Changes on the Horizon

changeI think it’s time to shake things up around here, or more properly, re-adjust my strategies and priorities.  For a long time, I’ve just dumped anything I wanted to talk about here, but that makes it hard to talk to a single, specific audience because there are always things I talk about that, let’s be honest, a lot of people have no interest in.  Atheism and TV, comics and politics, they don’t make the best bedfellows.

Therefore, effective immediately, I’m moving all of my geeky pursuits to another blog, called Cephus’ Corner, where I can geek out to my heart’s desire and not bore anyone who has come here for religion, atheist or political posts.  That means TV Thursday, my regular weekly TV review post, is moving away.  The only posts that I’ll keep here are the ones specifically directed toward an atheist or political crowd.

Of course, this won’t affect the podcast or anything like that.  One thing that certainly will happen is I will no longer post here every single day.  To be honest, I feel like I’m just posting the same thing over and over and over again anyhow, I’ll still post daily, I’ll just split it between two blogs.

By all means, take a run over to the new digs and check it out.  Feedback is always welcome!

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