the child.  When police arrived, Nolazco was bruised and battered and young Jocelyn was wrapped in a blanket, surrounded by Bibles and religious paraphernalia.

At the trial, Nolazco was unable to remain in the courtroom as her daughter’s injuries were described by the prosecution.  Jocelyn suffered from fractured ribs, contusions, a bruised lung and loss of blood.  Nolazco still supports her husband, who was convicted and sentenced to 20 years and 11 months in prison, she believes that “the devil did it”.  When Guzman-Rodriguez is finally released from prison, he will be deported because he is an illegal alien.

Now clearly, here is someone who is insane.  Not in the classic sense, where he was not aware of his actions, clearly he was.  He calmly describes his actions and he took his only opposition out of the picture, clearly he was aware of what he was about to do and the consequences thereof.  I fail to see how this was not first degree murder, Guzman-Rodriguez deserves to be on death row for his crime, it’s sad that the innocent life of a young girl is only worth 21 years in prison.  He was found competent to stand trial, yet I’m sure that religion played into his relatively short sentence and that’s disgusting.  Playing the religion card far too often results in shortened sentences and sympathy from juries, but in so many of these cases, it’s a matter of a delusional parent, knowing full well what they’re doing, taking their religious delusions out on their innocent children.

I only wish there was a hell for this asshole to burn in for all eternity.  The best I can do is consign him to the Religious Horror Show.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Attempted Exorcism Kills Again”

  1. I cannot believe his wife is sticking with him as well?! Wow!

    You are 100% right though. Religious people will stick with him and get him a lesser sentence because they believe this rubbish about demons. But I suppose they have to believe it as it rationalizes their faith in an imaginary god. It sickens me that these kind of things continue to happen and children and adults continue to die in the name of religion.
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    1. I really can't believe it either. He beat her to a pulp, he murdered their daughter and she's going to stand by him? Battered woman syndrome? Then again, most of these people are equally battered by their religion and they stick around. Maybe it isn't as surprising as I first suspected.

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