Horror Show Sunday: Keeping the Aussies Busy

gerald_ridsdaleOne of the most prolific pedophile priests in Australia, former priest Gerald Ridsdale, is back in the news as he’s being questioned for the second time in a month regarding new allegations of sexual abuse.  Ridsdale is currently in prison, having been convicted in 1994 of the sexual molestation of 21 victims, 20 boys and one girl, while he was a Catholic priest at various churches between 1961 and 1982.  While in prison, he was convicted of a further 10 assaults in 2006 against 10 boys between 1970 and 1987.  Now, an unknown number of further allegations have been filed against the 79-year old former priest who would have been up for parole in just a few short months.

At least they got him now, rather than having to chase him down!

If there’s one potential positive out of all of this, at least with pedophile priests like Ridsdale around, the police will never have to lay off officers.

Back to the original charges, Bishop Ronald Austin Mulkearns, claims to have known as early as 1975 of the actions of Risdale, but he still moved the priest, plagued by complaints of sexual misconduct, from Inglewood, Victoria to Edenhope, Victoria, in 1976.  It was later revealed, in Operation Arcadia, a three-month police investigation, that Mulkearns knew about the abuse much, much earlier than he claimed.  Police had a hard time keeping track of Risdale as he was moved an additional 5 times between 1980 and 1990, until police finally caught up to him when he was serving as chaplain at St. John of God hospital in Richmond, New South Wales.  He was convicted of 46 charges of molestation in 1994 and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 15 years.  While in prison, he was convicted of an additional 35 charges, adding 13 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 7 years to his sentence.

So you see, it’s not just something that happens in the U.S. or Europe, the Catholic Church is screwed up everywhere and, as we’ve come to expect, the upper echelon clergy purposely moves pedophile priests around, even after they demonstrably know about the abuse, rather than turn them over to the police.

Is it any wonder that the Catholics keep showing up on Horror Show Sunday?

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  1. They Catholic Church says they do not protect pedophiles, but clearly this is not true when we keep seeing these kinds of cases in the press. I sometimes feel bad smearing the whole Catholic Church with the pedophile brush, but then again if it quacks like a duck.

    What shocked me about this case is that the police originally had a hard time tracking him down.
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