Horror Show Sunday: There is no Honor in Religion

honor-killing-protestYou just can’t beat the religion of peace, Islam, for doing the most despicable, dishonorable and disgusting things to other human beings in the name of their god.  I’m not sure why people can’t get it through their tiny little religiously-addled pea brains so I’ll provide yet another example.

A father in Egypt, Sharif Ahmed Sharif, has murdered his daughter and her boyfriend in what has been called an “honor killing”.

Hey, want another one?  A Muslim father, Mohammad Shafia, 58, murdered his three daughters, Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, and said he’d do it again, 100 times if necessary because his daughters were “treacherous”.

But of course, it isn’t just Islam that engages in such behavior, there are many other religions where the men control the women and women who dare to question the will of their fathers often find themselves quite dead.  In fact, in India, some of the religious and social castes openly praise families who perform “honor killings” on insubordinate daughters.  It is estimated by some that there are upwards of 10,000 honor killings per year, most often performed by fathers or brothers who are incensed that their daughters or sisters would dare defy male authority and have “unauthorized” relationships or wish to marry someone that was not picked out for them by their families.

“The honour killings are carried out by law abiding, educated and respectable people, who fear the society and always try to guard their reputation. They always care about their esteem and public image and do not want any harm to their public standing,” said Om Prakash Dhankar, leader of the Sarva Khap Panchayat.  “We have many cases of honour killings, where the families were peace loving and law abiding and were liberal towards their children. They later on went to kill their children to save their honour in the society.”

This is the kind of nonsense that happens when people take their religions too seriously, or who mingle their religious beliefs and social stature too closely.  When your entire position in society is based on how closely you adhere to your religion and worse, how closely your family adheres to your religion, there are going to be problems.  If the only way out of social embarrassment is murder, something is seriously wrong with your society.

There’s a reason I keep saying religion needs to be stopped.  It causes an untold amount of harm against innocents.  Unfortunately, those innocents are far too often women and children who have little power and less recourse when something like this happens.  Men who murder women in these cultures are often not even held accountable for their actions, they are held up as heroes of the religious way.

And you wonder why I have Horror Show Sunday?

4 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: There is no Honor in Religion”

  1. Islam is chauvinistic like all Abrahamic religions. It is sickening that these cases don't get enough attention as they deserve too for the same reasons that Catholic pedophiles do. Its only by educating the followers with this kind of news that will then force people away from the ridiculousness of their religion.
    My recent post Militant Atheism

    1. They don't get attention because these things are accepted by the rank and file, even if they protest when you bring it up. They know that nobody with half a brain ought to accept these things but the simple fact is, they still do, just like the rank and file Catholics, while they might not personally approve of pedophilia among the clergy, won't do a damn thing to stop it.

        1. Come on, the Jewish rabbis have baby penises in their mouths and nobody Jewish blinks an eye. They've been trained since birth that these things are normal and acceptable, not deviant and evil.

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